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A Miracle… Baby Brought Out Of A Coma By Prayer

Posted by Media Outrage on December 23, 2009

Don’t tell us miracles don’t happen!  This young lady’s baby was abused by a baby-sitter.  The little girl was shaken by the sitter and put into a coma.  The baby’s mother went against doctor’s wishes and took her out of the hospital to church and had Pastor Sheryl Brady pray for her.  Just watch for yourself…  Merry Christmas…

38 Responses to “A Miracle… Baby Brought Out Of A Coma By Prayer”

  1. rose said

    My God is good!!

  2. Kingston said

    Didn’t have to watch the video for confirmation. I already know that he heals!!!!

  3. CaramelKiss14 said

    Wow. I’m trying to type through my tears. Amazingly wonderful.

  4. Truly23 said

    I saw this the other day–that preacher was serious with hers. And yes, prayer changes things..

  5. brynnrock said

    Praise God for that child, but that babysitter would need someone to lay some hands on that hoe.

  6. ucanb2 said


  7. heather said


  8. Ms. Tee said

    I got the chills, OMG for real.

  9. Stubabyq said

    What a mighty God we serve! All praises to the Most High!

  10. MissTX85 said

    I’m gonna pass on believing the whole thing and watching the video because most of the time stuff like this is just some type of stunt.

    But if in fact this is true (I’m gonna Google the story, get all the facts), then I am happy the baby pulled through. Nothing wrong with believing God’s word over man’s.

  11. FLADIVA said

    MissTX85 if you think the power of prayer is a stunt then I feel real sorry for you. God’s greatness and goodness is real my sister, only if you believe, trust me I personally know what the power of prayer can do, Im still here responding to your text, when doctors told me i wouldn’t make it and that was in 1992. PRAISE GOD IN ALL HIS GLORY.

    • MissTX85 said

      No need to feel sorry for me. Just reread what I wrote.

      I wasn’t saying that “the power of prayer or God’s greatness and goodness” was a stunt. Check my resume on here. I’m a strong believer in God and his power. What I was saying was I think a lot of times people will make up an ailment and then claim to have been delivered from it. It’s happen too many times and a lot of times it’s hard to tell what’s really true.

      Like this. I mean I understand you not wanting to just take a doctor’s word over your beliefs but to just take a child out the hospital while she’s still in a coma is:

      1. Probably against the law. And most likely NOT possible.


      2. Dumb as hell! (Seeing as God made medical technology for a reason.)

      No matter how much faith I have in Him, I’m not gonna take my comatose child from the one place He made for him/her to get properly cared for. That in itself is not believing in His power. But that’s my opinion.

      Still for all we know that child could’ve just been full of Benadryl or something and the mother’s looking for some type of attention.

      • lowridaz said

        MissTX85, I agree with you on this. I said the same thing when i read that, about her taking that baby out of that hospital like that to get prayed over, because im sure the PASTOR would of visited that hospital and did the same thing, prayed for her! i to, am lookin at this sideways. I need to know more about this situation here.

      • If God says bring my baby out of that bhospital to the church against the dr’s wishes then thats exactly what i’m doing.. Its not about the Dr’s the laws and not even about me… I would have to do what I’m told… sorry i’m not so quick to say this is fake..

      • Yvette said

        I agree with you Beatbanga! I don’t know whether the video is real or not but i know that GOD is a HEALER! And if i was in her situation and i was led to remove my child from the hospitals and take her to church for prayer than im going to do it! Look in the bible and see how many times GOD asked his people to do something that required FAITH to do and where they would look absolutely CRAZY! GOD doesn’t work in the real of LIMITS. The doctors wake up everymorning because he allows it. So screw the doctors because they are merely PRACTICING MEDICINE. GOD KNOWS ALL.

      • MissTX85 said

        I understand what both of you are saying. But like Lowridaz said, why take the baby from the hospital when the pastor could have come there? And ya’ll saying forget the doctors and everything, okay that’s fine. But the word says God hears your call no matter where you are and if just 2 or 3 gather in His name. So that is why this doesn’t sit right with me. The mother making headlines cause she took her comatose child from a hospital to the church for prayer. Like I said I’m a strong believer in His word and power but this just sounds like the mother wanted some attention or something. That’s all I was saying.

      • Yvette said

        MissTX I feel you with the word saying where 2 or 3 are gathered, and im not saying whether the video is real, im just saying that it might be because we never know what was impressed upon this young woman’s heart to do. Doctors told my family to pull the plug on a relative of mine just a few months ago because they were in a coma and the doctors were saying that they would not wake up. They were in the coma for several weeks which didn’t look good at all and actually looked like what they were saying was true but after much prayer and supplication GOD woke them up. The doctors were confused. So all im saying is that when things look impossible with doctors they are possible with GOD.

      • Lowridaz said

        I AGREE with all comments , my thing is GOD works miracles in hospitals over prayer just as well as out in church, he answers to all , where ever they may be! she may have had her reasons and I am not knockin that at all becuase bottom line is.. .she did what she had to do FOR HER BABY! and i am for that. but god will touch that baby in that hospital just as he would if she was in that church.

      • Dorothy said

        That’s what I believe mom put her to sleep and she finally woke up

  12. Nicole said

    Oh wow.. Thats so dumb.. Im a nurse no hospital in the world would allow a mother to take her child out of the hospital while the child is in a coma.. U have got to be kidding me.. This whole thing is bullshit… I hate ppl that lie about dumb shit.. This shit dont work that can not heal anyone there just fake..

    • brynnrock said

      SHut the fuck up Nicole with no damn insight and go rinse out a bedpan.

    • bren45 said

      I agree with Nicole. This child had to have feeding tubes. Because she is an infant, there is a lot involved with a coma infant. So did she remove the tubes? How long was she away from the hospital. Did a nurse go with her? If this was a fake then the Lord will deal with them. But if nt them this was alsome. I just wish this child the best in life. I believe in mircles. But this just does not add up. If this child was in a coma then the mom did not seem to change her expressions. If that was my child and she woke up from a coma I would be really touched. I would be rejoicing.I would be in tears. I know every body has different emotions. But she did not change her expressions at all. Just makes u wonder.

  13. Yvonne said

    I too know God can do all things if you believe, but I’m gonna go with Miss TX85 on this one. For some reason, this just don’t set right with me. If I’m wrong then I will be the first to say it.

  14. Sal said

    I don’t believe in god. Sorry like.

  15. Anon said

    Baby’s rally sparks joy

    DURHAM Many Christians believe in the power of healing prayer, even if they’ve never witnessed it.

    At The River Church on Holt School Road, members not only believe in healing prayer, they say it took place in front of their eyes. It happened Dec. 13 when a young mother brought her severely disabled 8-month-old baby to church.

    The girl had been shaken by a babysitter in the summer and was largely unresponsive after emerging from a medically induced coma.

    Kristie Hammonds of Raleigh brought her daughter forward to be prayed over by Pastor Sheryl Brady.

    As captured on video and posted on YouTube, the girl, named Christiana, was lying in her mother’s arms with her eyes shut as Brady began praying. Soon a packed house began speaking in tongues, waving hands, shouting and pleading with God for the girl’s recovery.

    Twenty minutes later, the mother returned with the baby. This time little Christiana opened her eyes, stuck out her tongue, and seemed able to respond to sight and sound.

    “The healer is in the house!” shouted Brady, a Pentecostal preacher trained by Dallas megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes. “He can heal you, and you, and all of you.”

    Nearly half a million viewers have watched the YouTube segment, “A Christmas Miracle at The River.” The clip has given the little-known church instant celebrity, and a tough act to follow.

    At Sunday’s service, Brady and her followers did their best. After a prelude of rousing music and sermons, Brady presented the mother – who returned this time without the baby – with the keys to a Raleigh apartment and a check for one year’s rent, along with dining and bedroom sets, towels, pots and pans, and even a bucket with cleaning supplies.

    By the time the three-hour service was over, a church member popped up and added the keys to a car.

    “I want a complete, absolute, 100 percent miracle,” Brady said.

    Like other Pentecostals, Brady and her church believe the Holy Spirit bestows special gifts on Christians, such as the power to heal, prophesy and work miracles.

    But whether it was prayer or a gradual physical recovery that animated the baby is hard to tell.

    Meanwhile, Christiana is still fed through a gastric feeding tube. She cannot hold her head up, and for the time being, she resides at the Hilltop Home on New Bern Road in Raleigh, a residential center for children with profound developmental disabilities.

    Raleigh police arrested Tammy Danielle Evans, 22, of Raleigh on July 21 and charged her with felony child abuse in connection with the shaking incident, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

    ‘Power is in Jesus’

    Brady did not claim the baby was healed.

    As she explained to her followers Sunday, “Christiana was not in a coma per se that day.”

    Nor did Brady claim she was the agent of healing.

    “There’s no healing power in me,” she said. “All the healing power is in Jesus Christ.”

    But she did hold out hope something was unfolding.

    “It’s obvious to me, to the mother and to all the world that something significant happened that day right before our eyes,” she said. “It’s not a complete miracle, but it’s the beginning of one.”

    Hammonds said her daughter has never been more responsive. She’s awake for longer periods of time, seems to show some movement in her paralyzed right side, and for the first time this week made some gurgling baby talk noise.

    “I believe in prayer more than therapy,” said Hammonds who grew up in Monroe, near Charlotte. “Belief is what will get her to the next level.”

    Hammonds, who was laid off from a Sonic Drive-In after the baby’s trauma, has been renting a room in a boarding house on Avent Ferry Road. She has two other children who live with her mother in Monroe.

    During Sunday’s ecstatic service, members said they viewed the timing of the healing prayer – nearly two weeks before Christmas – as providential.

    “This is the tip of the iceberg,” said Reginald Arnold, a member. “We cannot go back to anything less. This is the beginning of something awesome.”

    • Shameka Daniels-Rowe said

      I know these people and the lady they accused of hurting the baby. They lied on her and set her up really well.

  16. Nina said

    I almost cried. How can people abuse children, that’s so appalling. And, I guess prayer also would have been needed for me from beating that sitter’s ass.

    Yes…prayer to God is powerful.

  17. Teena Thomas said

    Proof of the one and only Living GOD!!!!!!!!

  18. JacquesDaKing said

    My God is so good and so powerful

  19. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    Im a believer in the power of prayer and regardless of whether this baby came out of a coma before or during this service, the baby is alive and well that is all that matters!!

    Merry christmas to those that believe in Christ!! and those that don’t well i wish you a wonderful weekend and best wishes for the new year!!

    take care!!!

  20. CollegeGirl said

    Wow. That Video just opened my eyes. Just when u begin to doubt… so amazing. I thank God for this. Its just the push I needed. Thanks MO and have a Happy Holiday.

  21. Random said

    sorry not buying it..

  22. ovadyah said

    This was a counterfeit miracle! The News and Observer(local newspaper) and other agencies investigated this “miracle” and discovered many details were left out.

    1.)The Baby, Christiana, was not in a coma as a result of being shaken.

    2.)The Baby was in a medically induced coma BY DOCTORS

    3.)The Baby’s already awakening from her MEDICALLY INDUCED COMA

    4.)People slowling awakening from MEDICALLY INDUCED COMAS when Doctors decide to reduce the knock-out meds’

    5.)The baby was already going in and out of sleep before church.

    6.)The Baby still has to be fed through the gastric feeding tubes(THE REAL REASON WHY she wasn’t suppose to leave the hospital)

    7.)The Baby IS STILL HOSPITALIZED at The Hilltop Home at New Bern Road

    Yes, the baby was shaken and the offender arrested BUT SHE DIDN’T CAUSE THE COMA, IT CAUSED HER NECK TO SNAP. The neck was not healed! The Baby still can’t lift her head.
    The shaking also caused her brain to swell, THE DOCTORS INDUCED THE COMA AND THEY CAUSED THEY SLOWLY BROUGHT HER OUT OF IT. Please read about medically induced comas. It’s not new. MANY FOLKS HAVE RECOVERD better than the baby when medically induced. The baby’s injuries weren’t healed. This procedure is used for severe brain swelling and has been found useful when the victim REMAINS IN THE HOSPITAL AND ALLOWED TO QUIETLY RECOVER. However, the baby was not and still has the same injuries. Way to go mom!

  23. Shameka Daniels-Rowe said

    I know the individual that allegedly abused the baby she is a very close friend of mine. I also know of the baby’s mother. What I will say is my best friend got the crappy end of the bargain. She went to prison and done time the time that was supposed to have been done by the mother of the baby. They set my friend up and abused that child and told my friend to watch the baby they abused and put it on her. The church helped this woman and she turned around and accused them of stealing. I’m glad the baby is ok but in another YouTube video the mother pastor Brady dat down and explained how the child was already out of the coma and explained ahe was in a medically induced coma.

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