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Check Out Teyana Taylor

Posted by Media Outrage on December 29, 2009

Teyana Taylor did a sexy photo-shoot for with Kontrol magazine for the fashion cover of the Rock “N” Romance issue.  We must say that after staring at that photo, she’s definitely got her sexy steez in full-effect.  Check out your girl Teairra Mari when you

Images spotted at TheYbf.

18 Responses to “Check Out Teyana Taylor”

  1. ucanb2 said


  2. brynnrock said

    She looks like a crazed cat

  3. Though I love her hair…I wouldn’t be surprised if she came out and told us she was a man….

  4. Ms. E said

    CTFU@ everyone!!

  5. Her sex appeal level is right between the Golden Girls and Roseanne after 4 bottles of Remy Martin…

  6. MissTX85 said

    Sexy?!! That shit is scary!!

    The other girl’s is cute though.

  7. yoy50 said

    Now see… I think she’s cute! Too young for the grown up stuff, but I like her look. Beautiful hue of skin, rockin’ her natural hair, big full lips, ethnic nose…

    The other chick… not so much. She on the other hand looks just like every other cookie cutter fake sista with a weave. Ya’ll trippin, man. I don’t know who either of these kids are, but the first one hands gets my vote.

  8. yoy50 said

    that’s “hands down” gets my vote…

  9. Kingston said

    Her hair fits her.
    But these pics are sexy???? She’s just grabbing her breasts, she could have been more creative, but whatever. LOL.
    Tiara maire’s dress is hot though.

  10. 2020VIZN said

    She has beautiful African features. Now, pose is a different story but her natural look is beautiful.

  11. She’s got her last call/ parking lot pimpin/ patron googles sexy steez on. Any chick brave enuff to take pics like this wont dodge the “Hip Snake Vemon”.

  12. name said

    well, ima guy who’ll fuck wendy williams (yeah i said it) and wouldn’t give a damn when after i did it, so why would i say any thing bad about her?

  13. joneblaze said

    Sometimes a dyke sometimes a woman

  14. Kanyade said

    two words: Summer’s Eve

    and isn’t she like 12 or something? very classy image Teyana, grabbing your tittyballs like that. actually very EDGY of you.

    Tierra looks about as bored as this picture bores me; but she’s a pretty lady.

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