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Mekhi Phifer & Allen Iverson Party It Up For New Year’s

Posted by Media Outrage on January 3, 2010

Mekhi Phifer and Allen Iverson partied it up on New Year’s Eve in Hollywood.  How many freakin’ tats does A.I. have?  Mekhi and his wife, Oni Phifer, brought in the New Year in a club.  Snoop, Katt Williams, Pusha T. and Malice of the Clips were all in the building.  Those images when you

16 Responses to “Mekhi Phifer & Allen Iverson Party It Up For New Year’s”

  1. MissTX85 said


  2. Cut Up said

    I’m just a lil burnt out by the whole doo rag & fitted look. It’s time to bury some old shit! Is Porscha not a stunna or what though?? Gooooodnight!!

  3. brynnrock said

    Yes she is!

  4. ucanb2 said

    Best pictures are Porscha…. Cassandra Batie… not too good.

    • 2020VIZN said

      Who is that broad!?!?! She looks like she had a hard, hard life. She has stabb wounds on her chest, cocaine dust flakes on her neck a booger on her lip and she looks like Starksey and Hutch burned rubber on her mouth. Thats a scarry ass picture.

  5. Kingston said

    Did Porcha paint on her eyebrows? That Cassandra chick look like a ghetto cat woman. And like Cut up said, some looks should be buried like everything AI is wearing. I see snoop is still wearing his daughter’s beads.
    On to something positive, Mekhi and his wife looks good.

  6. ALLISWELL5 said

    The Asian lady in the pic with Mekhi is fine!!

    Why is Katt Williams posing like a lil’ bit@# in those group photos??…Katt should have chose the classic penitentary squat!…never get on your knees homie, except to pray.



  8. Yeah I Said It said

    I love you Mekhi with your big eyed,big lip black ass self.

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