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Goodness Gracious!!!! x 26

Posted by Media Outrage on January 4, 2010

Rosa Acosta is looking like something that would make any Catholic Priest retire from running so many boy camps during the summer.  She’s definitely enough to make a dying priest yell “Got Dizzzaaaayuuuuum!” Don’t pull the plug yet!”  Rosa seems to be shutting the model game down right now.  There are a few competitors but daaayuuum!  Follow Rosa Acosta on Twitter by clicking here.  Follow us on Twitter by clicking here!  More beautiful Rosa when you 

17 Responses to “Goodness Gracious!!!! x 26”

  1. Random said

    Nice bod..give it a few mths and she’ll be replaced by a new ass..just like Vida Guerra…these talentless birds and their “assets”.

    • ucanb2 said

      That’s all the they have going for them is ASSETS!

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        I truly wished she had continued with her career in classical ballet..I would of loved to be so blessed with talent like that. I’ve seen i few clips of her classical steps/dance or whatever it is that you call it. So talented such a shame though that she had given that talent up for low-end modeling!!
        No doubt, She has such beautiful assets that most guy go crazy over!! if she was the only woman on this planet with those asset then i would definitely consider her unique sadly she isn’t the only woman on this planet that is blessed with such beautiful assets! I still think she is beautiful though

  2. I would jump on that fluffy ass like a cop on a Mexican suspect!!!

  3. RealTalk said

    Rosa is killin them out there! Big shout out to her management team World Entertainment Agency!

  4. dominikingz said

    Dominican girlz are killed it this past year with Rosa Acosta, Tahiry Jose and Zoe Saldana. Saldana did it with merit and class while the other 2 girls did it with god given “assets”.

  5. mAc said

    MO this is just what i needed today. I wish i could photoshop my face onto her azz.

  6. lilkunta said


  7. The B&W pic of her doin the split….can’t even front on that.

    And Malia, the ballet world is harsh, once you top over 105-115 lbs, they don’t want anything to do w/ u.

  8. […] Goodness Gracious!!!! x 26 Rosa Acosta is looking like something that would make any Catholic Priest retire from running so many boy camps during […] […]

  9. ALLISWELL5 said

    She’s a problem!

  10. Cut Up said

    “I guess so” Seen better leaving Wally World tonight. It’s a matter of taste I guess.

  11. everytime she does the splits a horny devil gets its wings

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