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Johnny Gill Replaces The CLOSET Door With a Little Stain Glass

Posted by Media Outrage on January 4, 2010

Johnny Gill was stuntin’ on em for real on New Year’s Eve.  He nabbed up a pretty honey and everything.  Nothing like grabbing up a dime to put those BROKE BACK mountain rumors to rest…

29 Responses to “Johnny Gill Replaces The CLOSET Door With a Little Stain Glass”

  1. ucanb2 said

    She is pretty… but he is still suspect! IMO

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    he with her,but he ain’t with her.

  3. lilkunta said

    I dont think this will put rumours to rest bc over the years he has been w multiple ladies in pics. That dont explain him living in Eddie Murphy’s guest house.

  4. Random said

    She reminds me of this Albanian Singer…Gorgeous!!

  5. Anon said

    People will believe what they want to believe regardless. Women don’t make you any less suspect but hell, what do I know. I would be a heffa, negro down if they call my Prince gay.

  6. tim said

    I have said it before again, why is so worried over who he is or aint sleeping with?!? If he gay or not that is his business..just like it is the personal business of you the reader on your own sex life. Folks who talk all the time about the sex lives of others must not be gettin any, lol. I don’t agree or even condon homosexuality…so as long as it aint going on in my bedroom who cares what someone else is doing in their’s. I remember a guy from college who wasn’t gay but everyone kept saying he was. Dude killed himself over stupid rumors just like this!

    • Kingston said

      I hear you and understand at some points.
      But killing yourself over what someone else says is just dumb. That may sound harsh but it’s true. This world is harsh anyway. But this is an entertainment blog so, what we say about celebs shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

      • elove said

        @ Kingston, so if folks was taking ish about you all over the country on “entertainment blogs” that makes it ok?

      • Kingston said

        @ Elove, No it doesn’t make it ok, but entertainers are subjected to public scutiny. The public build them up, just to watch them crumble, and that’s comsidered “entertaining” for some. Unfortunately, but that’s how it goes.

      • FLY ON THE WALL said

        Only inteeligent person in this mess. Beside me of course. 😉

  7. MissTX85 said

    She’s pretty but that dress isn’t.

    • FLY ON THE WALL said

      You would wear it if you could afford it. Right? and you probably wish you could get your nose, eyes and lips along with your ass reshaped. Right?! Right!

  8. heather said

    he still look suspect…smh

  9. Marie said

    Oh please! Both of them look fake.

  10. […] Johnny Gill Has A New Beard Boo? [Media Outrage] […]

  11. JUDY said

    Nope!!Still gay as a tweety bird that beard aint foolin nobody.

  12. LMFAO!!! Really Johnny, Really? Your a Gay Man WTF!!! just come out already! sheessh!! I have a very reliable source that states that Eddie Murphy, Johnny Gill and Arsenio Hall are all gay. My source used to be a backup singer for Mr. Gill in his hayday, this source is a close family member of mine and has some very interesting pix of the tour backstage goings ons LOL

  13. Gina said

    Are we sure that this is a girl?? I’m Just Saying

  14. Nina said

    So by putting the rumors to rest he gets a chick that looks like she has a dick?

  15. FLY ON THE WALL said

    Johnny Gill…is no body’s business but his own. If he choose to be with a man…oh! well…if he choose a girl with a dick…you jealous? If he is or was fucking Eddie Murphy…that’s between the two of them. Maybe he was renting the guest house…maybe he needed help and Eddie, a friend gave him a key to get his thing together. Anybody can fall…including all of you insipid, no talent, unaspiring nobodies who have nothing better to do than slander and smear somebody’s name. STOP!!!!! take a look at the man/woman in the mirror…and all of you faggots/homosexuals/gay confused bastards wish you could have his big black chocolate dick…and all of you weave wearing bitches and plastic ho’s want some too! and will turn your head in the other direction if he decided he would put it inside your nasty asses. I suppose he was using Janet Jackson as a beard to hide his gay ways. Huh? GET A LIFE! FiND SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOUR SELF! and you with the cousin and the pictures…what was you dear fmaily member doing in such intimate situations? BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER! just all of you have nothing…do nothing Ass holes on this strain. Kiss Johnny Gill’s ASS!

  16. FLY ON THE WALL said

    I apologize for the typos…but each of you who needs to wear the hat should. Simple small minded folks bring small negative energy to the world. People who are of a larger mind like Johnny Gill…play and make it through the storm. So Hi U doin’?

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