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Please Don’t Catch An Epileptic Seizure Staring At J-Lo’s Dress

Posted by Media Outrage on January 4, 2010

J-Lo and Marc Anthony hit up a Miami Dolphins game at Landshark Stadium in Miami yesterday.  Please don’t catch an epileptic seizure staring at J-Lo’s dress!  More J-Lo and Skeletor when you

12 Responses to “Please Don’t Catch An Epileptic Seizure Staring At J-Lo’s Dress”

  1. Too late!!! Im swallowing my tounge now looking at this bullshit dress.

    It looks like a psycadellic pimp threw up on her chest.

    Mark Anthony needs to stop eating Meth sandwiches and attend a Waffle House buffet!

    • Yeah that nigga look like Skeletor’s bitch lover and shit. And on a scale from one to ten that dress is a certified HELL NAW. Man….what are these people thinking coming out the house looking like stir fried shit on a spindle? I guess drovetastic is the new hot!

  2. Teena Thomas said

    LMAO…. Well I can say she is def getting her LATINA on!!!!!!! You know our Latin folk love them some colors!!!!!!!

  3. Yvonne said

    All I’m gonna say is the dress is VERY

  4. Highbridge said

    @Teena Thomas…Gurrrrrlllll, come here, hold your hand out…(smackin it) you know you right!!….LOL, LOL, need dark glasses to look at that shit… Happy new Year

  5. Kingston said

    I remember when JLO use to be killin’ it in the fashion department. Well, those days are long gone.

  6. Yeah I Said It said

    Mo you should go to jail for this shit!!!

  7. lacee said

    Ew! Why are they here? Isn’t this site only for white/black/asian celebrities? It should be I cannot stand Puerto Ricans. So trashy.

  8. MissTX85 said

    What the hell?!!

  9. Nina said

    JLo!?!? This bitch aint relevant no more.

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