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Tiger Lets The BIRD Out

Posted by Media Outrage on January 4, 2010

Tiger Woods went shirtless for Vanity Fair.  This might be a good look in the direction at repairing a very damaged image.  Ladies you feelin’ it?

17 Responses to “Tiger Lets The BIRD Out”

  1. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Hell to the naw. What’s them beady-beads around his nipples? Hair? Moles? Pimples? And, e look like he got some kind of viral breakout on his belly button. Ewwwwwww!

  2. MissTX85 said

    They should have photoshopped him a better looking chest/stomach!! Cause that shit right there looks contagious!

  3. Kingston said


    WTF is going on with his black crusty looking nipples? I thought an athlete body would be on point. Tiger woods is NOT sexy.

  4. In addition to all that was said above….does this MF have on lipstick?

  5. Island Mike said

    Our mines are so twisted.

    I bet U prefer an unbelievably photo-chopped image where every imperfection is digitally redone.

    This is how a real man looks. We have flaws. Chicks dig guys who arent so in2 there self that they are competing with them for the mirror.

    U go Tiger. U get 2 many skirts 2 B paying some PR firm or photographer to digitally re master yourself.

    • Yeah I Said It said

      Sorry Mike,call me shallow, but I want them to photo shop the hell out of this punks pictures. Hurt my damn eyes

  6. Yeah I Said It said

    It look like surgical scars around his nipples.Boy put your damn clothes on, make me sick to my stomach. I wish I would get all excited and you take your shirt off and i see this shit!!! I really would beat his teeth back into his mouth……bastard! sick of yo ass

  7. ImDatChick813 said

    I like it…I like it..Its my new screen saver..

  8. Cut Up said

    I see why he had to settle for pornstars and waffle house waitresses. Tiger from the TallyBan lol!

  9. Lio said

    HAHAHAHA….what ! couldn’t wax the pubs off his nipples ? come on man…Article should be interesting

  10. Marie said

    Why is he wearing that hat??

  11. Beotch 1 said

    He’s a hot ass mess! The only reason those women slept with him was becuz of the $$$$. and…TIGER, don’t try to come to the black community thinkin we gonna support your ass now. Then again, u couldn’t get a sista to sleep w/your ass anyway. Not hatin – just keepin it real! I’m sick of all these mofo’s having nothing to do with us then when shit goes wrong and the white folks shut their asses down (OJ and TIGER), they want to run over here. Hell no! I hope your ass loses HALF of everything!!

  12. uluvhershey said

    Yall are crazy!!!LMAO

  13. Nina said

    He looks like a filipino inmate.

  14. chique said

    I did not know people actually licked and sucked ass holes and you wonder why these men ain’t into sisters, hell I just never heard of that shit before

  15. chique said

    I can’t do a lot of things that involve to much disease and fecal matter, I am hypo allergic

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