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Alicia Keys Is Mmmm…mmmm….good

Posted by Media Outrage on January 14, 2010

Alicia Keys hopped on a plane to Tokyo to promote her new album “The Element of Freedom.”  She’s looking damn good, If I must say.  How many of you copped or illegally (DT) downloaded her album??  Are you feeling her get-up?  More Alicia when you

16 Responses to “Alicia Keys Is Mmmm…mmmm….good”

  1. Kingston said

    Alicia, Alicia Alicia, SMDH, You’ll get it right one day with your fashion. Keep trying.

    Anyway, the element of freedom is a good cd. I like the reggae sounds that she has on certain songs. And those shoes are hot!

  2. Ms. Behave said

    I like the ‘classy’ look on alicia… when she tries the ‘hot’ look she always fail, which is what im giving her now. All i see is the ‘i took ur man’ HomeWrecker look and Hell- To- The- No she did not put her cankles in an 8 inch shoes and try to top it of with a smile, that ish ain’t cute – or pain free, i KNOW her instep is hurting from all that cottage calf.

    * paging ‘head negro’ incharge of MO* “She’s looking damn good, If I must say.”… One of your writer is cheating, that should be “we”, i can’t take it when men want to be all selfish with the p*ssy, just trifling.

    Your Hard NippleFaithful reader Ms. Behave :kiss:

    P.S. I love ur site and will keep an eye out for any further discrepancies

    P.S.S. I not wearing any panties… shhhh!

  3. Sumarrain said

    I love her outfit except for the tights which is little to dark and it looks cheap. I down loaded 4 songs I love on her album.

  4. Woody achieved, thanx AK

  5. MissTX said

    I was gonna say she looked decent ’til I saw those ugly ass shoes. And I don’t like her music enough to buy it or download it.

  6. Atlantaaaaa said

    Yeah I dont like her music enough to buy it or download it either but she is talented. I absolutely love her shoes. Maybe not with that outfit though.

  7. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    Love her new album!! and she looks hot!!

  8. 2020VIZN said

    I like a couple of her songs, I stopped checking for he stuff when I discovered that he albums usually has 2 or 3 fire songs and the rest is filled with littered trash. But that’s JMO, I know some people think that she is beat thing since the popey’s

    I see she finally got in touch with “Beautiful from the playa haters ball” shoe maker and had some shoes made.

  9. MoneAlicia said

    I sure wish she’d get a stylist. She’s got 4 albums now. She should have money.

  10. Nina said

    Not nice. Is her new album sales good? I was surprised that she isn’t # 1.

    • Kingston said

      Yes I think she did over 400k in the first week. Susan Boyle was/is still number 1 if I’m not mistaken. AK was number 2.

      • lilkunta said

        The married couples & people in relationships dont like that she is a cheater. I think that is why they didnt by her cd. AK easily coulda topped Susan Boyle.

        The #1 cd this week is kesha’s cd Animal. With sales of jusst 150,000 copies Kesha bumped Susuan boyle to #2…So I def do think Ak’s acts are effecting ehr sales. She has what, 3 songs out & none are #1.

        Talented you are AK, but your actiosn are wrong.

  11. MoneAlicia said

    @Nina Heard it was so-so compared to previous projects.

  12. ucanb2 said

    Alicia is very attractive… but this outfit is so-so!

  13. Kanyade said

    those shoes………………….

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