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Diddy’s First Baby Mama Gets Her Party On

Posted by Media Outrage on January 15, 2010

Misa Hylton was the first of a few women to pop out a child for Diddy.  Well she celebrated her birthday at Greenhouse in NYC two nights ago with Janice Combs, Lil Mo, Que, Sheek Louch and Mario Winans.  Misa resembles her for some reason to us.  Those pics when you

32 Responses to “Diddy’s First Baby Mama Gets Her Party On”

  1. LowRidaz said

    She is very pretty

  2. Ms. Behave said

    Enough with this ‘Ghetto Gathering’……..>>>> Exit!!!

    • Yvonne said

      I almost chocked on my ice cream when I read that. Too funny.

    • FLY ON THE WALL said

      I didn’t choke..But definitely regurgitated. They both look a HOT MESS! Janice needs to go home and knit. And the baby mama stylist needs a ne Glam Squad! I’m just sayin’!

  3. ucanb2 said

    Ok… but who is she supposed to resemble????!!!! ((I’M JUST SAYING))

    • FLY ON THE WALL said

      Huh! can’t you see. LOL! or is your eyes lying to ya? You so right! ain’t noting resembling on either of these dolls. Just like NIGHT & DAY! APPLES & ORANGES and DOGS & CATS! No remote resemblance. AT ALL!

  4. Kingston said

    I just love Misa and her style!!!! Get it girl!!!

    • Kingston said

      Mama combs think she’s still 25 with that tacky ass blonde wig. As rich as her son is, he should hire her a proper/real stylist. And Lil mo (somebody said she look like a cross between nicki minaj and fantasia)that’s still my girl though!

      ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ to the rest of the post.

      • Yvonne said

        LOL @ “Mama combs think she’s still 25 with that tacky ass blonde wig.”

        Y’all killing me.

      • FLY ON THE WALL said

        Damn! Kingston YOU AREW RIGHT ON POINT! Janice is way out of character. But I think she got a face job or something. Saw her a few weeks ago and she was looking like she was her own daughter. Oh! how we morph.

  5. Ms. Behave said

    Is it me, or can u see her left areola?

  6. sweet_tea said

    She’s pretty but what bday is she on MO? I appreciate aging on a woman when it’s done tastefully. I want to be like Demi Moore & look GOOD for 40-something instead of trying to pass for 22 again. She’s still really cute, her look is just doing the most.

    Janice Combs has ALWAYS been out there style wise. She has some real issues with her appearance, I hope she doesn’t end up the next Mrs. West.

    • FLY ON THE WALL said

      I’m trying to find out when was she a school teacher and model. Folks I know who know here real well say she spent most days sitting on a bar stool with a split of Moet with a straw and a cherry. Now..for the looks. What’s with the blond hair? Cheap wigs and cheap furs, cheap clothes…just fuckin’ cheap…cheap…cheap!
      Can we get her a stylist? and what ever you do…don’t call Misa….do call Kim Porter cause she knows exactly what to buy and shop for. She might not have the class we want…but the bitch got style. Is there HELp for Janice Combs? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!??

  7. joneblaze said

    Nice push up boob dress on Misa

  8. yep…remember her from the “Juicy” video with the blonde hair. She was in all the early videos.

  9. RAFIQ said


  10. Am i the only that was tryin to figure out why ashanti’s mom was in all the pics?? And where the hell did they dig up Lil Mo?

    • Aniyaqt said

      What pics u looking at? That’s Puffy’s mom.

      • FLY ON THE WALL said

        LOL! Who u think is Ashanti’s mother? The women advertising the furrier is Ms Party Girl! from back…Wish I was a Diva…Gramma Janice Combs tryna be ghetto fabulous!

  11. Yvonne said

    How many kids does Diddy have? Hot damn.

  12. MissTX said

    She’s still pretty. Don’t know what the hell she saw in Diddy though.

    And his mama looks like something that needs to be dragged into the middle of the road and shot!!

    • LowRidaz said

      LMAOOO, i agree, she looks horrible, for her age, she needs to dress more appropriate, she trying to look young, but looks a hot mess, its a damn shame when someone that age, is that tacky and tasteless.

      • FLY ON THE WALL said

        Are you sayin Mrs Combs is road kill???
        Should she be shot, beaten or just plain whupped into a paste and laid out in the sun to dry? Yes! She is a HOT! Mess

      • FLY ON THE WALL said

        YES!!! She is a HOT MESS!!!

  13. Nina said

    To think that Misa has style is to think that cross colors and eight-ball jackets will make a comeback.

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