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Pep’s Launch Party

Posted by Media Outrage on January 21, 2010

Salt and Pepa got together at Quo nightclub in NYC two nights ago for the “Let’s Talk About Pep” launch party.  They still look good after all these years, especially that Salt.  She’s a dime.  Ja Rule was in the building…

6 Responses to “Pep’s Launch Party”

  1. Kingston said

    I Love SALT N PEPA. Especially Kingston born ‘tegereg’ PEP!!!!

  2. Kanyade said

    salt n pepa’s here!

    get up on this.

    *does the dance and the moves*

    love the group. love pep; even with her pinched nostril. 🙂

  3. MissTX said


  4. Nina said

    Pep’s new show is like the black version of ‘Sex and the City’…I like it. Also, seen Pep in real life shaped just like a dude.

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