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Goodness Gracious!!! x 32

Posted by Media Outrage on January 26, 2010

Fellas, we know Tuesdays are not easy to get through at work, so MO has you covered.  We got ya back dawg!!!  LOL!  Just another wonderful excuse for us to post another blessed shortie with so much blackyard!  Mmmmm mmmm good!  Click Here fellas to see Ms Dynasty in full effect.  It’s safe for work…

17 Responses to “Goodness Gracious!!! x 32”

  1. LowRidaz said

    I am loving that dress, something i would wear for my man, maybe red or white for me, she looks lovely!!!!

  2. brynnrock said

    Too Big, she looks like a damn football player in that pic.

  3. ucanb2 said

    Cute pic…

  4. Sapphire Storm said

    I think she looks great. I liked it so much I had to send it to my co-worker Joseph down the hall. Happy Tuesday 😉 lol

  5. Grand Hustle 4 Life said

    This is another sista that I would love to climb under the sheets with.

  6. Ms_Behave said

    Goodness-Gracious!!! put some clothes on, you deserve some lashes X 32. If i can she cheddar deposits AFTER photoshop, then bish must be reaaaally f*cked up in the real.

  7. Yeah I Said It said

    I dig her look,minus the hair. My legs are not that big,however they are shaped and very nice.

  8. 2thick4u said

    Looking good…love that dress 🙂 !!!

  9. Dorsey said

    Ms. Dynasty I’d get waist deep in dat plump ass! Its hilarious how some chicks find hate irresistible. Mediaoutrage staff clearly addressed the “Fellas” when they put up this pic. Whats even more funny is yall hate from the safety of your computers. You wouldn’t dare send in photos for a comparison.

  10. Nina said

    Looks like a darker version of Alicia Keys.

  11. bebe chick said

    i think shes beautiful…no need 4 the hate…keep duin ur thing ma!

  12. jodibankss said

    i thought this was nicki minaj when i seen the pic

  13. dekchair said

    She’s gorgeous this girl – just missing a little calf muscle
    But Beautiful butt and upper thighs and nice trim waist – just Gorgeous!!

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