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Jessica Simpson Lettin’ off GAS Bombs

Posted by Media Outrage on January 28, 2010

Jessica Simpson was in a meeting when she let off some stankin’ gas and took assault on everyone’s ears and noses.

A source tells Us Weekly that Jessica Simpson passed gas during a business meeting for her denim line. “While one of the executives was speaking in a room full of five people, Jessica let out a very loud fart,” says the insider.

“Her mother [Tina Simpson] was there, and it prompted her to turn around and yell, ‘Jessica!’ The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say.”

Mediaoutrage– Getting your nose all F**ked up during a business meeting is not the way to start things off and get the ideas flowing…

15 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Lettin’ off GAS Bombs”

  1. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    thats just ewwww!!! she needs to sort out her diet and stay away from wheat and crisps!!! and ewww ewww ewww

  2. emliy said


  3. Ms_Behave said

    Ok, this story hits home, lucky not mine lol… There is this nasty ass bish in my dept that farts on the reg and it smells so bad that i have a tummy ache just from it, followed by a constant headache, she also belches really loudly, even the males look at her in 😯 i swear, some ppl just don’t have any home training. It’s just DISRESPECTFUL- on all levels and equally NASTY! I’ve had enough and will report her ass this Friday, it’s a shame to lose ones jobs [ok, maybe she will get a ‘note to file’ lol] for something that could’ve been prevented and something that your mother should’ve taught you.

    Jessica’s Mom should be ashamed- not that her daughter behaved inappropriately in public, but for not teaching her how to. #shame

  4. CaramelKiss14 said

    It’s called manners, being considerate and knowing better. WTF? A grown ass woman in a professional meeting just doesn’t do something like this if she wants to be taken seriously.
    She takes Stank Ho to a whole new level.

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      she should have excused herself from the meeting obviously mannerism something she has always slacked with!!

      • Ms_Behave said

        That’s exactly what im saying… u can take the girl out of the ghetto, but u can’t take the ghetto out of her… just NASTY!

  5. blakmaine said

    Better out than in, I bet she felt better after that.

  6. ucanb2 said

    LMAO… that’s all I can do is laugh! This “chicklet” is really an AIR HEAD!

  7. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Why ya’ll tryna’ act like ya’ll don’t fart and burp? It’s a natural function of the body. Now, where you do it at is a whole ‘nother matter. I’d have to clinch them butt cheeks if I was in a business meeting (hell, it comes out anyway, you just can’t hear it, but when the smell wafts up outta your chair, you gotta be able to play it off and look disgusted at the person sitting next to you – LMAO!).

    • Ms_Behave said

      Yeah, but hers was as loud as a baby’s burp, bish wasn’t discrete lol, her own mama had to yell ‘jessica!’ to get her to stop, lol… then again u have to have a nice size ass to be able to use the ‘squeeze’ technique and bish is lacking lol.

  8. MissTX said

    Damn Jess!! You couldn’t leave the room?!

    But for real, did they really know it was her? I mean her mom put her all on blast. It could have been someone else, right? LOL!

  9. brynnrock said

    Sometimes they just sneak out.LOL

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