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BART Will Pay Oscar Grant’s Daughter $1.5 Million

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2010

Oscar Grant was killed last year after being shot in the back by a corrupt officer and now they are going to pay his daughter $1.5 million.

Via CNN:

San Francisco, California (CNN) — Officials have agreed to pay $1.5 million to the daughter of a man fatally shot in the back by a transit police officer on New Year’s Day 2009 in Oakland, California.

A bystander’s cell-phone video of the shooting on a transit platform was widely circulated on the Internet and on news shows.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit train system late Wednesday announced the settlement over the killing of Oscar Grant, 22.

“It’s been a little over a year since we experienced the tragic death of Oscar Grant,” BART Board President James Fang said. “No matter what anyone’s opinion of the case may be, the sad fact remains this incident has left Tatiana without a father. The $1.5 million settlement will provide financial support for her.” Grant’s daughter, Tatiana, is 5.

The video showed then-Officer Johannes Mehserle, 27, pulling his gun and shooting Grant in the back as another officer kneeled on Grant.

Mehserle might have intended to draw and fire his Taser rather than his gun, according to a court filing by his attorney.

The shooting sparked large protests in Oakland and led to Mehserle’s arrest on a murder charge. The case against him is pending.

Initially, attorney John Burris asked for $50 million in a wrongful-death lawsuit filed on behalf of Grant’s daughter. Burris was not immediately available for comment on the settlement.

The transit system’s police department has made several changes since the shooting. The department has increased training hours for officers, is requiring them to report all “use-of-force incidents,” and is tapping the public’s help in searching for a new police chief, the transit system said in a statement.

“This settlement is critical in our efforts to move forward,” said Carole Ward Allen, a BART board member. “We’re working hard to make the police department the best it can be for our officers, our customers and our community.”

Mediaoutrage– Any thoughts???

14 Responses to “BART Will Pay Oscar Grant’s Daughter $1.5 Million”

  1. Lets all look up Officer Johannes Mehserle’s phone number and lets have a civil rights movement inside his crib and then piss “We Shall Overcome” all over his face!

  2. blakmaine said

    The money is good but it want take the place of her not having her dad. I hope the money goes in a trust fund so it stays their until she is old enough to spend it herself.

  3. Yvonne said

    Good for her.

  4. Ms. Behave said

    $1.5 Million= Price of a dad… Classic! *smh

  5. MissTX said

    Is that it?!! I know it won’t bring him back, but his life should be worth much more than that. Especially since he died a coldblooded death at the hands of someone who is supposed to “Protect & Serve”.

    • 2020VIZN said

      Miss TX, the sad truth is that people rarely get the proper settlements in wrogful death suits against police Departments. I have see people get as little as $75,000 after a Wrongful death suit against that police departmemts, the largest one that I can remember in recent history is like 3 mil. But check this out, a cop in 2003, was shot by another cop while he was working undercover and he was awarded 4.5 mil. It kind of lets you know how the popos feel about the value of their lives compared to yours and mine.

      • MissTX said

        I feel ya 20. I know they don’t give the families much when they shoot their loved ones in cold blood. I just wish they would.

    • lilkunta said

      msTX: I think $1.5mill is good. Cumulatively in his life would Oscar have earned that much working?

      Still its sad Tatiana wont have her Dad.
      I hope the $ is locked way so her mother & others dont blow thru it.

      • MissTX said

        It don’t matter. He was wrongly shot by a cop. Even though it doesn’t happen, that child should get more than 1.5 mil. In this day in age that’s nothing. So imagine, if it’s in a trust or something, what it’ll be worth when SHE is old enough to spend it. It’ll probably still be chump change.

  6. Nina said

    This was a disturbing death caused by another cop. The money is not even enough…considering what happened to Oscar Grant.

  7. shay said

    So he mistook a gun for a taser????dont they make a zapping noise while guns fire off? ? Hmmmm.and as far as the money having life is priceless.

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