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Rihanna: “I’m Still Single!”

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2010

Rihanna felt it necessary to announce that she is still single folks:

Via UsMagazine:

Rihanna says she won’t be bringing baseball player Matt Kemp to Sunday’s Grammys.

“I’m going to the Grammys alone, as always!” she said Thursday on 104.3 MY FM’s Valentine in the Morning show in Los Angeles. “Even when I was in a relationship, I always have gone alone.”

She then blurted out, “I’m still single, if that’s what you really want to ask!”

What about those photos of her and Kemp, 25, frolicking in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?

The singer, 21, played coy. “It was a blast!” she said of the trip.

As for the Grammys, she said she is “excited.”

She is nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration with Jay-Z and Kanye West for the hit “Run This Town.”

“This was actually the first piece of music we did since the last Grammys,” she said. “It’s exciting that it’s nominated.”

Added Rihanna, “We cannot wait. We hope we bring home the bacon, but if not, it’s great that it was nominated.”

16 Responses to “Rihanna: “I’m Still Single!””

  1. Ms. Behave said

    “I’m going to the Grammys alone, as always!” … Really now? If my memory serves me well, and u know it does, this was the same award u were slated to attend but instead ur ass was been beating like a ping pong in a rented lambo somewhere in the middle of nowhere, by ur, um, MAN, whom you were taking with you – Chris Brown… aint AMNESIA a B*tch!

    P.S. Stop f*cking with random dudes and take the time to heal [on the inside]. You will have MORE to offer your NEXT partner.

  2. Sumarrain said

    Rihanna is probably feeling a little stupid, don’t talk trash about being happy to be out of an abusive relationship and then go and date a man who is an accuse abuser.

  3. blakmaine said

    Good for Riri after the chris brown incident happened, I guess now she just having fun enjoying life do ya thang girl

  4. ucanb2 said

    Please chile… who really cares!!!

  5. Kingston said

    Who gives a shit? I wish she would just disappear for at least three years or maybe forever.

  6. Ms. Behave said

    Is it ‘cruel’ to wish for lightning to strike twice on the night before the grammy’s? I wonder if Matt Kemp has lambo he would like to rent and drive to middle of nowhere with little miss sunshine, just asking.

  7. joneblaze said

    Damn Kemp dumped her already I thought he would wait to Spring training first

  8. MizzMimi said

    sit the f*ck down Rihanna!

  9. du66s said

    let’s not down rihanna just yet, how da f*ck does Kemp the baseball player come out grabbing her ass like that in public knowing she travels with a host of paparazzi. he’s a baseball player trying to get a rebound chick and got caught slipping

    • Ms. Behave said

      The only thing kemp was ‘slipping’ was the dickie – into that Echo Chamber, i doubt he minds getting ‘caught’.

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  11. name said

    thats the first time i seen a hit it and quit it where the woman quit

  12. Itsurboi said

    Of course she’s going alone who, besides retards, invite in ass whoopin? tyson only had to fight buster once, apparently he got the memo. Former President George Dubious Bush stopped having non republican press meetings after ole buddy chucked BOTH his moses slippers at him, apparently he got the memo. So why would rihanna take C. Breezy 2.0 to the grammys?

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