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A Night For Swizz

Posted by Media Outrage on February 1, 2010

Bryan Michael Cox and Alicia Keys posed for plenty of pics this past weekend at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.  Swizz Beatz was honored for his many contributions to music.  You know his boo had to show up and give her support.  Check out Melyssa Ford, Shakur, Elise Neal and Thomas Jones when you

8 Responses to “A Night For Swizz”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    Ak nose is starting to look as big as her ugly ass boyfriend Annnnd they are starting to look like sister and brothers,making it incest for them to knock boots. (just sayin) that’s how it looks to me. (demented mind)

  2. Kingston said

    SMDH@ Alicia. She needs to do something with that dry ass jheri mop on her head. This is the worst I’ve ever seen her look.
    Congrat Swiss beak. And Mel Ford looks beautiful as always.
    YAWN @ everyone else.

  3. MissTX said

    Cool. Decent pics.

  4. foxy brown said

    lmao @ “dry ass jheri mop” dat shit is dry tho sombody need 2 pass alicia skeez som moisturizer

  5. LowRidaz said

    Eveyone looks thru, except dude with the black/white t-shirt and blue cap on, nice and chocolate, yum! but what the hell does the women have on! ugh the style these people wear, SMDH

  6. brynnrock said

    Melissa Ford is not all that attractive alot of photoshopping with her when she takes pics. Anyway, I am glad for Swiss and Alicia for finding happiness. If I feel out of love or my boo hey keep it movin no one controls anyone or their feelings except self. Remember no one walks on water except God let him do h is job when the time comes but until then Alicia is gettin all that good shit from that nigga.

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