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Beyonce Celebrates Launch of New Fragrance “Heat”

Posted by Media Outrage on February 3, 2010

Beyonce was in NYC yesterday making it rain with her new fragrance “Heat”, that we’re sure most of our female readers will be copping, especially Random and Danibabygurl.  Solange, Tina, and Michelle all came out to support, but Mathew was no where to be found.  We guess that paternity news got the best of him.  More images when you

18 Responses to “Beyonce Celebrates Launch of New Fragrance “Heat””

  1. Kingston said

    I’m feeling Bey’s hair. I see she finally tamed that wild beast on her head. I love the dress, minus the black shoes. Michelle got that cocka doodle do hair going on. Hate it.
    Although I can’t stand Bey at times, I LOVE her ambition. Can’t hate on ambition. Keep doing your thing girl!

  2. ucanb2 said

    Nice pictures… Tina looks gorgeous! I guess there is really “no hope” for Michelle. And I hate that shade of lipstick on Solange.

  3. Ms. Behave said

    Call me when… “Beyonce Celebrates Birth of New Sibling “Hate” 🙂

  4. 2thick4u said

    Looking good B 🙂 !!!

  5. sweet_tea said

    Bey looked nice, I like the dress & the smoothed our hair. I would have opted for different shoes but oh well. I personally don’t think she needs to further saturate the market with herself but I guess that’s what keeps her rich! Poor Solange & Michelle though…must they ALWAYS look like boo-boo next to her?

  6. hey said

    Jesus please cleanse my thoughts of this womans demise. why do i wish something happens to her voice or she hurts herself somehow. Lord help me with this please, i want this girl to suffer, that is so evil of me….help me Lord

  7. […] Beyonce Celebrates Launch of New Fragrance “Heat” « Media Outrage […]

  8. Sparkle-licious said

    Haters stay away!!

    Go Bey!


    Do I detect a big bun in the oven in thumbnail #4?

  9. Nina said

    Why does Michelle look like a grandma or like she just returned from a funeral? I guess standing next to Beyonce she realized her career was really dead.

  10. joneblaze said

    Ok i like Beyonce but why do i want to bang her mother over her? Guess its those big MILF tits

  11. Ms. Behave said

    Dang, did Usher just dig the grave for Solange and Michelle’s career, hence the dirty bootsand thank god i only i see pictures of beyonce doing that interview, god knows i’ve lost enough brain cells listen to her interviews… just look at the lady anchor’s face *dead*

  12. Kanyade said

    She looks good here. 🙂 Except she’s giving extra ‘cunty’ in a couple of those pics. LOL SMH I hear this parfume smells nice, unfortunate I don’t wear parfume, only ‘oils’. It’ll sex like Stankonia hotcakes.

  13. satire said

    stayed tuned for bey bey’s kids

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