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Should She Have Been Fired For Pleasuring Herself At Work???

Posted by Media Outrage on February 3, 2010

Should she???  Well just click here to read the story…

26 Responses to “Should She Have Been Fired For Pleasuring Herself At Work???”

  1. Lord Have Mercy said

    Was a nut really worth losing your income?

  2. BadBadKitty0727 said

    This shit is bogus. Who the hell masturbates at work, in the bathroom, sittin’ on the toilet, then be moanin’ and groanin’ all loud when they orgasm?

    What’s funnier is the comments. Here’s some new terms to add to your arsenal: finger poppin’; spirit fingers; clit caressin’ on potty; masturbation probation (a supposed punishment if you caught doin’ it on the job). LMAO!

  3. Kingston said

    That was just really tacky and kinda immature. She need to learn how to control her urges in a professional setting. That was a place of business, not your bedroom or whereever else you let off steam.

  4. ucanb2 said

    What the HELL… if you were going to do it, you should have a put a gag over your mouth MOANING MOLLY!!!

    • Sapphire Storm said

      Exactly! I understand taking the edge off, but damn, she must have been trying to do herself in lol! She could have at least gone to the car. I mean, when my guy used to want some phone play I would step out to the garage and get my call girl on. But the bathroom for masturbation is just…Why?!

      P.S. I must find a use for “Clit Caressing over the potty” by the end of the week lol

  5. 2thick4u said

    She needs to be slapped!!!

    Why the hell are you fucking urself at work in the restroom…UGGHHH 😦 !!!

    Hope she was sitting on a toilet liner…nasty ass!!!

  6. MissTX said

    Hell yeah she should have been fired!! That’s nasty and ridiculous!!

  7. Ms. Behave said

    Well i must be the only one that walks with my ‘lipstick’ vibrator and perform a ‘quickie’ even at my desk lol, come on? you’ve never put the phone on ur ‘pleasure place’, just to have it ring and vibrate the hell into u?… guess not. Ah well, i have lol.

    Now…Should She Have Been Fired For Pleasuring Herself At Work???

    It was indeed inappropriate and that decision is completely left up to her superiors to rule on. Glad my boss aint suffering from a ‘p*ssy deficit’ like hers or my ass would be holding a McDonald cup at the mall asking you for a dollar lol, hey i think my boss would’ve been the one fired, because good knows he want to give me the dickie soooo badly lol.

    P.S. why do u think bathroom stalls are always so smelly lol, well aside from the unwashed stankonia’s lol -THOSE b*tches are the ones that should be fired, smelly b*tches.

  8. brynnrock said

    I like the real deal everyday all day! Hell with the finger and all that other shit in my coochie. Give me a big black cock to buck the hell out of OKAAAY!

  9. Yvonne said

    She should have been fired. If she couldn’t control herself until she got home, then she has to be prepared to pay the consequences.

    Wonder what she will put down on resume for the reason she left her last job. LOL.

  10. luvqtpies said

    I think she should have been reprimanded but not fired. I had a female co-worker expose her private parts to me in the bathroom and did not report it for fear no one would believe me. If she was inappropriate towards a co-worker, it would make more sense to fire her than someone being offended by her moment of self-pleasure. If I receive more reports of this misconduct, I would send her to counseling and if this doesn’t help then I would terminate her. I don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water especially if a person can be helped.

    • Ms. Behave said

      counseling? man i want YOU as my boss lol, which company has the time to go thru that?… FYI it’s a recession, there are more ppl looking for jobs, than jobs themselves. Terminating her creates an opportunity to hire someone at a lesser price and per her email – someone who is MORE qualified.

      P.S. u shoulda just rubbed ur co-workers clit, maybe she needed help reaching her ‘pleasure zone’ *Dead* hahahahaha ………im serious on the counseling part as u can tell i NEED it lol.

  11. Tia said

    finger poppin’ on the toliet though?? lmao…

  12. 2020VIZN said

    I could give a shit less about someone taking care of themselves at work, it does not effect me one iota. As long as their production is not throwed who cares. Im not gonna do it at work but if you need it to get through your shift, go on wit it den.

  13. Nina said

    Hell yeah.

  14. Neequa parks said

    She should not have been fired, this is crazy . I’m sure she wasn’t sitting on the toilet . Next time she might want to be a little more Quiet.

  15. Question #1: The bathroom though?!?
    Question #2: You heard someone come in and you couldn’t calm the fuck down w/ your moaning/heavy breathing.
    Question #3: The bathroom though?!?
    Question #4: Why the hell would you blush like you are guilty? You work in a lawyers’ office. LIE cause you are innocent til proven guilty.
    Question #5: Unless they can prove it, why the hell are you not fighting this?
    Last but not least:


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