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A Little Bit of Melyssa Ford

Posted by Media Outrage on February 4, 2010

Melyssa Ford is down in Florida enjoying the pre-Super Bowl festivities.  Last night she climbed into this tight ass dress to attend Moves Magazine’s Annual Super Bowl Gala in Hallandale Florida.  Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, Steve Rifkind, Melanie Fiona and Avi Aranbayev of Rafaello & Company Jewelers were all in the building…

18 Responses to “A Little Bit of Melyssa Ford”

  1. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    awww love her red dress!! gorgeous pictures x

  2. Ms. Behave said

    I loooove Melanie Fiona, such a beautiful voice.

    Something is ‘off’ with melissa as of late, IDK maybe it’s the weightloss.

  3. Random said

    How does her Ass manage to stay the same size if not bigger than before her weightloss..I know for a fact when you lose weight…you lose your ‘assets’..hmm..FAKE FAKE FAKE!

    • Ms. Behave said

      I know, ass and tits are suppose to decrease, that’s how u KNOW. But alas, the ‘stans’ will disagree, le sigh…

  4. Kingston said

    Melanie Fiona should have won a Grammy.
    I Love Mel Ford and all, but something is seriously wrong with her face esp. in the first pic. Why must she sink her jaw in like that? And Mel is a beautiful girl, but her facial expressions are not.

    • Ms. Behave said

      Look keenly how she favors kerry washington here, kerry has been ‘playing’ with her face, hope not same for mel. I think it’s weightloss though, she looks anemic, sans the ass and tits, which is ‘questionable’ for sooooo many reasons.

      • Kingston said

        Yes, Kerry ALWAYS sink her jaw in too and it’s not cute. Mel was/is a banger from head to toe esp. when her faced looked more “plumped”. As far as her body is concerned, I thinks only her boobs are fake, I think her ass is real. Unlike Lolita love monroe (or whatever her name is).

    • Ms. Behave said

      I need more ass shots, no pun intended lol, to check that ass lol. It’s obvious boobs are fake, not yet sold on fake ass. But it’s quite ‘questionable’ that her ass is still the same size, i will watch her as time goes by.

      • Kingston said

        What I always question is this white mother that she says she has. Not saying that she’s lying, but…(well anything is possible, i’m just sayin’).
        But Mel has lost alot of weight, maybe her weightloss didn’t affect her ass. I know that when I loss weight, my ass stayed the same size.

      • Random said

        You must be one of the lucky few..I personally lose weight throughout my entire body..unless your ass is made of pure muscle..I don’t see how it wouldn’t be affected by the weightloss…(speaking in general)

  5. ucanb2 said


  6. Kingston said

    @Random- Everyone’s body is different of course, and you can lose weight without it affecting your overall body. So because Mel lost weight, doesn’t mean she’s gonna be walking around with a pancake ass. It’s still there(including her thighs and her arms are still thick) but her face is looking really “skrawny”.

    • Ms. Behave said

      Im going to have to side with random on this one, no u won’t get a pancake ass, but atleast should shed some. She might’ve started losing other places first, but MY GOD!! she has lost weight on everywhere EXCEPT her ass and tits, not right. I know for a fact it takes a while to lose ‘face fat’, so the fact that her face is THAT thin, her body should reflect it. click here.

      First time, hearing about white mother, imma have to check that out.

    • Random said

      Of course everyone’s diff…but in her case unless that junk is fake like her tits…I don’t see how it’s possible for her not to have lost ANY weight off her derrière when it’s evident she’s shed quite a few lbs..Same thing with Kim Kardashian..she has lost a lot of weight..yet her Ass and tits are still the same size..sorry not buying it..

      • Kingston said

        LMAO!!! Can’t believe I’m debating on Mel’s ass. LOL. But anyway, I still don’t think it’s fake and you still do. I know a fake ass when I see one, and Kim K’s, T.I’s wifey etc… looks fake. Can’t speak for others, but like I said before, when I lost weight, it never affected my ass. So yes, it’s possible.

      • If she focuses on toning muscles in her ass while losing weight….it’ll look the same, if not bigger.

  7. MissTX said

    Why is her face looking like that?

    Hate red but the dress is nice.

    Love Melanie Fiona.

  8. joneblaze said

    New implants?

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