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Mehcad Brooks Does Calvin Klein Ad

Posted by Media Outrage on February 4, 2010

Mehcad Brooks is showing the ladies a little bit of his body in the new Calvin Klein ad for their X range underwear.  Ladies are you feelin’ it??  There’s another male model waiting after the jump….

Kellan Lutz

20 Responses to “Mehcad Brooks Does Calvin Klein Ad”

  1. Ms. Behave said

    Can someone run a lawn mower over the shrubs on his belly? Dang!!!

  2. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    About time!!! Thank you Good Lord!!! and i am officially no longer a lesbian!!! wooohooo

    and yessss i am feeling this MO!!!!!

    love u xx

  3. MizzMimi said

    I don’t know who the second guy is but he is a nice piece of man candy

  4. Ya Ya said

    Lord have mercy….

  5. LowRidaz said

    im gonna need that center to be a bit bigger, need my husband in there, fill it to the max! lol

  6. Kingston said

    YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!! They both look oh so sexy!
    MO can Thursdays be eyecandy Thursdays? LOL.

    • Ms. Behave said

      Call me ‘greedy’, but i like my wood EVERYYYYDAY! lol, Mo needs to do a ‘double-up’ on the daily for all the eye candy we DIDN’T get- FYI Gary ‘elf’ Coleman doesn’t count lol.

    • ucanb2 said

      Indeed…let’s start today.
      @ Ms. Behave… my eye-sight is slowly coming back from that horrid picture! (( Gary Coleman))

      • Ms. Behave said

        Oh God!!! All i see are those green uggs and cracked ankles when i hear his name, eww!!! *i think i just brought up my lunch*

      • Kingston said

        I’m definitely with that ladies. And Gary Oldman was like an eye sore. I feel sorry for him though.

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      Im with you all and totally agree but that is asking way too much from MO!!! Those sexist pumkins!!! They need to give us ladies an official eye candy day…lol

      For the female readers: ” Eye candy day, eye candy day, eye candy day,”

  7. Ms. Behave said

    Until i see something pressing on the legs of those boxers…

    * Not impressed *

    They look like lil ‘gigs’, small and pointy lol

  8. MissTX said

    Not feeling neither one. There’s just so much wrong with both. And I’ve never been into men who did underwear ads.

    They’re never packing anything in the underwear.

    Both are too skinny for my taste.

    Mehcad needs to WAX that beast hair off.

    Both poses look gay to me. So that’s a turn off.

    And the Kellan guy has the body of a pubescent teen.

  9. Nina said

    He’s nice looking, but I’m not feeling the taco meat on the stomach.

  10. the sweet 1 said

    U guyz look fabulous
    Shout out 2 mr Calvin Klein
    You still and alwayz will be the best in my eye

  11. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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