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The Norwoods Get a New Show

Posted by Media Outrage on February 4, 2010

Ray J and Brandy have scored a reality show for the entire family.

Siblings Brandy and Ray J Norwood are famous for their incredible vocal talent on the stage and screen. But they wouldn’t be anywhere without the support and guidance of their parents – entertainment manager and mom, Sonja and talented musical father, Willie Norwood.

Viewers will get a first hand glimpse into the lives of the Norwood family unit and their family business – Rn’B Productions. Run by Sonja, Rn’B Productions features an impressive roster of musical artists including Brandy, Ray J and their father Willie, who also serves as the company’s vocal coach.

But with Sonja ready to take a step down, Brandy and Ray J will have to fill her shoes quickly all the while taking the family business to the next level. Will they have what it takes to continue to stay in the limelight while growing?

Mediaoutrage–  How many of you will be watching?

13 Responses to “The Norwoods Get a New Show”

  1. teelady said

    I’ll watch only because I’m a huge Brandy fan and they mama seem like she don’t take no mess lol

  2. Lio said


  3. MissTX said

    Lord why? Folks ought to be sick of Reality TV.

  4. Shakirah said

    Nice lookin family…except for Brandy’s eyebrows. I won’t be watching tho…it’s all a sham!

  5. Kingston said

    How about she put out some good “Never say Never” music and leave this reality BS alone.

  6. Yvonne said

    Don’t listen to Brandy’s music and only know Ray J from his love show on VH1 but I’ll tune because I’m curious about the family as a whole.

  7. joneblaze said

    Where’s Mz Berry she’s almost part of the family now?? HAHAHA
    Funny how their mother had to act pissed on The Love of Ray J ,and she friggin produced the shows!!

  8. LowRidaz said

    Please Mz Berry was probably dropped off home to her kids after the show and never heard from him since, lol i was glad she won, i adored her. just hope when she doesnt hear from Ray J, for 3,4.5,6 months, she dont fall apart, she was to emotional. I thought she was a very classy , beautiful woman, I wonder if he was really lookin for a woman. lol

  9. Ms. Behave said

    Dang, brandy’s eyebrows could start in a ‘boomerang’ sequel lol.

  10. Kanyade said

    Brandy’s eyebrows are upsetting me. JUST STOP IT.

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