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Natalie Cole Celebrates 60th Birthday

Posted by Media Outrage on February 5, 2010

Natalie Cole brought out the 20 something year old outfit and called up a few of her friends and family members to get it poppin’ in celebration of her 60th birthday.  Damn she looks good for 60!  Gayle King, Wendy Williams, Star Jones, and Michelle Williams were all in the building…

24 Responses to “Natalie Cole Celebrates 60th Birthday”

  1. Ms. Behave said

    Ok, so this is the NEW ish:

    Get a new Kidney
    Dress like a skank

    Got it- Thanks! My ‘Wisdom’ years can now become my “Wild’ years. #fail

    “60 Never Look so Shameful”… put some clothes on- Grandma 😦

  2. Kingston said

    Nat looks great for 60!
    Everybody else looks a mess esp. Michelle and that awful hair. Somebody need to tell her to trim the top. SMH.

  3. Ms. Behave said

    No point in having ‘sturdy’ boobs and saggy legs…#fail

    I prefer my grandma, the old fashion way COVERED and CLASSY!

    60 my ass! She looks like a flavor of Love reject, come on Natalie!

    This outfit is ‘unforgettable’ and very UNFORGIVABLE! Diddy where u at? lol

  4. Truly23 said

    Yes, she really does look good for 60…

  5. Ms. Behave said

    P.S. Is that Amy Winehouse in background of main pic?

  6. Ms. Behave said

    Broken arm? that sling should be around ur neck, u deserve a broken neck for wearing that outfit ….

    oooh, im heated 👿 *stamps out of thread*

  7. MissStep said

    I agree with Ms. Behave (to a certain extent). She went in pretty hard with the insults, but I would not want to see my 60 yo grandma with her tits hanging out. However, I think that purple dress is rockable, but not on her!

    • Ms. Behave said

      Sorry 😦 It just gets me heated when old ppl try to ‘recapture’ their youth by going for the ‘cheat’ look. A nice classy attire would be fine, look at Phylicia Rashad?

      It’s a shame when wendy william [Wendick for regulars lol] is the best dressed and most covered individual at a party and she can pass for a man MOST of the time ((sad)), esp. when u have 60 plus year olds present. *shame*

      Sorry again, i know i went in hard.

  8. ucanb2 said

    She is blessed to be alive….hopefully that wasn’t alcohol that she was drinking.

  9. MzVirgo said

    No disrespect to Natalie Cole, she’s been through a lot, but I don’t want to see a 60 year old wearing a corset, bustier, whatever that is. Her boobies are so smashed together and they need to breathe!! I like the short haircut though.

  10. Ya Ya said

    Wow…she looks great..but…I’m shocked…loss of words…

  11. joneblaze said

    Nice pumped up boobs on Natalie

  12. Kanyade said

    Is that a cake or silver-spray-painted styrofoam?

    Is that bustier tight or what?

    All jokes aside, glass she made it through and is here.

    Music Legend. Music Royalty. Keeper of the Freakum Dress Fame. ALL HAIL!


  13. teelady said

    i’m sorry did you say 60??? she looks GOOD

  14. Aniya said

    Natalie looks B E A U T I F U L considering the fact that she’s 60yo, “IF” u got it then FLAUNT it….

    Hmmm she look a heck of a lot BETTER than all these young chics runnin’ around lookin’ like MUFFIN TOPS!!!!!

    • THANK YOU!!! I dunno what these chicks is talkin bout above, but Natalie looks DAMN GOOD for 60. And at 60, I’m sure she ain’t doin it 2 impress anyone else, but to make HER feel good.

  15. Nina said

    If that’s sixty then I’m so looking forward to it.

  16. MissTX said

    Natalie is looking good! Glad she made it to see 60. She did the damn thing! Arm in sling and all! LOL!

    Gayle needs to retire her whole face AND that hair.

    Star needs to gain some of that weight back.

    Wendy needs to admit to really being a man.

  17. danielle said

    ooooh STOP!!!! Natalie Cole ain’t the average 60 year old woman. She looks GREAT!!!!! Everybody needs 2 stop tripping bcuz if they didn’t know her real age u’d think she was just hitting 30. Witches always got sumthing negative 2 say. I’d rather my grandma look like that than wearing sumthing that 2 big and sloppy or 2 tight w/ back fat hanging out!! Shaddup!

  18. Satire said

    I think all of the old broads of hollywood should go on tour, Madonna can lead the way, Natalie, bring Tina back, hell I am old and I just wanna rock

  19. Happy birthday Natalie Cole!!!

  20. MamaMia said

    Scuse me, but didn'[t she just get a kidney transplant? I hope that’s water and lime juice, gurl, othersie you ou of order.

  21. Cehhw said

    Sing Nat!

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