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Nicki Minaj, Robin Thicke & Jamie Foxx Visit “Letterman”

Posted by Media Outrage on February 5, 2010

Nicki Minaj was her regular colorful self as she stepped into the Ed Sullivan theater to record her show on David Letterman.  Jamie Foxx and Robin Thicke were also in the building.  Those pics and a video performance of Nicki Minaj and Robin Thicke doing their thang when you

11 Responses to “Nicki Minaj, Robin Thicke & Jamie Foxx Visit “Letterman””

  1. Kingston said

    LMAO!!! @ Nicki tryin’ to wine and belly dance. Girl stop! Still like Nicki though.

    And why is a grown woman carrying a stuffed toy in her hand. Anyway, that performance was dry. But Robin is still sexy.

  2. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Performance was awkward.

  3. Sapphire Storm said

    I have the wettest White Boy Crush on Robin Thicke!

  4. joneblaze said

    Nicki Minaj always makes me laugh with all of that funny head shaking looks like she’s having a seizure,but of course i would bang her brains out!!!

  5. Kanyade said

    I like the hot pank laced-stilettos (or whatever).

    Am indifferent towards HER.

    Wish Robin would go back to “Cherry Blue Skies”.

    Didn’t watch the ~performance~.


  6. Tia said

    I REALLY don’t like it!!! I like the old Robin!!!

  7. MissTX said

    That Robin Thicke is sexy!

    So is Jamie!

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