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Rihanna Commands $100,000 or More To Attend Fashion Shows

Posted by Media Outrage on February 6, 2010

RiRi is caking up something serious.  Sources say that Rihanna commands $100,000 or more to attend a fashion show.  This was Rihanna last night backstage at the Pepsi Super Bowl fan jam.  Her thighs and legs are killer!  More images when you

15 Responses to “Rihanna Commands $100,000 or More To Attend Fashion Shows”

  1. MamaMia said

    But when she opens her mouth!

  2. Kingston said

    100 grand to just sit through a fashion show? That’s easy money and she loves fashion anyway so she’s right at home.

  3. joneblaze said

    LEGS LEGS LEGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. LowRidaz said

    I like Rihanna , such a beautiful girl! very pretty

  6. MissStep said

    Yes, her legs seem flawless.

  7. shree said


  8. shree said

    she can loos the wig

  9. shree said

    i hate her

  10. Random said

    b*tch please…ur not THAT serious!

  11. Yvonne said

    Doing what she loves to do and making the big bucks to do it…can’t knock it. Rihanna looks good.

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