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Michelle Williams Lights The Empire State Building

Posted by Media Outrage on February 7, 2010

On Friday, your girl, Michelle Williams was in NYC to light up the Empire State Building.  We just wish after she lit that sucker, that those same dudes would have carried her to the nearest buffett style restaurant and force fed her.  Dag she’s thin!  More Michelle when you

9 Responses to “Michelle Williams Lights The Empire State Building”

  1. LowRidaz said

    Yea, she is ugly thin, I am not liking how she looks, not a good look up there in those pics!!! not at all

  2. Kingston said

    Maybe she is naturally thin, either way, she looks too frail. And that rooster hair is a mess. I wish she would just get it together.

  3. MissStep said

    I wonder if she has always been so sick looking. I guess I never really noticed her that much in DC…. but I hope she isn’t starving herself.

  4. Random said

    Shame..she can pass for Natalie Cole’s much older looking twin..

  5. jodibankss said

    hating ass people on here.

    & get it together? she has it together. She starred as Roxy in Chicago over seas. Go Michelle

    • Kingston said

      LOL!!! You need to calm down, it’s not that deep. And no one is hating on her, we’re just stating opinions, just like you. When I said get it together, I’m talking about how sickly she looks with that tacky ass hair.

  6. ucanb2 said

    She always has been thin… she is just so plain looking to me.
    I like her voice though.

  7. Me said

    Michelle has always been thin, but in DC her hair was mega long & was hiding her face etc… Michelle has said many a time that she’s fit & healthy & eating.
    Yes, she’s thin. Too thin at times, but jumping about & singing in CHICAGO would make you lose weight too.
    I’m loving the new hair. Short hair suites her & she’s looking stunning.

  8. kekelolo said

    I agree, she is quite thin. I don’t think anyone is bashing Michelle by stating how thin she looks. I see concern rather than insult, and even the reporter/journalist stated how thin she looks. People are more into curves these days and not flesh and bones, thank God!

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