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Kim & Reggie: Seal Victory With A Kiss

Posted by Media Outrage on February 8, 2010

Reggie Bush and the gang made is happen in a big way to the Colts last night.  Who really enjoyed the game??  Did you enjoy the game more than the commercials?  More images when you

29 Responses to “Kim & Reggie: Seal Victory With A Kiss”

  1. She’s a beautiful girl, but she needs to fall back and let her boo have the spotlight dis time around.

  2. Lee said

    I second that!

  3. Ms. Behave said

    Her hands look sooooo old, i bet she wished she had a wedding ring on that finger lol.

  4. Ms. Behave said

    Ok, i just notice something ‘weird’, her big finger [thumb] is uncannily far apart from the other 4 fingers. Try it please and tell me, unless i have really small hands, that is just WEIRRRRRRRRRD!!!

    Do your fingers space like that? specifically the ‘big’ one?

    • Sapphire Storm said

      Hey Ms. You had me holding up my hand just to make sure lol, but, yes, mine do that. I have really long fingers. My palms are average but my fingers are long and skinny.

      • Ms. Behave said

        lol…but, it’s not the length im worried about. Look how the bone sticks out and how ‘wide’ the distance is between the thumb and grooming finger… seriously your gap is that wide? photo reference

        Im holding my hand in all types of positions here lol, but i can’t seem to get that bone sticking out from the thumb. Could it be that I’m the weird one lol? Try again please …

      • Sapphire Storm said

        ok, well, I have that gap when I make my thumb make a slight “J” shape instead of a “L”. The length could be adding to the bone too. You should see me trying to throw my Delta sign lol. I’m not as small as Kim K either tho. Try the “J” with your thumb.

        p.s. I have to giggle at you obsessing over things such as this, since I do it as well.

      • Ms. Behave said

        Ok, tried it didn’t work lol. I don’t exactly have to smallest hands either, well their kind of cute lol but when i do the ‘J’ my index finger does a ‘V’ lol *not cute*… I think the difference is the length of the bone, mine is small. I did ‘wiki’ it and found others like your’s and kimmy’s, i guess I AM the ‘weird’ one lol… Thanks!!! for participating in my ‘experiment’ lol, appreciate it! much ♥♥♥!

      • kekelolo said

        LOL! Me too! LOL!

  5. Sapphire Storm said

    I don’t think I’m ever going to be a fan of the shoulder pad craze, but I like her outfit. Seems like something I would wear.

  6. I enjoyed the game because of my love for

    But he is standing there like “Bitch, can u get off the field and let me shine?”

    • Media Outrage said


    • kekelolo said

      Yes, and it looked as though he was afraid to kiss you back. I thought I was the only one who noticed something strange about that kiss. However, I do love me some Kardasian sisters, especially Khloe. I love how she brags on her hubby!

  7. YEAH I SAID IT said

    I enjoyed the Doritos commercial with the little boy slapping the shit of dude the most. The game was ok, I did want the colts to win.

    Kim will steal the spotlight just to stay revalant,with her insignificant ass.

  8. Lord Have Mercy said

    Congrats to NOLA and the Saints. I bet that chop down session after was something EPIC!

  9. name said

    don’t marry her, she tryna getcho change, mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn

  10. She’s gripping him like “U betta kiss me” and he’s looking at her like “Don’t you have another sex tape to film.” Some women need 2 just learn 2 be a good woman and stand behind your man.Have his back and not be all in the spotlight.

  11. MissTX said

    Even if the Colts had won, like I wanted, the game was boring to me. I spent the majority of the time texting, reading a book and Facebooking. That’s how bad it was for me.

    But why it look like he didn’t wanna kiss her?

  12. BadBadKitty0727 said

    The majority of the commercials were W.A.C.K. I was thinking damn, I could’ve came up with something funnier than this B.S. The little boy on the Doritos commercial was the funniest.
    1. Keep yo hands off my mama.
    2. Keep yo hands off my Doritos. LMAO!
    Not only do Kim’s hands look funny, but it’s something going on with her eyes, too. They’re not quite symmetrical. And, who kisses their man with their eyes open? It looks awkward and staged. Say it with me, “photo op!”

  13. Nina said


  14. L said


    […]Kim & Reggie: Seal Victory With A Kiss « Media Outrage[…]…

  15. telepafi said


    […]Kim & Reggie: Seal Victory With A Kiss « Media Outrage[…]…

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