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Bobby Valentino’s Jump Offs Get NAKED

Posted by Media Outrage on February 10, 2010

Camera phones were the end of sexual privacy.  Peep pics of Bobby Valentino stuntin’ with a few smuts….

18 Responses to “Bobby Valentino’s Jump Offs Get NAKED”

  1. Shakirah said

    How tacky!

  2. MissTX said

    So is this his way of defying the gay rumors?

  3. ucanb2 said


  4. Kingston said

    He might as well since his career will never go anywhere.
    A mess!

  5. Sapphire Storm said

    He’s with some chicks? Damn, I just knew when I clicked on the post there were gonna be some naked dudes. SMH, Oh Well, Back into the closet you go, Bobby Valentino

  6. LowRidaz said

    Smuts is the perfect word for these mutts!! damn shame how some women let men just exploit them for attention and for a second to say i been with him, silly bitches!! cheap ass bitches!

  7. DL Thug said

    I agree with MissTX I know 4 a fact dat Bobby Valintino has been pasted around 2 many dudes in da industry but hey it worked 4 Ne-Yo so all U dummies dat wanna belive he straight there U go!

    • Unkle Death - I'm Back Nucca! said

      Yeah you can just look at both of them niggas and tell that they addicted to boys. Bob V got too much damn gel in his hair not to be sweet. Of course that could be man-goo, but hey I’m not here to pass judgement…wait…YES I AM.

  8. Lio said

    mmmmm…OK , so you got naked white girls in your fucking what. Any dude on M.O can do that…dumb ass

  9. Yvonne said


  10. Nina said

    Well look at that fucking midget, I guess he found his gold at the end of the slutty rainbow.

  11. Random said

    Desperate much?

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