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Lady Gaga: “I’m Very Shy With People I Don’t Know”

Posted by Media Outrage on February 10, 2010

Lady Gaga says she is very shy when it comes to people that she doesn’t know (What up Sanise!)….

Flamboyant chart-topper LADY GAGA struggles to interact with her pop peers because she is frequently overcome with shyness.
Despite her outspoken stage persona, the superstar claims she’s become a loner since she found fame with her debut single Just Dance.
GaGa tells, ‘I don’t really meet that many other artists because I’m actually kinda shy. I might not be shy with people that I know but with people that I don’t know I am very shy.
“I generally really keep to myself and I am focused on my music. But when I do meet people that I have lots in common with it goes really well.
“I always feel shy in the Hollywood scene. I feel a bit like I did in high school, like I don’t really fit in.”


Mediaoutrage–  We definitely wouldn’t peg her for the SHY type.  Weird? yes… Shy? Not.

10 Responses to “Lady Gaga: “I’m Very Shy With People I Don’t Know””

  1. Ms. Behave™ said

    MO, you would be SURPRISED as to how many famous ppl are ‘mushy’ when u meet them. Hell look at beyonce, she can put on her ‘sasha fierce’ and do all that ish on stage but in person, she’s like a robot [ i know oxymoron]- NO PERSONALITY.

    It’s called an ALTER EGO and all of us have them, you know how Ms. Behave is different from _ _ _ _ _ 🙂

  2. Kingston said

    Kind of figured that she was shy. Janet Jackson is really shy as well.

  3. Ms. Behave™ said

    U can tell Lady gaga is shy, she looks like the kid who ate lunch alone, walked home alone and was alone PERIOD, hence her ‘fantasy’ world. She looks pretty ‘geeky’ to me like in a ‘retarded/special Ed’ way… ‘Weird’ celebs are my fav, but i think gaga is a put on -costume wise. Her songs reflect her personality well, but she goes waaaay over-board with her fashion choices… not creative, just CRAAAAAZZEEEE!

    MO, did sanise design what lady gaga has on?…

  4. ucanb2 said

    LOL… at “WEIRD YES”…”SHY NO”!!!

  5. MissTX said

    Uh yeah, weird people ususally don’t fit in. So it’s understandable that she’s not used to regular ol’ sane people.

  6. […] lo más que puede en su música, confiesa que aún con toda la fama que la rodea todavía se siente algo rara en el panorama de Hollywood. “Me siento como me sentía en el instituto, como si no […]

  7. Drama Diva said


  8. Nina said

    This aint newsworthy.

  9. chique said

    The personality traits you describe are well defined in the field of psychiatry and now for the countdown, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 blast off, that lady ga ga is hilarious with this outfit, she is ready to take off in the sci fi world, totally funny

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