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Posted by Media Outrage on February 12, 2010

Lela Rochon, who’s still best remembered for her role in Eddie Murphy’s Harlem Knights, attended the Pan African Film & Arts Festival Opening Night Gala in West Hollywood.  Lela is still looking something good after all these years of being off screen.  She was in the building with her husband/director Antoine Fuqua…

11 Responses to ““Sunshine””

  1. Sapphire Storm said

    Gosh I hope that’s just lipstick on her tooth! She looks better than the other pic where people said she was counting M&M’s in her pocket. Her eyes remind me of when you’re buzzed at a party and someone wants you to pose for a pic. Either that, or she’s high.

  2. She looks wonderful!

    Reminds me of my Aunt Brenda who gets drunk and fucks my uncle Darryl in the bathroom at the Family Reunion! Good to see old love in bloom!

  3. Ms. Behave™ said

    Hold the motherf*ckin’ presses!!!!!!!

    Please tell me that her 2 front tooth aren’t DISCOLORED? One red and other yellow, looking like a striped candy cane… Hell-to-the-f*cking-NO!!!!!!!

    NOW, would be a good time for her to ‘fes up’ to counting M&Ms in her pocket *Shake My F*cking Head*

  4. ucanb2 said

    I always thought she was gorgeous!

  5. Tayfusion said

    She has not aged gracefully…

  6. Tayfusion said

    Do a close up of the face, neck and teeth…

  7. Is his last name really Fuqua? like mutha-fuqua HA

  8. MissTX said

    Cute pic.

  9. Drama Diva said


  10. Lee said

    When I see her, I always think of Boomerang! “Gold star for Marcus, dinner was yummy”!!!

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