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Michael Jordan & His New Love…Yvette Prieto

Posted by Media Outrage on February 13, 2010

King of the Red Eyes, Michael Jordan, was showing plenty of teeth last night in Dallas with his Cuban love thang, Yvette Prieto.  How pretty is she people?  You know how much we value your opinions.  More photographic evidence to peruse through when you

40 Responses to “Michael Jordan & His New Love…Yvette Prieto”

  1. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    lol @ photographic evidence

    she’s pretty!

  2. lin said

    She is very pretty. Can’t hate.

  3. aniyaqt said


  4. MissTX said

    She’s pretty.

  5. lisa09 said

    He needs to seek medical attention regarding those eyes

  6. Satire said

    What is with the fucking ear ring, is that some kinda code for I am a freak

  7. Nina said

    She still aint black…yeah I said it.

  8. LowRidaz said

    Yea he needs to get those eyes checked out, something is not healthy with them, i know alot people that drink alot and have that same color in their eyes, like a coating, its not good! maybe he drinks alot, he look like he may drink alot, like his dad. as far as his chick she is ok, nothing spectacular, typical looking chick, if they are happy more power to them.

  9. maggie said

    She’s just his type although like the previous guest stated ” nothing spectacula.” New round of rumors says yvette is pregnant…

  10. Nicole said

    Yes, she is pretty. Not that in any way matters. He is known to cheat on ALL the women he has ever been with in life. So, pretty obviously ain’t all that. I hope she uses condoms. Good day everyone.

  11. YEAH I SAID IT said

    His ex wife was beautiful. Doesn’t mean a hill of beans. Old horse head looks like he drinks fire and piss his wrinkle old man pants.

  12. Random said

    She’s adorable (very natural too)..looks way better than his ex wife..

  13. Ms. J said

    I agree with nina, she ain’t black. And she ain’t all that cute, but he’s not in his prime either. He was better off with his ex-wife.

  14. Ben Alleck said

    At least she not a Puerto Rican give him props for that. This is a real Spanish Lady.

  15. Paris said

    Has this negro no shame.

  16. Steph said

    Juanita wins. She runs rings around all his Beckies and took his trifling behind to the cleaners.

  17. Kingston said

    I see Michael never leaves home without his loop earring and his grandpa jeans.
    As far as his girlfriend, she’s not bad looking.

  18. lin said

    Have you guys seen Juanita lately. She is fat!

  19. James Lamb said

    Just goes to show you how the Media and money can make a unfaithfull man look like a saint. So the question is. How many of you young men still want to be like Mike ? Hmmm

  20. brynnrock said

    Who gives a fuck she aint black….You are staying and being apart of the problem with your views and judgements of others by their skin color when we don’t like individuals on any level pre-judging are skin color! Double standards and ignorant…she ain’t black! Get the fuck over your own insecurities. I love to see mixed couples of any kind. In my MIND, not yours we are people not by color. I know about society so don’t go there! I have a choose to face, understand and conquer the past with my own behaviors. Go to fuckin therapy for some of those racial issues. You will feel better about yourself. Damn, it is 2010 love who you want not for color WTF.

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Mmm, all THIS for ONE phrase? Seems ‘insecurity’ is from within and not us. My God, It was Our OPINION, not yours.

      Based on the previous dating relationships of Mr. Jordan, it’s SAFE to say he has a ‘preference’ for non-blacks and same with ‘other’ NBA professionals. It would be SURPRISING to see an athlete with a black wife. It’s not a coincidence that MOST BLACK athletes date and marry non-blacks, so don’t give me this ‘it is 2010″ crap.

      MJ is a loss cause, so “Who gives a fuck she aint black” is quite right. We made a ONE line JOKE and you turned it into a story. It’s MONDAY, leave the weekend behind. PEACE!

      • brynnrock said

        Who the fuck cares what color whe is though? That is my point! I don’t understand the backwards thinking don’t do it to me but I can do to others and spit venom because someone is dating outside their race. I don’t understand that, I don’t want ANYONE to judge me for my skin color so I don’t do it to others on any level. My values!

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Again your taking it toooo seriously, you do understand what a JOKE is, don’t you?

  21. beloved said

    No black wives allowed that’s cute lol, everyone’s entitled to their opinions…..

  22. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Yep, she looks preggers. Tryna’ hide it with the jacket.
    Why MJ got on “mom jeans” and eyes so red, look like he just got done smokin’ a fiyah blunt?
    (N)o (B)lack wives (A)llowed? What’s so “cute” about that?

  23. brynnrock said

    Thanks black bad kitty for having my back! Wake up America be apart of the solution and not the problem. End of story.

    • Cla$$yfied said

      Seems like these lost NBA brothas are the ones who need to “wake up”. They’re the ones who are perpetuating the notion that anything not black, is better. The real end of story.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Thank You, and she is taking it toooo personally, you would think homegirl is her flesh and blood, lol.

  24. brynnrock said

    If they like white women, spanish, chinese whatever who said they had to fall in love with a black woman? I don’t even think like that, anything not black is better. I love who I am and I am the best and so is every other woman re: of their skin color. The way your preceive other is THE WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF. I FREE BITCHES!!!!

    • brynnrock said

      Typed to fast again “The way you preceive others is THE WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF. I could care less if Mike dosen’t want to date a black woman, why do you care? Really, I want to know. Why can’t he date who he wants? So, his wife was black and that’s was fine but dating a spanish women isn’t or white? WHY? I dated outside of my race, AND!

      • Nina said

        Did you forget to take your medication again? Just asking.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        I have no qualms with interracial dating, as long as LOVE is the reason and not some bull like status/beauty/better. Still, IT WAS A JOKE!

        “I dated outside of my race, AND!”… AGAIN taking it tooooooo PERSONALLY lol, im going to agree with Nina on this one, Is it past your meds time? 🙂

  25. brynnrock said

    Nina you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself some questions.

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