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Reggie & Kim In NYC

Posted by Media Outrage on February 13, 2010

Reggie Bush and his shadow Kim Kardashian were spotted leaving Le Parker Meridien Hotel in NYC yesterday afternoon.  How many MO readers think these two will actually make it down the aisle sometime soon, or EVER!?  Pics in just a minute…

24 Responses to “Reggie & Kim In NYC”

  1. Shakirah said

    Hell naw he aint gon get married to that human blow up doll!

  2. thelma said

    I don’t see that happening, he is waaaay too young & she’s been around, over & around the block….& one of them ON VIDEO l might add with that venerial disease looking boy RJ…Don’t do it Bush, please don’t do it

  3. Random said

    Great if they do..wonderful if they don’ anyone gives a flying hoot..they’re enjoying one another’s company for the time being and that’s all that matters..

  4. Lilly said

    Don’t do it Reggie. She’s a gold digger whose been with a lot of entertainers. Opportunist. Find you a nice girl who hasn’t been plastered all over the internet sucking another entertainer’s dick.

  5. Random said

    Funny how everyone’s on this “she’s a whore this and that”…but does anyone know Reggie’s sexual past…NO..I’m sure he’s no “angel” we say “Harrni per thes”..I’m sure they’ve got something in common or else they wouldn’t bother with one another..

  6. B'yata said

    – y do they look like anotha Jay&Bey walkin like that..j/k . But i think they’ll get married when they stop rusing it cause if u rush into things like that, it sometimes doesnt last !.

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      hahaha likewise for a minute i was like are they trying to do the jayBey thingy, ive notice most lovey dovy celebs are doing that new love trend thingy now, where one walks behind the other!

  7. Amber said

    ^^^^ @B’yata They do look like them Carters ! Lol.

  8. Lilly said

    Im sorry but she’s a hoe. He never got on camera and ate some woman out and ran from one woman in the industry to another.

    She’s a hoe because she dated Nick Cannon, Diddy, and a few others. They’re all well off black entertainers. She’s a gold digging HO! lol

    • Random said

      NEWSLASH…she COMES from Money…she’s got MORE than ENOUGH money of her what if she dated a few men…haven’t you? The sex tape was made with her BOYFRIEND at the time…she’s not the first or last person on this planet with a sex tape (her’s just happened to be in the public eye)..I’m sure you’re familiar with the Reggie and Carmen Ortega *his side piece* situation…like I said…he’s no angel himself..If you’re gonna be judgemental at least do some research in advance..

      • Lilly said

        You sound SIMPLE. I know she comes from money. What in the world does that have to do with her being a gold digger?

        A woman can make $80,000 a year and still dig for gold with a man who makes $500,000 a year. So your point would be?

        She’s an opportunist. Her entire family are nothing but opportunist. her mom just kills me lol.

        I didn’t say he was an angel but i doubt most men want to wife up a woman whose sex tape with her swallowing another man’s semen is all over the internet. I doubt they’ll be making it to anyone’s church.

      • Random said

        and you sound like a complete moron…here you are rambling about her being a “gold digger” when it’s evident she’s got a shit load of money…she COMES from case you aren’t familiar..her FATHER was a high profile attorney..(a little FYI for you..from the “simple” one)…so now I ask you..what exactly is she ‘diggin’ for? As for not ‘wifin’ her…they’re together right? they’ve been together for some time now…and apparently seem happy…so what exactly is it that bothers you about their relationship? You’re not the one dating her..highly doubt you have a chance in hell with give it a rest already..:)

  9. Lilly said

    Another thing, no man wants to be pressured into walking down the aisle. He is being pressured by Kim who is feeding the media all this bullshit of wedding talk. He’s not going to do it. Has other women on the side anyway that look way better than this bimbo..

    • Random said

      All the crap you stated prior to this just became IRRELEVANT…you basically put your own foot in your mouth with this lil line…

      “Has other women on the side anyway that look way better than this bimbo..”

      SMH!! too easy…yet I’m the ‘simple’ one lmao!

  10. Ima Be A Drug Dealer Forever said

    I’d beat but would have never made her my girl. He’s a fuckin idiot. More power to the both of them.

  11. 2020VIZN said

    Yeah, its gonna go down, the pressureis mounting and he can’t take it. He didnt marry her befrore this because he didnt meet the “Kardashian Criteria”. The Kardashians Deal and talk in “Code Champion”…………. Lamar Odom wins title he gets him a Kardashian. Mommy has one of the greatest Champions in Olympic history, now lil Reggie ha a Super Bowl ring and he can officially enter the fold. He is being preped by the other husbands right now, he is learning the do’s and dont’s, Kardashian etiquette, he is studying the handbook and learning the system. Its like being a Mason, he will be admitted as soon as he proves himself worthy. He will soon be a member of the secret society, CHUCK (Club Husband Under the Control of a Kardashian)

  12. Debi said

    Good luck explaining to your kids, who will no doubt, be teased to death, about why Mommie’s all over the internet s***ing and f***ing. Get some pride and dump this scandalous woman Reggie.

  13. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    Awww we’re blessed with more kimmy and reggie pictures ;-P

    Im no big fan of either of these two love birds but i think they both make a lovely couple and i do hope reggie weds kimmy someday soon, just so that all those that can’t stand her or those that are against her can have something to talk about!!

    Reggie marry Kim!!!!

  14. foxy brown said

    enough wit these annoy ass bitches especially dat blac dick chaser kim n dat beast khoe

  15. aniyaqt said

    wats he doing65 rule lol

  16. Satire said

    I wish the fuck they would hurry up and get married and show some fucking morals, then maybe she would stay her ass at home and be his wife

  17. YEAH I SAID IT said

    I don’t give a damn one way or another. What’s funny are the comments that take this way to serious!

  18. Shirley said

    He looks so tired trying to keep up with Kim. He’s gonna wear himself out trying to keep up with her. That woman’s everywhere. When the novelty and excitement wears out, he will drop this bad habit.

  19. BadBadKitty0727 said

    I think Reggie likes the media attention Kim brings. He can stand on his own with his accomplishments (even before his team won the SB). Kim has made him “known” in entertainment circles. If this is all just “publicity” and “media whoring” then in true Hollywood fashion, he’ll string her along for a while, drop her ass like a bad habit, marry someone who is unknown to us, and forever be known as, “the dude who ditched Kim K.” His wife will be a beautiful young woman who comes from a down-to-earth, middle-to-upper-class family, and virtually “unknown.”

    That’s my story for Reggie Bush and I’m stickin’ to it! *I wonder if anyone has called him, “Mr. Kardashian” yet?* LMAO!

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