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We Are The World For Haiti

Posted by Media Outrage on February 13, 2010

The video for “We Are The World Haiti” has finally hit the net.  It’s awesome!  It’s too dope to see SO many amazing artist from different genres come together for a good cause.  Just peep it for yourself….

21 Responses to “We Are The World For Haiti”

  1. Lilly said

    I love it!

  2. 718 said

    Luv how everyone came together for Hati..But this was horrible I mean this was a classic song that they did not do justice

  3. I understand the meaning behind it and am happy artists put their egos to the side to perform side to side ….that being said, they ruined a damn classic (and I wasn’t even born when the classic was first made).

    They couldn’t find someone better than Jamie Foxx to intro the video? I mean I can’t take the man seriously cause all I see is “Blame it on the Alcohol” and Wanda. And Jamie stop w/ the Ray impersonations.

    Lil Wayne, T-Pain and that whole rap section….WTF was that?!? I know rap and auto-tune is part of our new culture, but come the hell on. If they wanted to do that then they should have come up w/ an entirely new song.

    Why was 3T there?!? I mean I know they’re Michael’s nephews, but I think the song could have survived w/o them.

    But thank you J Hud, Pink, Celine and Wyclef for making the song (my little sprinkle of positivity)

    • Yvonne said

      Agree with you. This song should not have been re-recorded. It was done to bring awareness to the hunger in Africa and is a classic for that reason.

      Qunicy should have created a completely different song for Haiti.

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      I agree with you danibabygurl and Yvonne, they all should have written a new piece, something n original, maybe a song written only for haiti but anyway they all still did a wonderful job, i did enjoy the video though!

      God be with them and the people of haiti

  4. Lilly said

    I like how they brought the song into this era of music – thus T-Pain and auto tune. They know those men can’t sing: Pain, Snoop, Lil Wayne, but they’re all relevant to this generation of music listeners and wanted to be apart, so why not?

    I really like the vid. I prefer good singing over rap anyday but i think the vid is hot.

  5. Ebony said

    I saw the new one…. nope, was totally wrong…. this is why the people who had solos were the people who shouldve been singing the chorus… thats it… because their voices werent powerful enough… this one shouldve had more feeling because some of the people in the first one have passed on

    who was good:

    Janet and micheal- nice! I couldnt hear janets voice but I dont think we were suppose to it was suppose to give you emotion

    eventhough you all said justin bieber shouldnt have been the first to sing he was alright… he is a little kid so of course his voice hasnt matured but im gonna give him a chance now.

    Barbara Strisand- great!

    Pink- Great

    Celine Dion= great

    Jennifer Hudson= shouldve song the song by herself… thats how good her voice was… More than great!

    Wyclef= because he is from haiti I will give him a pass…. he was reeeal close to being on the bad list for all of that yelling in the song

    Mary Mary= was great…. even live theyre great

    Jamie fox= he was in between good and bad… you make the call on him… he was trying to do ray charles and the ray gimmick was 10 years ago….Jamie has so much talent but he’s still mixing it with the ray movie.


    Miley Cyrus= I know all the lil kids like her and she a star now but her singing… on this song… wasnt caused for

    TPain= when jay-z said death to autotune he was right… I love t-pain with the other songs but this song you dont do autotune

    Lil wayne- disapointed me all the way… if t-pain has the autotune on lock why would you go behind him and do autotune? you two shouldve did your parts together… and it sound like lil wayne was talking his part out… his heart wasnt in it… it was like he was saying I know im the best now cut me a check for even coming here… and he probably got more money than the people who song good on the song.

    Toni Braxton= good singer but not a powerful singer.. powerful doesnt have to mean yelling but she has a soft voice so they shouldnt have given her a solo.

    Nicole Scherzinger (from the PCD)- she mustve been giving some major head jobs to some producers to have all of those versus in that song because I cant see how she almost sang the whole song

    The rap segmant of the song sound like something my 8 year old did in a christmas assembly at school… to many rappers rapping over each other

    I think they chose these people to sing due to popularity instead of singing talent

    the original version was waaaaaaay better…. alot of people say beyonce couldve made it better…. I dont think so because Jennifer did a great job and she could vouch for other talentless people all she could do is do the best she can

    • Sa Baby! who else? said

      YES YES YES!!! Everthing you said was CORRECT!!!!!!!!! I just couldnt write it all! your soooo right!!!! especially about Lil wayne(BIG DISAPPOINTMENT) and about the rap part! they could of left that OUT! ughh!

      • Ima Be A Drug Dealer Forever said

        damn why yall hatin on the rap parts lol? i think the thing is hot wit everyone in it.

  6. Ebony said

    the original version was waaaaaaay better…. alot of people say beyonce couldve made it better…. I dont think so because Jennifer did a great job and she could not vouch for other talentless people all she could do is do the best she can

  7. a said

    Why try and remake a classic I mean its a lot of good songwrites in music that could have came up with something the same way Mike and Lionel did but don’t do a classic over and make it this bad.and why add a rap verse on it I mean damm..The music industry really suck

  8. Sa Baby! who else? said

    Ok now they could of done without the rapping and without Lil wayne. I like Kanye part, and Celine and Pink was the best parts. Im glad they kept Micheal Jackson in it. And i totally agree..they could of had someone other than Jamie do the intro. It would of been perfect if they put Lady gaga in it( <3) but i guess they couldnt get "erbody" overall it was " OK"

  9. MissTX said

    After reading all the replies, most of them confirmed what I said about my not wanting to hear it. So I refuse to put my ears through the torture.

    I can’t believe they thought they could remake this song and it sound good. That’s like remakes of movies. They’re never better than the original.

    But MO could you just post a clip of J-Hud’s part? My mom said she liked her part the most so that’s all I want to here. LOL!


    Now if these powerful rich celebs would continue in this direction and start a revolution and really care and change the world, those that are given so much should now give back, these people can make a difference if they want to, they just proved that they can, and stop with all the bull shit and get busy doing what needs to be done, as the young people say Get It Done already, REVOLUTION.

  11. Lio said

    Maybe I’m blind , but is that Vince Vaughn in the top right of the pic ??? WTF….I’m blind

  12. Nina said

    Damn, they mucked up a classic.

  13. Kingston said

    I’m not feeling this song at all. It was like torture listening to it. However, like someone stated, I understand the bigger issue behind the song. Since they added all the extra shit to the song, they should have wrote a new one all together. Lil wayne, T- pain, wylclef (with all that damn screaming),The rapping with snoop, LL and others ruined the song. J- Hud, Celine, Mary Mary, Mary J etc…were the best parts of the song.

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