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Jason Kidd & Porschla Coleman Coupled Up

Posted by Media Outrage on February 15, 2010

Jason Kidd and Porschla Coleman were in attendance for the 4th Annual Two Kings Dinner Saturday night in Dallas for All-Star weekend.  You can recall that Porschla used to date Russell Simmons.  Nothing wrong with passing them around or in her case, moving on to the next one.  More them when you

Damn this cat got some psycho ass looking eyes.

16 Responses to “Jason Kidd & Porschla Coleman Coupled Up”

  1. Ms. Behave™ said

    lol @ “Damn this cat got some psycho ass looking eyes”… You need to notice the ‘gold-digger’ grin on porschla face, scary stuff! He better hold his pockets and tell her to “keep your hand where i can see `em ” lol.

    P.S. Did her mama not know about ‘Hooked on Phonics’… “porschla”, really? I had to scroll up to get that thing right lol.

    P.S.S. Jason looks like he is off his meds, he looks like he has the halleberry disease, the reeeeaaaaaalll type of crazzzzeeee lol.

  2. MissTX said

    Another one that always has that “deer caught in the headlights” look.

    Cute couple though. And didn’t she just have a baby?

  3. Jason Kidd looks like the next door neighbor that Megan’s Law was created for!

    I wouldnt let him see my kids on a television let alone let them outside when he is around!!

  4. MoneAlicia said

    Hope you got insurance Porschla. If not, I got three words for you “Boom boom pow!”

    And we’re not talking about a song…

  5. aniyaqt said

    wat deer nuber 2 lol

  6. Kingston said

    LOL @ MO!!! Jason looks dapper though. And Porsha looks nice as well.

  7. ucanb2 said


  8. Random said

    She’s the Darker version of this chic..

  9. Random said

    His previous love interests were actually worth looking at..the hell is he doing with this goofy looking heifer…*not to mention getting great-grandpa Russ’s leftovers* double EW!!

  10. Nina said

    what a cute white couple. Lol Just kidding, but they do make a cute one.

  11. brynnrock said

    There you go again Nina, with a race card, get the fuck out of here: you are kidding. Bullshit, You got some issues for real with color. That is all I am sayin. Oh, just kidding.

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Your right on that Brynn, there is always a ‘race’ reference with her. But, you following her and addressing them, might just indicate some internal issues on your part also. #Noshade, just an observation.

    • Nina said

      What am I to see a world without color — Get the muck duck outta here! I don’t alway reference to color, I just point it out when necessary. Issue with race!?!? Get the f*ck outta here with that weak bs. One who accuses is usually the guilty one.

  12. CoolAmp said

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