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Jay-Z, Diddy & LeBron Do It Big Out In Dallas

Posted by Media Outrage on February 15, 2010

Jay-Z, Diddy and Lebron James posed for pictures Saturday night during the 4th Annual Two Kings Dinner in Dallas.  There were nothing but ballers in the building.  When we say ballers, we’re talking the ones with long money.  Gayle King, Russell Simmons, Jerry Jones, Jamie Foxx, Bernard Hopkins, Kobe and Vanessa, D Wade, Drake and plenty more were enjoying the atmosphere…

13 Responses to “Jay-Z, Diddy & LeBron Do It Big Out In Dallas”

  1. Ms. Behave™ said

    Never thought i would see that much ‘ugly’ in one pic.

    Camel, Beaver and Stupid, that is just tooooo much *Jesus Take the Wheel*

  2. joneblaze said

    Why is Camel-Z wearing that Sammy Davis Jr smoking jacket?

  3. Kingston said

    Good for them. I love Old man Lebron and Savanah together!! Too cute!
    Jay looks good minus that big ass velvet bow tie.

  4. MissTX said

    With the exception of Jamie & Regina, in my opinion, why were all these ugly people in one room? That couldn’t have be safe.

  5. ucanb2 said

    Now why did “Countess Chocula” (Vanessa Bryant) have the {PURSED LIPS} look?????
    Damn Kobe…can’t take him nowhere!! LOL

  6. MamaMia said

    Vanessa, let Kobe live….damn, you don’t even look like you trying to have a good time. you need to be home getting somebody to do something with yall girls’ hair, since you don’t seem to be interested in doing nothing besides ponytails. you could buy a black hair magazine, yo.

  7. ALLISWELL5 said

    Bernard Hopkins looks like a straight up brawler…face of a true boxer.

  8. Lio said

    That ‘s a nice 3 piece suit that Diddy is wearing..Not impress with the other 2

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