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“I Really Should Have Been A BLONDE”

Posted by Media Outrage on February 16, 2010

Sarah Palin, who might just be the dumbest politician alive besides George W. Bush, visited the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Florida this weekend.  We really hope she never makes it into the White House as President, because that would be the DEATH of Education as we know it.  More Palin when you

22 Responses to ““I Really Should Have Been A BLONDE””

  1. Lio said

    I know rednecks who hate this she won’t make it to the white house..EVER

  2. hey said

    this blog owner knows absolutely nothing about politics, now one thing George bush is…he may say some stupid stuff from time to time but those are isolated incidents. The man is very smart, wealthy and little do you know, he was a millionaire prior to being in office. Hes an oil tycoon and he has other business ventures along with a lot of political choices that go unannounced. I dont like him one bit, but George Bush is def. not stupid. Stop trusting in what the media feeds your minds

    • Nina said

      I agree.

    • 2020VIZN said

      I agree GWB is and was a millionaire before he was President and that is as far ai it goes. He is a horrible Busines man. The only reason he has any businesses to this day is the fact that his family had enough money and political tiesto invest after each failed business venture. He is a unadulterated fuck up. If you think he is smart, check out the movie “W” . But in the mean time check this link, it will make you retract your statement. Hell Do Dirty is a better businessman than this clown. Oh ang you Owe MO an apology because you are the one that is misinformed.

    • Media Outrage said

      @ Hey – This is the blog owner responding.

      You might want to pick up “The Family” written by Kitty Kelley.

      We have read it several times and it details how the Bush family came into power. The Bush family tried to stop the book from being published to no avail. So you might want to do some research your self homie.

      • Lio said

        Easy how they got money…Grand- father, an Investment Banker was selling oil to the U.S army and the fucking NAZIS. They weren ‘t the only one, The Rockefeller made their fortune during both WW1 and WW2 ….

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Oooohhhh, MO and 2020 dropping knowledge in the same thread *horny as hell :)* [Paging DT] that would be my ultimate 4some >>> Gone to change panties.

      P.S. When u start calling GWB ‘smart’, it’s time to read a book.

      P.S.S. I lose brain cells listening to a beyonce interview, beyonce is a chemical blonde, Sarah sees Alaska from her window…*connecting the dots* Golley!!!! Sarah palin and Beyonce are related 😯

      • 2020VIZN said

        I got excited when you said I lose brain cells. I misread and for some reaso I pictured you saying, I ,love brains, as in getting oral, I was about to volunteer to give you what you love, Im nasty at times.. Lol

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Well, u know what they say “God loveth a cheerful giver’ lol, if ur offering I’LL TAKE IT!!! Now call it 68 and i’ll owe u one 🙂 … On the real though, 2 nights in a row, i had a dream about u, u came home for wedding and we are on our honeymoon, u even brought waldo lol, do u have a son? like seriously, there was a kid about 8/9 calling me mommy *scary stuff* If only we could get to the juicy stuff, then this recurring dream would be the bomb, we’re on the bed, can’t wait for tonight, IT’S ON!!! LOL.

      • 2020VIZN said

        Me either, I shuttting it down leaving the office early. I have a few stops to make before getting home. Candles, Fume Blanc, rose petals, exotic fruit, whipped cream and gotta pull out two Marvin Gaye Cds, I want you and Lets get it on. Oh, Sending Jr (8 y/o) to Do dirty’s house for sleep over. I will see you soon. I will meet you in our dream 2nite.

  3. BadBadKitty0727 said

    If Palin gets in the White House in ANY capacity, I’m just gone pack up the truck and leave the damn country – SERIOUSLY.

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      You up for a carib vacay kitty, i’ll tell momma to scoot over and make room for you on the bed lol *dead* Seriously though, Obama isn’t my brethren and all, but this Palin character is a looney as toons on a saturday morning lol.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        HELL TO THE YES! Where you at, gyal?
        Momma don’t have to scoot ovah, I’ll find a yaad to mek me bed. 🙂

    • MissTX said

      Kitty I’m coming with you!! LOL!

      I’m thinking Brazil! (Because of the BEAUTIFUL men) What do you say? LOL!

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        Yeah, girl! You on the right track.
        Anywhere in South America that’s in close proximity to the beach works for me. I’m brushing up on my Salsa, Merengue, Flamenco, Bacchata (sp?), Portugese & Spanish! 😉 Now pass me a Caipirinha!

  4. ucanb2 said


  5. President Sarah Palin? Perish the thought!!!!

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Shame on u for even saying it … Let me get my garlic and some lime, there are some unholy spirits among us lol this evil must be defeated.

      *burn bish [sarah], burn* lol

  6. mAc said

    she probably can’t even suck a dick right. Dumb bitch

  7. chique said

    Scary person and now that she has hit big time media, she will never go away

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