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Is Shakira Trying To Be Beyonce???

Posted by Media Outrage on February 16, 2010

During Sunday night’s All-Star game in Dallas, Shakira took the stage and performed and many people we know say she was swagger jackin’ like a mutha from Beyonce.  Do you agree?  Does Shakira’s style resemble that of Bey’s?  One thing is for sure, Shakira’s VOCAL talent doesn’t even begin to compare to Beyonce’s.

150 Responses to “Is Shakira Trying To Be Beyonce???”

  1. Ms. Behave™ said

    MO, stop this BULLSHIT… everyone and their mama knows that beyonce has ZERO ‘originality’ in her weave track. Shakira is not vocally potent, but SHE IS TALENTED.

    FYI Beyonce JACKED Shakira’s image. Does “Beautiful Liar” ring a bell? I think you did this just to make us heated *shame on you*

    Video Evidence below 🙂

  2. ourson said

    since when beyonce has developped any vocal talent???

  3. Random said

    lmao…this has to be a JOKE…Shakira is PURE TALENT…Beyonce is BEYOND OVERRATED…in EVERYTHING…and the chic can’t DANCE for shit..

  4. VA_Gurl said


  5. UDontknowMeLikeTHAT said

    Shakira cant sing but she’s not swagga jackin’ bey’s style. Not at all.

  6. Beyonce_Stan said

    Yes she is doing a very bad job at trying to be BEE! Girl’s voice is horrible. Lol. Sorry

  7. mAc said

    Not sure who had the style first but I do wanna fuck both of them real slow

  8. Republican Voter said

    MO you know better than this lmao.

    Shakira had the style first, do some research.

  9. Erika M. said

    I can’t remember who bit who but Bey’s career is 50 times bigger than Shakira’s.

    Bey’s voice is 50 times better than Shakira’s.

    And Bey’s bank account is 150 times bigger than Shakira’s… so

    when you really measure the 2, they don’t belong in the same

    category. Nuff said.

  10. MissTX said

    Oh come on! She may be vocally challenged (so is Beyonce), but her image and style has been that way since the start of her career. Like Slowlybtngu said, it was way before she crossed over to English. Beyonce’s thieving ass just started this shit a few years ago.

    So the Swagger Jackin’ Award goes to: BEYONCE!

    Finally, an award she deserves.

  11. Yasmine T. said

    MO you know Be-YAWN-saaae doesn’t have one ORIGINAL bone in her body lol. She’s a robot in disguise.

  12. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
    Remember when everybody was sayin’ that? LOL!

    I like both ladies, but the truth of the matter is, Bey got the game and gone. Yes, there are more talented singers out there, but can’t nobody touch Bey’s management & PR team. THAT’S where the true talent is. 😉

    • ucanb2 said

      I agree 1000%.
      But there is room for both ladies!

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      So in other words, if Bey changed ‘management & PR’ then she is NO LONGER TALENTED. That’s the huge difference with Shakira, she can take her ‘talent’ WITH HER wherever she goes. Bey is DEPENDENT on others for her ‘talent’. TRUE talent comes from within 🙂

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        You are mis-interpreting what I’m saying.
        Bey DOES have talent (we can agree to disagree on that point ;)), but her management, PR team (and record label) play a HUGE role in making sure she’s kept front and center. Shakira is talented in her own right, but she doesn’t have the “resources” Bey has. Same with A WHOLE LOT of other talented singers. We all know that J-Hud can sing rings around Bey. Look at Fantasia. She can sing her butt off too – where she at? There are a LOT of singers that are prime to knock Bey off the throne, but they can’t ‘cuz, right now, Bey and her TEAM are UNTOUCHABLE. And, with her (Bey’s) work ethic – off the charts.

        While other singers are just “recording artists,” Bey is a BRAND.

      • New Comer said

        Badbadkitty…. J-hud CANNOT sing rings around Beyonce. SMH. Where do you draw these assumptions?

        Their voices are equal in my opinion. Beyonce hits notes that J-Hud is unable to hit and vice versa. I will say J-hud has the deeper stronger voice but they are equally good.

      • Teena Thomas said

        NEW COMER…. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TOO???? J Hud isn’t a better singer than Bey???? Since when???? J hud don’t get the respect she deserves as a singer. Bey is overrated, like Bad Kitty said, Bey’s PR Team is on Fire!!!! They keep her out there and hard. Even when you tired of Bey, her team comes out with some other way to force her down our throats and Yes we take that because they are good at what they do, make us believe Bey is something she is not…… A GOOD SINGER!!!!!

      • Teena Thomas said

        nEW cOMER….ARE YOU SERIOUS…..J HUD ISN’T BETTER THAN BEY?????? Please take another listen!!!!! Bad Kitty hit the nail on the head…Bey’s PR team is on FIRE they keep her HOT! So Bey owes everything she is to the PR team that holds her down, without them where would she be???? Not in the spot light because her vocals aren’t much.

  13. Terrance said

    Shakira is sexy, but she sounds like a deaf person singing to me. Anyone who says that she’s as talented as Beyonce is crazy as a fish wit titties.

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Terrance [don’t bite my head off, i know we don’t have good relations], on the basis of ‘talent’ u have to give it to SHAKIRA.

      On a scale of 1-10, Shakira is a NEGATIVE 20 when it comes to vocals… but, when u think of ‘Talent’ which encompasses alot, shakira is way more ‘talented’ than bey. All bey can do is p*ssy pop, lock and drop and she sounds like masturbating cats on a hot sheet of zinc. Shakira is MULTI-Lingual and does play multiple instruments and writes some of her songs so she is more rounded hence more TALENTED, don’t let the HYPE that is BEY get to you.

      P.S. Bey also swagger jacked shakira’s image with plastic surgery and all (take a good look at pic how they favor)and talkin’ bout she wanted to be a ‘latina’–> “I’m just jealous that I wasn’t born Latina. I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful Source

      • Terrance said

        Ok, I guess they are both talented, because Beyonce writes some of her own music also. When it comes to performance I have to give the landslide to Bee. All I’ve ever seen Shakira do is belly dance. Meanwhile, Bee is all over the stage in five inch heels. What I’m really saying is Bee is a way better singer and performer, which in my book makes her a better artist. I don’t know how many if any instruments Beyonce can play. However, Michael Jackson is the greatest to ever perform and I don’t know if he could play any instruments either. Both artists are supposed to be singers. But if I had to watch and listen to one of them I’m going to choose Beyonce. I’m willing to bet that Beyonce has a bigger following than Shakira in Latin America.

      • Republican Voter said

        Terrance Beyonce has been caught multiple times lying about writing some of her hit songs. Neyo exposed her on the radio. A few other song writers have also. Granted the woman can most certainly sing her behind off but she is not original. The question MO posed was: Is Shakira trying to be Beyonce?

        The answer is NO.

        I’m a beyonce fan myself, not a fan of her THUG husband, but Shakira had this style before Beyonce came along and copied it.

      • Killa Kam U already know said

        Terrance you read my mind. I also would put stacks on the fact that Beyonce has a bigger following in Latin America also. Hands down Shakira can’t and shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with Bey.

        Yo MO yall real disrespectful for comparing this non singing shortie to Bey. Lol

      • Terrance said

        RV, what up dude I haven’t heard from you in a while. If you noticed I didn’t comment on whether or not if Shakira is biting Beyonce,that’s not my concern. I made a comment regarding some of the opinions comparing their talent. I’m aware of the lies that she has been caught in. I didn’t say that she writes all of her songs, I said she writes some of her songs.

      • Republican Voter said

        How’s it going Terrance?

        Ok i see what you are saying. I say Beyonce has the better voice

        and if she was into middle age white men that couldn’t rap and

        made about 97% less money than she does, I would try and get the


        Oh yea Terrance, how’s that Barack Obama vote working out for

        you? Lol

      • Terrance said

        LOL, exactly! You might be at the top of her list. I’m still supporting President Obama. It’s just over a year in office so I can’t expect too much to be accomplished.

      • Random said

        Bigger following in Latin America? HIGHLY Doubt it!!

        “She has won two Grammy Awards, seven Latin Grammy Awards, and has been Golden Globe-nominated. She is also the highest-selling Colombian artist of all time, and the second most successful female Latin singer having sold over 50 million albums worldwide, according to BMI. Additionally, she is the only artist from South America to reach the number-one spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, the Australian ARIA chart, and the UK Singles Chart.”

        How mant LATIN grammies has Beyonce been NOMINATED for…let alone WIN anything?

        Shakira is INTERNATIONAL…Beyonce is just an overrated bimbo in the states..

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        “Beyonce writes some of her own music also” … No she doesn’t. She ADDS lines to other ppls song and then try to get CREDIT for it aka stealing. There is NOT ONE song with bey’s name alone, always 3 or more ppl listed as writers. Remember ’emotions’ by the bee gees? She said she WROTE that, also “If I Were A Boy” until she got ‘called out’. Shakira can dance, belly dancing is just a part of it, all beyonce does is to whip lash her hair and p*ssy pop… #fail.

        Don’t even bring MJ into this, that man was BEFORE his time, he ANNIHILATED the game. PERIOD. He danced like no other, he wrote his songs (not all) and he had a level of crowd captivation that not many artists have EVER achieved. If u should reaaaaally watch a beyonce performance, the crowd is screaming waaaay before she even performs, giving FALSE report, it’s all hype. Shakira IGNITES the crowd, not have an already prepared screaming band.

        “I’m willing to bet that Beyonce has a bigger following than Shakira in Latin America.” … Now THAT is WISHFUL thinking lol.

        P.S. I still don’t get all the ‘hype’ over beyonce. I will NEVER forget a Whitney performance i watched when i was smaller, she stood in ONE place and PERFORMED. She got a STANDING OVATION. I could watch MJ without music or backup dncers and still enjoy it, without ‘props’ beyonce is NO GOOD, it’s all hype. Marketing at it’s best.

      • Marathon_Man said

        Random I love your comments and all, but you can’t be serious lmao!

        Random are you saying Beyonce isn’t international? Beyonce is way more international than Shakira. The woman performed in Egypt for god sakes.

        You do realize who the more in-demand-artist is right? I think that’s what Terrance and Killa are saying. Beyonce has more fans over the world and is the more popular artist. Beyonce is a celebrity, Shakira isn’t. Do you know how much Bey’s world tour raked in? That’s why Shakira isn’t on that FOrbes list for money earned in a year. Bey is.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Thank You Random… Shakira is INTERNATIONAL…Beyonce is just an overrated bimbo in the states.

      • Marathon_Man said

        Ms Behave, fans were screaming before MJ hit the stage also lol. Grown men were fainting while waiting for him moonwalk on the stage lol,.

      • Erika M. said

        You know that saying Shakira is more international than Bey, is like saying Keyshia Cole is more international than Madonna…

        Some shit just doesn’t make any sense lol lol lol.

        How can she be more international than Bey, when she isn’t even

        more widely known on the planet? Please answer this for me…

      • Random said

        Marathon…I’m very serious…Rihanna recently performed in Abu Dhabi..I guess that makes her ‘talented/international’ eh? Like I said…Beyonce is just an OVERRATED bimbo in the STATES…that’s it!! Performing in places like Egypt,Somalia,Zimbabwe..etc..doesn’t make you “INTERNATIONAL”…re-read MS.Behave’s previous posts to get a full understanding of what being ‘international’ really means…

      • Terrance said

        Random, I’m dead serious I will bet you that Beyonce has more fans in Latin America then Shakira. You see, the Latin Grammy’s were created by Michael Greene and Mauricia Abaroa to recognize the talent of artists in latin music. To date Beyonce has won 16 grammy’s, and if she was a latin artist she would have won more Latin Grammy’s than Shakira. As far as Beyonce’s international appeal, I’m not going to waste our time comparing the two because you already know the truth.

        Ms. Behave I mentioned Michael Jackson, because you stated that Shakira can play multiple instruments. My point was to prove that MJ has never been spotted behind a piano on stage and he’s the greatest. You also mentioned Shakira is bi-lingual. That doesn’t qualify her as a more talented artist. If that’s the case than one third of the world’s population is also talented.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        @ MM, ha. The point i was trying to make is that what beyonce has is ‘hype’. With her 2010 grammy performance as example, Announcer: “Now performing we have Beyonceeeee!!!!” crowd goes wild. Beyonce came, performed and u heard the same MONOTONOUS screams as if fans alone, but her performance was LACKLUSTER. When pink performed, just basic claps for intro, when homegirl got into it, u had CELEBS, standing and giving OVATIONS even before she was done, specifically, India Arie’s mouth was wide opened in AWE. When she was finished EVERYONE GOT up and gave her a STANDING OVATION and you could see nod of approval on their faces. Beyonce doesn’t do that, you can just take things for face value, you have to understand them, as my mum says ’empty barrels make the most noise’.

        Ten yrs from now, who will your kids (not your skeet juice, focus! lol) listen to Beyonce or Shakira? Let’s see, Freakum Dress/Greenlight/Single Ladies vs. Whenever, Whatever…hmmm…which is a better song lyrics-wise. Shakira hands down, no dice.

        Since we are on topic, it is Beyonce who tried to cross over to latin market, it is beyonce who said she wished she was born latina, it was beyonce who added shakira to her song, it was beyonce who purchased 10 packs of Yaki weave, it was beyonce who bleached her hair, it was beyonce who, damn im tired, you get the drift lol.

        And to answer MO’s question: Is Shakira Trying To Be Beyonce??? HELL NO!!!

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        @ Terrance, hahaha… so my ‘bi-lingual’ comment and ur ‘MJ’ reference cancel each other out, no cheating lol.

      • Marathon_Man said

        When people talk about crossing over, Beyonce doesn’t have to cross over anything, she brought the world to her door step. Search it right here on MO as to how much her world tour earned the past few years. She’s not too far behind Madonna. She earns most of her money not from album sales but from touring just like Celine, and Madonna do. Now why is that? Because she is in HIGH DEMAND throughout the world. Shakira is not in that arena or category yet, so that right there speaks to how INTERNATIONAL an artist they both are. C’mon son! Lol.

        Oh and Ms. Behave, as far as what my kids will like, im not sure because music is all about prefference and im saying more people in the world prefer BEYONCE over SHAKIRA without question.

        Men Lie, Women Lie, But NUMBERS don’t.

      • Terrance said

        MM, they know what we’re talking about. They’re just allowing their dislike for Bee to interfere with their acceptance of truth.

      • Marathon_Man said

        Lol of course they are.

        Like i said it’s like saying Rihanna who has a lot of appeal and fans, is more international than Madonna.

        Where they do that at?

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Alright so officially im confused as hell. This convo went from “Is Shakira Trying To Be Beyonce? No! Then “Who is the better performer?” Shakira! and now where onto crossover or bigger artist? Shakira!

        Let me use this example, Jlo/Marc Anthony. JLo might be more popular, but the BIGGER artist is Marc Anthony, it’s all about TIMELESSNESS. Artist like beyonce/Jlo comes with an expiration date. Shakira/Marc, will still have an audience even when they are 60.

    • Killa Kam U already know said

      shakira is sexy and does alright on the stage but she can’t be compared to Bey.

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      Actually, Ms. Bey IS International.
      She’s won 5 MOBO awards. MOBO = Music of Black Origin.
      The MOBO awards is the first black awards show in EUROPE.
      Check Bey’s Award stats:
      American Music Awards – 3
      BET Awards – 6
      Billboard Awards – 7
      Grammy’s – 16 (DAMN!)
      MOBO – 5

      Record sales: 100+ million WORLDWIDE
      (includes Destiny’s Child sales)

      I keep tryna’ tell ya’ll Bey is a BRAND. Shakira can’t touch that.

      • YEAH I SAID IT said

        Say that shit again. I digg Beys whole style on a great performance level. I might be a little tired of seeing her right now,however she brings her a game everytime. She can sing her ass off….

        Old girl on post, I aint feelin her at all!!!!

  14. Killa Kam U already know said

    Beyonce has the better voice. Beyonce is the better dancer. Beyonce is the better performer.

    Now you name something that Shakira does better than Beyonce?

  15. Marie said

    Shakira is Queen of the isolation moves in dance.

  16. Lai' Lani said

    Shakira is not trying to be Beyonce. Wow. MO where did you conjure that from? I can see the resemblance with hair color and shape but other than that… NOT.

    bey is the better singer but lets not front like Shakira doesn’t get busy.

  17. No Comparison said

    This no-talented Arab has been copying beyonce and any black singer she can get her hands on. Bey threw her a bone by collaborating with this chick in the first place. Shakira uses all black dancers, she rides the coattails of Black America artist all the time. She was at the British Awards and watched with a sour puss as Beyonce won all the awards and she didn’t win a thing. No one in the english speaking world gives a rat’s ass about this half-Arab she is nothing but a copykat. Shakira is nothing and she can’t sing worth a damn. She does belly dancing, big deal, she is half Arab so of course she dances that way.



  19. Random said

    Let’s see Beyonce try to crossover INTERNATIONALLY (like SHAKIRA) did and see how successful she’d be…the b*tch can barely put two sentences (IN ENGLISH..her FIRST LANGUAGE) let alone a FOREIGN language..GTFOH with this overrated/talentless c*nt!! Excuse my french..ha!

    • Marathon_Man said

      Random, Beyonce has no need to cross over to anything. She brought the world to her feet. Seriously. She’s one of the most in demand artist period. Shakira’s not.

      That’s what greatness does.

      For example:

      Jay-Z didn’t have to cross over or make different kinds of music to be recognized by the masses. He brought the masses to him and there for changed nothing. You feel me?

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      hahaha, we are >>>HERE<<< lol I was thinking the same thing, beyonce cross over? Shoot i wouldn't dare watch her cross a street lol.

      Joke : How many Translators would it take to 'crossover' beyonce? Answer: NONE, she's too damn dumb, lolol.

      lol @ her singing in spanish and she had the audacity to put 'conversate' on a track. Do they NOT have spell/grammar check in studios lol… Try learning ENGLISH first chile. *Say with me slowly* "One language at a time beyonce, one language" hahaha.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        Uh, you don’t have to speak a foreign language to “cross over.” For an artist to “cross over” means to sell in a genre outside their own. In the 50’s & 60’s, Chuck Berry was one of the first to cross over since white people bought his recordings. So, since Bey is an R&B artist, her cross over would be Country & Western or Heavy Metal or Grunge. But like MM said – she don’t need to cross over.

      • Random said

        Dude..numbers schnumbers…what does that have to do with REAL TALENT?

        Britney Spears for instance…”Pop icon”…fck outta here…

        “Spears has sold over 83 million records worldwide.[2] On December 11, 2009 Billboard Magazine named Spears the second-best selling act of the 2000s, solely based on album sales as well as the 8th overall best act of the decade based on album sales, chart success, and cultural relativity..[3][3] She is ranked as the eighth best-selling female recording artist in the U.S. with 32 million copies of her albums certified by the Recording Industry Association of America,[4] and is currently the fifth best-selling artist act of the decade in the country, as well as the top-selling female artist.[5] Spears is also ranked by Forbes 2009 issue as the 13th most powerful celebrity, and with earnings of over $35 million dollars in 2009, the 2nd-highest earning young musician of the year.[6][7] According to Billboard, Spears has four of her albums among the top 20 biggest-opening-week albums of the decade.”

        She’s still a TALENTLESS bimbo…

        and let’s not forget MO’s fave Ms. Riri…

        “Rihanna has received several accolades, including the 2007 World Music Awards for World’s Best-Selling Pop Female Artist and Female Entertainer of the Year, as well as the 2008 American Music Awards for Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist.[5][6] Rihanna has attained five Hot 100 number one singles, becoming the first of two female artists, joint with Beyoncé, with the most number ones attained within the 2000s. She also serves as one of Barbados’ honorary cultural ambassadors.[7] In January 2010, Rihanna received two Grammy Awards for her 2009 single “Run This Town”, bringing her total number of Grammys won to three.”

        Another HIGHLY overrated c*nt..please stop!!

      • Marathon_Man said

        @ Badbadkitty-

        thats exactly what im saying. Ms Behave and Random cross over means to spill outside of your own genre. Beyonce has definitely done that a million times over.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        Random – you were the one who brought up numbers first. *shrug* I’m just sayin’…….
        Oh, and just in case you missed it, BEY IS INTERNATIONAL. 5 MOBO Awards from EUROPE.

        Keep in on point. Ain’t nobody talkin’ about Britney or Rihanna – this is all about Bey & Shakira.

      • Terrance said

        By the way, Beyonce already has 8 songs recorded in Spanish for those who questioned her ability to do so.

      • Random said


        Nobody brought numbers into this…posted FACTS since OPINIONS were stated in reference to BEYONCE’s popularity in Latin America…hence why I posted the NOMINATIONS…As far as Rihanna/Britney are concerned…umm artists like MJ/Tina Turner were mentioned…so what exactly is the problem here?

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        Random, I’m not tryna’ pick a fight with you, alright? The references made to MJ & TT are out of context as well.

        As far as the numbers are concerned – I understand your explanation, but in all fairness, you can’t just “dismiss” the numbers when your facts clearly rests on numbers.

      • Random said


        No hard feeling here darlin’…trust me! We’re having a simple discussion (even if we happen to disagree on it) that in my opinion makes it more interesting…my facts weren’t based on numbers..they were simple REFERENCES used to EXPLAIN Shakira’s OVERALL TALENT (Internationally speaking) that’s all..I never once stated either Shakira or Beyonce Sold this or that amt of records…

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        OH NO!!! Don’t judge us and OUR ‘understanding of ‘crossover’, we are very CLEAR as to what it means. Please UNDERSTAND where this convo is coming from. Terrance said Beyonce ‘I’m willing to bet that Beyonce has a bigger following than Shakira in Latin America.’ then ramdom posted Shakira latin achivements, then terrance said ‘Random, I’m dead serious I will bet you that Beyonce has more fans in Latin America then Shakira… To date Beyonce has won 16 grammy’s, and if she was a latin artist she would have won more Latin Grammy’s than Shakira. Which is why Random responded ‘Let’s see Beyonce try to crossover INTERNATIONALLY (like SHAKIRA) did and see how successful she’d be…the b*tch can barely put two sentences (IN ENGLISH… her FIRST LANGUAGE) let alone a FOREIGN language..GTFOH with this overrated/talentless c*nt!” It was merely a reference to how DUMB she was, and how tedious and most likely IMPOSSIBLE it would be.

        Which bring me to my next point…….. “Uh, you don’t have to speak a foreign language to “cross over.” For an artist to “cross over” means to sell in a genre outside their own… since Bey is an R&B artist, her cross over would be Country & Western or Heavy Metal or Grunge. But like MM said – she don’t need to cross over.”……. The only genre beyonce has ‘crossed over’ to is POP, which is kiddies music. Shakira crossed from Spanish to English and then American pop music. Beyonce FAILED at crossing over to the latin market, ‘recording 8 songs’ doesn’t equal crossover. Rihanna did multiple ‘reggae’ song, yet she isn’t consider a reggae act nor has she penetrated that market in terms of STRONG sales. While Shakira can do a Spanish album right now and have success in English market, i doubt same would be for beyonce in latin america, so the BIGGER cross over act is *drumroll* SHAKIRA.

        Is beyonce an international who doesn’t need to cross over or is she an ‘international’ artist that CAN’T cross over? Because she sure is trying for someone who doesn’t ‘need’ to lol.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        @ Random
        No hard feelings here, either. 😉 You know how communicating over the ‘net is – interpreting the “tone” of someone’s words is sometimes difficult.
        I don’t want it to turn ugly like it does on a lot of the other sites. I like a “lively” debate as much as the next person.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        @Ms. Behave – Bey tried to cross over to the Latin market & failed? Post a link to your source.

        “Bello Embustero” (Beautiful Liar) w/Shakira won 2007 Latin Grammy for “Record of the Year,” set a record for “largest upward movement” in the history of the Hot 100 and reach #1 across 32 countries.

        Cross over much? LMAO!
        (I realize this is just ONE recording, but hardly a failure)

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Stop it! Bey tried several other songs from her album in spanish, remember the SPANISH VERSION of her album, how many ‘success’ from that? She isn’t a cross over success. FYI that song was WITH Shakira, she NEEDED one of their own to get her that success. Even so, you NEVER hear ‘beautiful liar’ the original with just beyonce, it’s always the one with shakira.

        Bey marketed HEAVILY in that market and STILL i don’t see her albums been eaten up by that market. If she doesn’t ‘market’ there she will never even get airplay there, that ISN’T successs. Crossover means doing what u do and manage to gain acceptance by ‘outsiders’ kinda like shakira now. Yes, she did some English tracks (by the way she SPEAKS English, so isn’t much of a deviation, unlike bey who doesn’t even undertsand spanish) but right now she has SUCCESSFULLY crossed over in that she can do Spanish and still get airplay, THAT’s CROSSOVER.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        I think that’s going to change REAL SOON since she’s been touring in S. America for the past 2 weeks. Let’s check her crossover appeal in South America AFTER her tour ends. 2/4 – 2/10 in Brazil; 2/12 in Argentina; 2/15 in Santiago; and 2/16 in Lima.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        lol @ “I think that’s going to change REAL SOON since”… i think i need to call u Ms.Cleo from now on, cause that’s either prophetic or fake or BOTH… LMAO!!!

        *Setting date in calendar* … 2 weeks? let’s see lol.

  20. wow said

    I will never understand why people don’t like Beyonce. Not that you have to like her, but when i read blogs like BOSSIP, MEDIATAKEOUT, and others, the readers seem to hate her guts. I just dont get it. She makes good music.

  21. Kingston said

    Shakira can’t sing at all, but she has a style of her own for as long as I can remember. I don’t think she’s trying to be like Bey. Why do people compare every female artist to Beyonce. Like ya’ll said, Yawnce is too over rated and over exposedxposed.

  22. Tell em said

    Teen actress Keke palmer looks just like Beyonce it’s crazy the resemblance between those two.

  23. Tha Realist said

    Please. Beyonce wishes her wide-hip a$$ could dance like Shakira.

    that girl keke does look like Beyonce.

  24. FLADIVA said

    We are a people are something else. You always have something negative to say about somebody, do you have a life? Damn now you’re defending a white chick, who is from Brazil and shakes her ass, so what!!! we as black people have been shaking and stomping our asses from the beginning of time. Remember during slavery, while picking cotton we danced and sang, we shook our asses and swirls our hips because our hands were busy picking cotton, so why would you assume that Beyonce is stealing her dance moves from Shakira. We black women have been rolling their stomachs for ages, its nothing new, I started doing it when I was 8 and im now 57, so who did I still it from? Wake up black people we need more unity from each other, stop tearing each other down, when you do this the white man sits back and laughs at your stupid asses. Even if we think a certain way why put negativity on paper where it can and will be used against us.

  25. Sumarrain said

    Beyonce is a very talented singer, dancer and business woman, her acting skill is just ok, but she been copying Shakira style for a very long time, just check out Shakira first English video whenever, wherever.

  26. Random said

    @Ms_Behave…we’re definitely HERE…phewww finally someone who understands what I’m saying!lol

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      PHEWWWW!!! Is right lol Im literally hungry after all of this. I knew this was what MO wanted, hence my first comment “I think you did this just to make us heated *shame on you*” lol. MO did this for hits, because had to question been “Is Beyonce Trying To Be Shakira?” we would’ve all done an UNANIMOUS ‘YES!!!’, but MO wanted hits, lol – Again *shame on you MO*

      • Random said

        Basically! lol

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        Ya’ll know ya’ll goin’ hard on my girl Bey!
        M.O. show know how to “fan the flames!” I ain’t mad at ’em for that, though!
        Ms. Behave your references “clit droppin'” and “pussy poppin'” – that shit CRACKS me up!
        I’m gone call Shakira’s belly dancin’ “belly sloshin'” LMAO!

  27. Girl Please said

    Imatation is the highest form of flattery which is why other artist from other countries are always copying Black American artist. That is a well-known fact, but sometimes folks get it twisted as with this deal with Shakira. No one even knew who this woman was until a few years ago, at least no one in the english speaking entertainment industry did, until she came over here to work with Black artist.

  28. Random said

    @BadBadKitty…hahaha I hear you..but neh no worries 😉

  29. Ricky said

    Beyonce, like all major, black artist crossed over a long time ago what on earth are you talking about. Black artist are known and emulated all over the place! Who have people of all nationalities, colors, religions, what have you, loving our music and making our stars rich as can be.

  30. wanda said

    Aaliyah was doing that belly dancing stuff waaaay back in the 1990’s before anybody knew who this Shakira person was.

    • Random said

      Did you just make that up right now?…please stop!! Aaliyah (may she R.I.P) could dance her ass off..but as far as I can remember…there was no ‘bellydancing’ involved in any of her performances…

      • Kingston said

        Random, Have you ever seen back and forth, 4 page letter, we need a resolution, rock da boat etc…Cause Aaliyah belly danced in all of those.

      • Random said

        Kingstong…yes, I’m quite familiar with those videos..nobody is denying Aaliyah’s dancing skills…she may have USED some moves associated with Belly dancing..such as her signature “belly roll”…but it was Shakira who FIRST popularized BELLY DANCING (at least in the music industry) and INCORPORTATED the dance in pretty much all of her performances..not just ONE move..Afterwards, artists like yours truly Beyonce, Ciara, Christina Aguilera, Aaliyah to name a few began incorporating certain belly dancing moves into their routines..

  31. Craze said

    Who cleans up at the Grammy’s and the British award shows? Black American and British acts that’s who. The Latin Grammys are a consolation prize as from as most Americans are concerned.

  32. Sandra said

    I agree, Tina Turner was doing this stuff back in the early 1960’s and she did it better than Beyonce did, but Beyonce is fine for her generation. LMAO! at Shakira with her black back up dancers and black back up singers. Happens all the time though! We are used to it.

  33. MOTOWN said


  34. Darla said

    Black artist in America are the bizzness the world over so we have nothing left to prove. We just sit back and watch people like this imitate that’s all.

  35. Roberta said

    I always thought Cher was the worst singer I had ever heard until I heard Shakira. I swear this woman cannot sing. The British, blue-eyed Soul singers are good…Adele, Duffy, Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse to a apoint. The Brits always copy the best too but they give props where props are due…they don’t try to steal. The British invented the MOBO awards don’t forget. MOBO stands for Music of Black Orgin and the sell out crowds attending these awards are white, European lovers of Black music. Even today old school soul is some of the most popular music in Europe.

  36. American idol said

    Shakira is best at belly dancing but I expect her to because that is part of her culture and she has been doing it all of her life. But she is not that good at Hip Hop dancing and I don’t expect her to be better than our Hip Hop dancers. This is why her dancers are black Hip Hop dancers, they are teaching her how to dance western style. So what if Beyonce can’t do belly dancing, she only did that style for one video anyway. Belly dancing is not her thing and why should it be. It was a phase with her.

  37. ANNA said


  38. Simon Cowell said

    Shakira’s voice is beyond sad and laughable people. This is a joke. Shakira needed Wyclef and Beyonce to have a hit with the English speaking audiences of North America. Beyonce is mad huge in Latin America without using a Spanish speaker, she simply took Alicia Keyes, another American with her. She argument is ridiculous.

  39. Simon Cowell said

    Shakira’s voice is beyond sad and laughable people. This is a joke. Shakira needed Wyclef and Beyonce to have a hit with the English speaking audiences of North America. Beyonce is mad huge in Latin America without using a Spanish speaker, she simply took Alicia Keyes, another American with her. This argument is ridiculous.

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      umm stupid question but are you simon cowell from the X-Factor??

    • Kanyade said

      Shakira’s album “Laundry Service” her first English record didn’t have nary a sign of Wyclef or Beyonce and it was HUGE. I even own the m.fer.

      It wasn’t until one or two albums after that, that she collaborated with Wyclef for “Hips Don’t Lie”.

      Shakira did not NEED Wyclef or Bey for “Laundry Service”.

  40. Mizzy said

    Isn’t belly dancing a Middle-East form of dance? My friends and I practice baby dancing but we learned it from an Arab woman who originated and perfected this art form, not a Columbian.

    • Random said

      baby dancing? interesting…i’m not quite familiar with that form of dancing… to elaborate? lol…She’s part COLOMBIAN *not Columbian* and part LEBANESE (Middle Eastern)…Nobody said she INVENTED the dance..she just POPULARIZED 🙂

  41. Mizzy said

    meant to say, belly, not’Baby’, trying to do too many things at once.

  42. Ronnie said

    Belly dancing is Arab Middle-Eastern and has nothing to do with South America. Any body can practice it wherever they live. I even read how the women do belly dancing in Russia.

  43. Dominikingz said

    Let me get this straight with all of you. Shakira was an alternative rocker in the 90’s and when she crossed over to the US, the label over here saw her sex appeal and ran with it so the Shakira of now if more of an “Americanized” version. On the other topic, Beyonce is a better singer, dancer, better hit records and both Shakira and Beyonce are tied in the sexy department.

  44. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    118 comments posted for this bloody post lol!!!!!

    you all need time out!!! lol

    119 comments now that i have posted a useless comment

    • ucanb2 said

      LOL…too damn much effort, for this post. F U N N Y!!

      • Random said

        Googling along with Copying/pasting doesn’t require much effort lol..I’d rather post in one somewhat interesting topic multiple times than go through every irrelevant repetitive post..but that’s just me 🙂

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        lol @ Ucanb2!!! i know right….comments are interesting though but ill have to revisit this post over the weekend i have so much design work to catch up on!!!

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      Slow day at work. 🙂

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Pissed at word 👿 wanted to ‘vent’ 😉

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Darn it malia, i would’ve beaten u to it, it was 119 too when i was going to make that comment, but i had to go to a meeting – that has me reaaaally PISSED right now 👿

      I think we are at 127, now that i’ve posted. MO, i think that is ur quota for the day, u can close comments now lol.

  45. Ms. Behave™ said

    Darn it Malia, i would’ve beaten u to it, it was 119 too when i was going to make that comment, but i had to go to a meeting – that has me reaaaally PISSED right now 👿 .

    I think we are at 127, now that i’ve posted. MO, i think that is ur quota for the day, u can close comments now lol.

  46. G555 said

    just read the comments it took me a while. Shakira is not as international as Beyonce. Definitely Not.

    Beyonce definitely bit her style.

  47. Tiffany Johnson said

    They resemble in these pics but BEY’s voice is the truth, I haven’t heard too much of Shakira’s music. About to YouTube her.

  48. Soul said

    Beyonce copied from all the old time soul ladies but this woman isn’t one of them. Beyonce was doing her wild thing before any of us in the U.S. knew who this woman. Imitation is the highest form of flattery which is why they copy our music and dance, not the other way around.

  49. Nina said

    Beyonce is copying Shakira’s style. Shakira’s moves are a part of her Lebonese heritage, and she is much more original than Fakeonyce.

  50. Yea Bitch I Said It. said

    All of this points that beyonce is the shit! See y’all have to understand that she works her ass off on everything she. You all go off on everybody gossip about who she is and how do things in her life. Beyonce works for her stuff and she deserves everything that comes her way. Shakaria is good. Wtf shakria is latin ??? Y would beyonce when latin awards . Beyonce is international all the way. She sold in london twice in her I am tour. She had the #1 tour in the row in all her albums. She promotes her ass off and she is a busness women. She got the whole package. Tina tuner , diana ross. Mary j, mariah etc.. everybody copy off of everybody. Shakaria don’t have shit on beyonce never. Nobody does. The bitch can dance, sing, and entertain her ass off. Y’all hating hard on old girl . Just like when she take her 6 month break, ain’t shit gon happen. But when bey come back in sting she gonna light it up. Who has an album out since 2008 to now still going strong. And this what the craxy part beyonce been have sasha!! Since destinys chikd. They been called her that. She market it and was paid. She on an another level and hatas watching her every move. Yalll just don’t want to admit it. She that girl. Her resmue is grreater then anyones so hey it is what it is. Just know she got more fans then y’all haters

    • Random said

      I think my IQ just dropped a couple of notches reading (or at least trying to) that bullcrap above.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Random, same ish happens when i listen to a beyonce interview… Beyonce is that you? lol

      • Random said

        hahah I was wondering the same thing..Sasha Fierce!!

      • Tif said

        It’s so damn obvious y’all will hate on Bey because she’s your race and love Shakira because she’s Latin. Typical black crabs. SMH. While y’all talking about Bey in your lamentable job, she’s livin it up. Lmao.

  51. name said

    the question is, do i giva damn….hmmm…HELL NO

  52. paris said

    No Shakira ain’t shit none of these half Arabs are when it comes to the real thing. They all copy.

  53. Kanyade said


    I can’t believe MO posited this theory.

    SHAKIRA worked the belly-dancing and janky-performances onstage BEFORE Beyonce. I think there’s a video on YouTube showing at least two instances in which Bey’s dancing reflected moves done by Shakira AFTER Shakira had been out doing her thing with her English-albums.

    Peformance alone, timeline wise, Shakky came before Bey; Bey took Shakky’s moves. See the “Deja Vu” video.

    Shakira is still well known and loved internationally. And she was so before she crossed over with the American audience with her English albums.

    Both ladies are talented. I hate that we have to limit our view so narrow that it’s got to be one copying the other when the fact of the matter is lately, ALL THESE BROADS are SERIOUSLY biting Fosse. And the fashions? Fashion is just fashion. Everybody’s going to wear the same thing; even try putting their own spin on it…just ask Bey and Co. She just got caught up in some Bulgarian designer lawsuit or something for biting his bikini design without his consent; without giving proper credit.

    Ya’ll must’ve seriously been bored or wanting for some company to open this discussion. 😆

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