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67 Year Old White Man Opens Up More Than a CAN of Whoop Dat Azz on Black Dude!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on February 17, 2010

LMAO!!! A 67 year old white man got into a verbal altercation with a young black dude on a bus which then led to the commencing of fisticuffs.  Peep game to see old man looking like Iron Mike Tyson in his prime and beating the living shit outta black homie……

214 Responses to “67 Year Old White Man Opens Up More Than a CAN of Whoop Dat Azz on Black Dude!!!”

  1. ucanb2 said

    Damn…that was off the chain! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! Totally unnecessary!!! SMDH!

  2. SweetScorpio said

    “U BIG DUMMIE” got what you were asking for!!!

  3. Teena Thomas said

    LMAO!!!!!! That’s what he getts, Fing with the Seniors. LMAO………….

  4. Ms. Behave™ said

    Ok that was TOTALLY unnecessary… what i found interesting was white girl beside black dude that had her headset on the WHOLE time, like “I don’t give a damn about none this, let me listen my britney spears” lol.

    My question is: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? 🙂

    • Kingston said

      I know right. Why can’t we just all hold hands and sing “Kum by yah” LOL.

      But seriously, I think it’s human nature to not get along. Without some type of animosity we would be like robots. LOL.

  5. Fuck A Thug said

    Good! These stupid thugs needs their asses beat. Another no good raised without a daddy no doubt to teach him discipline. I was on the bus the other day and a gang of thugs got on without money but wanted a ride anyway. Unfortunately the driver was scared so he let them ride without paying and all the while these mutherfuckers was calling him names and making fun of him.

  6. Kingston said

    How you poppin’ all that shit, hit the man first, but get your face bust up? And did ya’ll here the two hype ass instigators yelling: “Beat his white ass!”. They gas that poor man up and he got his ass beat. Not funny, but damn.

  7. Sumarrain said

    He when chasing trouble and he got exactly what he deserved, a beat down by a senior citizen. I wonder how he is going to explain his injuries to his buddies.

  8. mAc said

    Lmao my dude just knelt down before ZOD and didn’t swing any punches. Where dey do that at?

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Yeah, dude looks like he was about to say a prayer to buddha or somethin’, not cool, esp. for a ‘thug’ lol.

    • Terrance said

      LOL, “knelt down before ZOD”! Yeah homie was talkin like he was a cannon. I don’t wish ill for anyone, but when you go out your way for trouble you get what you deserve.

  9. Ms. Behave™ said

    What got me, wasn’t the fact that he didn’t hit back, it was how he was covering his face like a lil p*ssy right before we see all the blood lol… P.S. look good, that old white man fought like a girl, he won because he was bigger and dude NEVER hit back, seriously not ONE punch? real p*ssy move lol.

    Question: Is it fair to call it a ‘fight’ if only one person was throwing punches? that boy got some ‘b*tch lick’ lol, literally :).

  10. blakmaine said

    That old man look like he just came from the gym or something he could have been retired military or a retired cop. The black dude got what he deserve the old white man move to the from of the bus to avoid the whole thing.

  11. LowRidaz said

    that shit is embarrasing and shameful, damn !! lololol trust i have seen folks talk mad shit, about what they gonna do and how they gonna do it, and get their asses scraped on the concrete, shit is embarrassing, and funny as hell!!!

  12. MissTX said

    Oh he fucked him all the way up!! “He told him not to fuck with him!!” LMAO!

    And that dumb broad sitting up there talking ’bout pressing charges. Bitch his Black hit that man first! It’s called SELF-DEFENSE!!

  13. Yvonne said

    LOL…black dude was on the floor covering his head and probalby thinking “oh shit I thought this was gonna be an easy beatdown”….LOL.

    • LowRidaz said

      LOL that shit is ill, LOL i was tryin to see how he busted up his face like that, must of hit his head on the seats, or slammed dudes head on it, what was so funny was… he talked major shit, like he was gonna do some damage, and got fucked right up within 10 seconds, LOL fucking embarrassment,

  14. ALLISWELL5 said

    The OG gave him the business…quickly!

  15. 2020VIZN said

    He was aking for the ambulance at the end…………..LMAO. Then he said Im a Kill that nigga. Oh, he also said Im a fuck you up next time…..LMAO.

    He is the real “Gangstaliscious”

  16. Cut Up said

    SO, You thought cause you was a black dude maybe from the rough side of town that you thought first, that you were going to intimidate this old white man. Then when the white man tested your pride you wanted to take it one step further and use some “black scare tactics” as if white folk falling for our loud tough talking bullshit anymore. When that didn’t work, you quickly downed a bottle of “5 sec energy/tough juice” and tested the white man’s courage to see if he would fight you back by swinging some weak ass WWE bullshit on him. Low and Behold, the white man was not bluffing. He hauled off and whooped yo ass in front of everybody on the bus and now everybody in the World LOL!! Had you calling for an ambulance or ecnalubma lol!! Once again, when you noticed that the camera was still rolling you allowed some dumb shit to come out your mouth once again “I’m gonna kill dat dude” or something to that effect. Some other “very intelligent” person (SMH) behing the camera uttered something like, “I got that on tape, we can press charges” even though it is clear that you swung on the man first and received a first class Chuck Liddell ass whooping lol!! Had you balled up on the floe!! I am fucking rolling right now and you just made my damn day dummy!! thank you!! Now, everybody in your hood gon see that and from now on you gotta ante up that lunch money patna!!

    When we going to realize that our skin color don’t intimidate nobody anymore, The gimmick is up cuz. Damn Dog, Damn!!!

  17. Marathon_Man said

    That cat got his ass cut like 12 inch grass. Somebody REVOKE his hood pass. DAMN!

    How you don’t get off the bus to try and fight but still screaming

    “Ima fuck you up”

    “Call the ambulance”

    LMAO!!!!!! Oh shit!

  18. Marathon_Man said

    LOL Im still laughing but did yall hear the woman saying “Leave that man alone” and then when homie TEE’D off on him like Tiger at the Masters one of the women yelled “Jesus Chr_st!!!!”

    Thats when you know it’s bad lol when you got the church mothers calling on GOD!

    • mAc said

      after that 25-piece he still searching for his Sweet n Sour sauce!

      • mAc said

        not to be all in ya business my nigga but how does cutiewitbigbooty look? i see you 2 have been conversing off line and didn’t invite a nigga to be the look out boy lol.

      • Marathon_Man said

        She’s STRAAAAAAIGHT! LOL! I thought she was a cyber talker that probably weighed a good 3 bills but I give credit where credit is due….

        Dime status for real. Cutie Im bout to send MO some pics of YOU! LOL LOL if you don’t pay up on that bet…,. im serious!

        Im sure the male staff would thank a nigga and name me KING of MO for a day, so don’t f*ck wit me… pay up!

        @ mac… the ass make you feel like you need 2 dicks. the shit is that beautiful damn.

      • mAc said

        Nigga did yall fuck like bunny rabbits??? How pretty is the face? Who would you compare her face to? Keep it real did you skeet in 5 mins nigga?

      • Also, Did you wax that ass or did you freeze up when u saw her?……

      • Cutiewitbigbooty said


        MM you better not type another word!

        Im not joking.

      • DAMN MM!!!

        She got you in check like a ho on the stroll!!!! Damn dont do it MM type damn it!!

      • Another thing….

        What Willingboro chicks you smashed?!!? Inquiring minds need some names!!! lol

      • mAc said

        Hey cutie! damn when me and u gonna meet? That azz gotta be PHAT! its just flattery ma no disrespect…

      • Cutie….

        Do you have an ass that you smack or the type you put your face in and make those fart sounds on the ass cheeck like you do when you hold a chubby baby?

  19. Terrance said

    MM, send in those pics homie. Men lie, women lie, pics don’t lol.

  20. So MM is the ass soft as Cottonelle or is it flatter than Big Mama’s pancakes?…Shit inquiring minds want to know!!! (no offense to the homie Cutie)…..

  21. oh by the way what is the bet?….you should already know you cant take money from a woman so send the photos…its the only Gentleman thing to do!

  22. Marathon_Man said

    @ DT – Bad jawn named Lisa no last names my dude lol.

    Cutie calm down…..

  23. Terrance said

    MM, I know that chick homie, no bs! I went to school with her.

    • Marathon_Man said

      Lol lol lol. Damn so u went to Willingboro High? Since u know her…do she got any sister?

      • nah, she dont! You went strapped up in that like a soldier right?

      • Marathon_Man said

        Shorty got a brother. I strap up for everything!

        THE BRAIN IS WORTH joining Al-Quaida over! Skeeted in the grill

        real heavy. Freak dime to the max. my penis was shaking hands wit

        her tonsils many nights.

    • yeah.. i know who you talking about. last name ends with s right?

      • Marathon_Man said

        LOL!!! Yea my nig! Yea we talking bout the same chick. Wow small world. You knocked too dt?

        her name sure does end with S. Her first name should begin with SLUTWHORE cause she nasty lol

      • yeah, and her friends are more wild than Kunta Kinte in the African wilderness! You in the right place to get the Straight pipe drained!

    • Terrance said

      MM, yeah I went to Willingboro. Yo, MM I know shortie and she’s right. Keep it 100 is cutie prettier than LB?

      • Marathon_Man said

        Keeping it all the way 100 my dude…

        Lisa can’t even compare to Cutie on some real shit. Yo Lisa body is crazy and the face is live but cutie is really on some video model basketball player shit. Her whole shit is KRAZY!!!!

        Face cutie got her beat by a mile

        Body yo no question… cutie’s stomach doesn’t even exist lol and the azz is out of this world! no butt pads either! lol lol. she pretty as shit. I aint met a shortie in Wboro that look near Cutie’s status real talk. Tities perfect, small waist, azzz forever and ever and ever! lol lol lol

        Damn so yall know lisa? wow. Yo the best brain in the damn world almost.

      • Terrance said

        LOL, LOL! Send those pics my dude! The boro got dimes son, and she look better than all of them? Cutie must be a rare coin.

      • Marathon_Man said

        Cutie got them Halle Berry teeth that look like they’ve been soaked in bleach….

      • Man who else in the Boro did you Make sweet passionate love to?… Shit, Im the only dude from The boro reading this (and im in the ATL)…lol

      • mAc said

        DT & Terrance what does Lisa look like? Is she really dime? So cutie is a fucking dime!!!

      • Mac, she is a dime and a Burger with fries! So if Cutie is better than that she probably will have you jacking off at the first handshake!

      • Terrance said

        Yeah MM, I’m hip to you my dude. How else were you supposed to answer that question? Cutie like “yeah nigga say some dumb ish and you’ll won’t get another smell of this paradise island.”

        Mac, DT’s not jokin she’s right.

      • Marathon_Man said

        @ DT… some names:


        Ima stop right there dog cause 2 freak jawns was fucking married. Nah 1 was married and the other been engaged for like 2 years and sucking my dick. Terrible lol. but the boro has been good to me man. Ebony is real bad.. you might kknw her.

      • Marathon_Man said

        Nah Terrance i keeps it 100. We all fucked with some bad shorties in our life im sure. well i hope. So a woman got to really make me look 3 times for me to consider her bad. Lisa is bad but im just being honest, cutie got her beat real good. Me and cutie went to this spot in Philly on south street named Ms. Tooties and yo, every nigga in the joint was with they woman and was still sneak glancing lol lol lol. I told her she made a nigga feel real good cause married muthafuckas was staring hard.

        She high matainence but so is Lisa. I don’t know what your tast in women is but its obvious you have good taste if you think Lisa is a dime. so i can trust your taste. Im sure you would look at cutie and say like ole dawg’s cousin in Menace “Oh hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah! We going to jake and the crackman”

      • mAc said

        so no bullshitin cause im bout to get off go fuck my girl and go to sleep before i be calllin those white people at the job tomorrow saying fuck em i’ll seem them on Friday.

        How good is the pussy? talking about cutie? dont take forever to answer this shit man lol

      • yo the Melinda one Hispanic and last name end with A?

      • oh my bad end with the letter “O”

      • Marathon_Man said

        Lol nah her last name starts with O. She is spanish tho. Big ass titties and super phat azz!!!!!!!!!

        Another boro girl with GRADE-A blowjob skills. She sucked my unborn son’s-great-great-grand’s outta my penis!!!

        She drank my cum like it was HENNY. But she got a bad attitude. Kinda bitchy.

      • Bill O'Reilly said

        Ms. Tootsie’s is my spot. I’m there like twice a month. Sheeit, I might be one of the cats that was starin! Yo, MM does Keisha’s last name begin with a C?

      • She live in the part that begins with “P” and live with moms?

      • Marathon_Man said

        She got mad when i sprayed my unborns on her face, but she was playin cross-over with my ballz and jerking the joystick…what did she expect??? for me to yell TIMBER!!!!!!!!

        GTFOH! get wit the game bitch

      • So does she live in “P” section?….lol I got to know….

      • Marathon_Man said

        LMAO!!!!!!!! DT yo you know her??? Melinda is bad! yup thats her she live wit her moms and drive a burgandy car. She’s a BROKE ho but i let her play SECRETARY and busted all over her glasses.

      • Marathon_Man said

        @ Bill Oreilly… u from the boro too? GOT DAAAAM!

        Keisha dont know her last name. She has a baby. Shes a dime. She has a birthmark on her face. We talking bout the same chick?

      • yeah…. yo was you going with her cause I think she had a dude,…lol I think he was playing the Slow Cd’s and pouring Dom P for her….Did ya’ll make love?…lol

      • Terrance said

        Wow MM, let me find out we might know each other. I know those chicks too, Keisha and Melinda. Keisha is pretty with a birth mark on her cheek. LOL, that’s funny. My dude use to mess with Melinda.

      • Marathon_Man said

        LOL @ Terrance – she drank sperm like a 2Liter Mountaindew. Deepthroat champ. Ass is huge

      • Terrance said

        MM, nigga we gotta hang LOL! Was Angel married, light complexion, and heavy chested?

      • Marathon_Man said

        @ DT i aint pouring dom p for no bitch lol. excuse my french but ya man is a nut if he’s wining and dining Melinda. Fuck naw! She got the dsl’s for real! I skeeted every where on that bitch and then made her drive to burger my car to burgerking and bring me bak a sammich. She used to suck my dick while i was on the phone wit my white jawn.

      • Marathon_Man said

        @ Terrance – Nah Angel is not married. ENGAGED but not anymore. Damn yall its crazy how small the world is. MO probably dont know what the fuck we chattin about.

      • Marathon_Man said

        After i was done with Melinda my 2 boys ran the train on her. Shes a bitch to the fullest. thats why i dont love them

        1 nigga fuckn her in the azz while she sucking the other niggas dick.

        = what? HOE

      • Terrance said

        Oh ok. MM, we probably partied together in Old City. If you haven’t already, you have to check out the Savoy in Palmyra on friday nights. It’s banoodles! Daaaamn, I knew old girl was experienced but not like that!

      • Terrance said

        Oh yeah MM email me them pics of cutie,LOL!

      • Hovy's Home said

        Where the hell these women from? Let me stop im engaged. Im the fuck off here.

      • Cutiewitbigbooty said

        MM u have diarreah of the mouth. SMH. Too funny. Carry on…i’m reading.

      • Terrance said

        MM, cutie tryin to be a boss. Don’t allow her to discourage you homie. It’s just the fellas conversing via computer. Besides she owes you money! Send those pics real talk.

      • Cutiewitbigbooty said

        LOL @ Terrance

        MM don’t be a fool now. You haven’t crossed the line and he doesn’t know or need to know about our bet. So use common sense. I’m serious. Not joking right now. None of that chit chatter has anything to do with me. I don’t know those boro women so keep me out of your intimate convos.

        You better not email anyone any pics of me or you already know what will happen. Please don’t be stupid. Terrance you’re a bad influence.

      • Lio said


      • Lai' Lani said

        Lmao wow! @ the business being spread on the boards…

        pure comedy

      • mAc said

        just went limp from fucking the curls outta my woman’s hair and givin her that good protein. Yo MM you still aint answer the question…

        does cutie got that SNAPPER/KRYPTONITE OsamaBinLadenBOMB pussy or what?

        She know she wet just reading u big her phat azz up. She ya girl or something? if she is then i digress. but aint u fuckin dat white bitch from ya job? so she cant be your girl… or can she? fuk im laughin at this shit. cutie answer the question.

      • mAc said

        still waiting muthafucka……………………

        no disrespect MM we just curious… thisis celebrity gossip

      • Victoria K said

        Any man that tells the biz like is krass. MM be a gentlemen.

      • Marathon_Man said

        Lol @ mAc & Terrance.

      • mAc said


      • mAc said

        MM jus tell me this….

        is cutie’s azz phatter than Tahiry’s?

        i jus wanna see u cutie so i can squeez 1…2…3…or 4 or 6 out wit no vaseline

      • Marathon_Man said

        Why y’all trying to get a nigga caught up? lol mAc u wildin

      • Look Cutie dont care she loves you!!! Keep talking about the Boro!!!

      • mAc said

        so MM u serving wood to ur white supervisor n cutie??

        and fuckin mad dimes from wboro…

        u my new fuckin hero. it was Tiger Woods..

      • Udamnright said

        Y’all nuccas are shot the hell out! LOL. Funny ass comments! im rolling.

      • mAc said

        u must got cutie on camera blowin you. cutie is this true?

  24. yo , email me the name i know who you talking about but there are alot of people reading want to be confirmed. Plus we dont want you dying of some disease………….

  25. Marathon_Man said

    @ mAc Lisa is real straight. def a Dime. i don’t throw that word around loosely either. So i wouldn’t dare tell yall Cutie was a DIME if she wasn’t. I was skeptical at how good she could look until I met her i was like “DAAAAAAM! Where they grow you at???”

    I told cutie I could see her on the arm of any player in the league NFL or NBA. Sheeit i could see Lisa on the arm of any player in the league. Cutie fucking around on me with this bet so ima keep on talking…

    Me and her hit up a Sixers game thats where we met and I paid for everything but was feelin’ good strolling with a STALLION on the arm. Then again what the fuck am i talking about, shit im a fujcking DIME lol. So i only get down with the 8-10’s. It’s rare i meet a woman that pushes a whip better than mine lol but Cutie got like 4 cars. I think she’s dealing dope on the side lol lol.

    Oh shit DT you wanted more names right?

  26. Lio said

    HA ! Fake ass bitch ass nigga…you fucking deserve it….punk bitch


    #2 U fellas are a damn trip lol Thank God I was raised in Newark.

  28. Bill O'Reilly said

    Nah, MM I’m not from Willingboro but I know the chick Keisha. These brawds are killin me. Go to sleep or sumthin. MM, you have to send them photos. I’m sure MO will hit you off for them. That way you will redeem the money you lost from old girl.

    • Look it aint a secret Im from Willingboro NJ…… All I want to know is how my people are doing….keep talking MM shit represent Jersey. Im down south now I just want to hear how my lovely ladies are still doing! Good Christian Girls!

    • Bill O'Reilly said

      MM you trickin on old girl or what?

      • Marathon_Man said

        Trick on who cutie???

        Naw i dont trick on any one.

        She has tricked on me

      • Bill O'Reilly said

        Yeah on cutie. MM, you probably didn’t read cutie’s last comment you better fade to black. Before you do that send those pics in. You might as well bcuz from the tone of her last comment she wasn’t playin with you. She’s not going to pay you, so get paid else where.

      • Cutiewitbigbooty said

        The bet is not about money. Wow. No money involved. Comments are funny.

      • Bill O'Reilly said

        Well theres only one thing as valuable as money and thts ASSS! So stop frontin on my nig and give him the AZZ.

      • mAc said

        and while you at it GIVE ME SOME TOO!!!

        sorry MM. im a man.

      • Cutiewitbigbooty said

        @ Bill O’Reilly and mac

        lmao. it’s not important what our bet was. im sure you both have women. mac i see you live with your woman right? why are you on the computer trying to solicit sex from another woman whom you’ve never laid eyes on? that’s cheating. smh.

      • Cutiewitbigbooty said

        Also MM is not going to write anything he shouldn’t. He just texted my phone telling me that he is just having fun and is surprised that DT and Terrance happened to know some of the people he does. He’s not crazy.

        MM you already know.

        So I won’t dare leave another comment telling him not to act foolishly when he calls and texts me every day and night. No man alive is trying to have their connection with me cut off. Chow to you guys. Have a wonderful night. Im going to sleep.

        oh and PS if i sucked his dick or gave him any of this then Lisa or any of the other women he mentioned really are not even to be compared to me. They’re not in my league not because ive met them but because dear Omar has told me he’s never dealt with a woman on my level. LMAO! So cash that.

      • Cutiewitbigbooty said

        Most men beg me to let them eat my pussy and MM is no different. You ask him what kind of vehicles I own. How big my condo is and who all i introduced him to. MM you were talking and that’s not good lol.

        Being star struck is so not great on a guy. MM tell your MO buddies who i introduced you to. Tell your MO buddies that you paid half my rent for the last 3 months. Come on baby since you want to talk so much. I trick on you right? Lol.

        DT, Terrance, and mac… your hero MM called and texted me every day and night last week because i flew out to dallas and was at the Allstar game. He knows which row i sat in and who i was with. Let him tell you that. But i love getting the “girl i miss you so much” texts, they’re so cute. He idolizes Kobe Bryant and Jay-Z. I introduced him. MM am i lying? Ok that’s enough. Im off to bed but i told you to stop doing so much stuntin’ it’s not good. goodnight.

      • cutie,

        you didnt have to do it like that boo…he was only joking….lol damn boo just damn!

      • mAc said

        daaaam! u aint have to play my nigga like that. MM u still my muthafuckin hero! cutie u just confirmed that u sucked his dick crazy. aint no nigga paying half the rent and not smashin. lol its all good. MM u the fuckin man!

    • MM you may have just sealed the coffin on Cutie’s Big ass booty!…lol…

      So yo is the Jawn Ebony in her late or mid 30’s?

  29. Cutiewitbigbooty said

    MM who said this? “I never drove a car this expensive!”

    MM have you ever told me you LOVED me? Lol

    MM you still my boy.

    MM are you going to tell the boys what u got me for Valentines


    Come on MM join in… Lol i should go to bed. Mac go to bed.

    1.Coach Bag
    2.bracelet (How much) Lol

    Ok im calling you right back as soon as i finish leaving this comment. Lol

    • Terrance said

      Yo, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make yall fight. I’m a social worker my job is to preserve families, especially the black ones! Kiss and make up for me.

      p.s. MM, tell me bout the make up love later.

    • Marathon_Man said

      lol lol damn cutie you trying to tear me down on this joint. Its all gravy. She’s a DIME so im all in. As long as i know my dick is big as the nile and i can still fuck a woman into a coma im good. im far from sensitive.

  30. Nina said

    So MO this is how you celebrate Black History month? *LOl

  31. Ms. Behave™ said

    Dear Jesus,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I wasn’t born in boro or the big ‘U’ for that matter… too many guys f*cking the SAME broads and O-M-G!!!!! the ‘kiss n’ tell’…. again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

    Your Appreciative Child
    Ms. Behave♥♥♥

    Anyhoo….. *Paging Random and Malia*… DRAMA Alert!!! 🙂

    • LowRidaz said

      I know that shit is right, to much gossiping on nothing going on in here, irrelevant and personal , not good! and its off the subject of the matter, the black dude gettin his ass spanked by that white man!!! I cannot get enough of lookin at the damn video clip, each time i notice some new shit!!

      like when that white man got off that bus, lawdddd, he was pacing back and forth like, bring your black ass off the bus so i can finish you off, that black dude act like he wanted to get off, then thought about it, and backed his retarded lookin ass up back to safety< LMAOOOO i cannot stop lookin and laughin at this fool gettin whomped by that old man. LOLOL

      • Media Outrage said

        LMAO!!! Yea white dude was pacing back and forth lol lol

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Times like these makes me glad i didn’t post more personal things about myself here, im PARANOID of the internet and now i know why -actually it’s the PEOPLE im more PARANOID off, sometimes ppl take it tooooooo far.

        Anyhoo… just tooooo many ‘lol’ moments in vid, u can tell the old man didn’t want to hit dude, hence him moving to next seat, then when dude hit him he freaked and went matrix on his ass lol. Im the same, try to avoid issues as much as i can, but when it gets deep, too deep, i snap and LOSE IT! U see the way the old man was pacing after he went off bus, that’s called TEMPER – i know all about that, TRUST and BELIEVE, if that boy went off the bus, he would be a DEAD m’fer, NO JOKE!

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      shit ive missed another amazing drama!!!!

      damn i am soooo behind Ms behave fill me in and keep it short im on the roll!!1 lol

      lol @ above crazy ass comments lol xx

  32. 2020VIZN said

    Daaaaaaaamn, this thread is better than a episode of the Game.

    *****Thinking***** I wonder if its anyone up in here that I went to school with so we can get this bish crackin on some “I know that ho too” type shit

    HOOTY HOOO!!! can I have your atteention, please?………….Is there anyone from Miami who went to Miami Northwestern Highschool and smashed Katrina Laverne Taylor AKA Diamond Princess??? Lol

    • Media Outrage said


      • LowRidaz said

        MO, you need to start a whole new thread, calling it, telling my business or some shit, for this type of convo, lol

      • Media Outrage said

        Nah…@ Lowridaz, we fully embrace FREE speech lol. So they can be as free as they want to be on MO. It’s comedy to read.

      • mAc said

        Yo MO staff yall site fucking rocks! Lol this shit had me up typing till 1 something in the morning. Im refreshed though done had my mountaindew.

        Shouts to my nigs Terrance, DT, Marathon_Man (You still my fucking hero dog! I dont care how much money you splurge on her. Yo just give me ya cell so we can hook up and i can fuck one of her friends!)

        Yall keep it funky.

        Cutie you cool in my book i was just buggin

      • Lai' Lani said

        LMBAO!!! @ mAc

        You never stop do you? I bet you make your girl laugh 24/7.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        ‘FREE speech’ my ass, we better keep an eye out, im worried about my bro MM lol, we might need to put his pic on a milk carton if he doesn’t post soon, seems like ‘someone’ has something on him lol. MM, send us some pics (yours), so we can have an accurate description of u faxed to popo, that grey dude in gravie is no cutting it lol.

        If MM, doesn’t post in the next 5 hrs, we might need to hold a prayer vigil, ‘someone’ might’ve gotten to his ass.

        *Printing and faxing ‘threats’ to NJ precinct* Hold on MM, we’re coming, lol.

      • Lai' Lani said

        mac does your girl read this site?

      • mAc said

        @ Lai’Lani my girl reads MO but not half as much as I do. she doesn’t know my username. She has read the comments but doesn’t make it her practice. Yea i keep her laughing. If i was with you i’d make you laugh too. i was just having fun last night with the fellas buggin the hell out. the shit is still funny to me.

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Can u say “too much info” lol… 2020 if, sorry WHEN we ‘hook up’ if u EVER come online and pull some ish like this ‘swimming with the fishes’ would not just be a phrase, but an enactment lol.

      P.S. I dreamt of u lastnight, again 😉

      • LowRidaz said

        well to each their own, but me.. personally wouldnt want to deal with any man that talks, drips at the lip, if I was a man a woman that drips at the lip either, whether it be for attention or to let everyone know what i am about or what, its not cute at all, not impressive and its garbage. i know im gonna get cursed out for this, so let me say this now, i am not gonna argue, not my style, i just have my opinion. I just think its childish and simple! its like who really cares!

      • 2020VIZN said

        Ms. Behave, I hate to recite a Ja rule song but there is a time nd a place for everything, so here it goes, Like to hear it, Here it goes.

        Every little thing that we do
        Lets keep between me and you
        The freaky things that we do
        Let’s keep between me and you

        A wise man once said, “I aint doing nothing to spoil my fin thaing” That wise man was Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Or was that Do Dirty?……………Naaaw, it was indeed Johnny “Guitar” Watson

      • 2020VIZN said

        Naaaaaw Ma, I was just buggin, me and Trina went to the same school but not at the same time.

      • mAc said

        @ 2020 i was about to ask you for her old contact info and just pop up at her crib lol lol telling her mom my name was your name and telling her i was in town and wanted to borrow her old yearbook and have lunch. damn.

      • 2020VIZN said

        MAc, dont worry dog, We from the same neck of the woods, I still got all the info you need, and her momma knows me well, I used to run errands for her mom, because her mom, my mom and dad went to school together. My dad was a football star and her momm was cuttin for him, kind of like How doughboy momma was cuttin for Furious, so your plan will still work. So just let me kknow when you want to pull of the caper and we will put the wheels in motion….Lol

      • mAc said

        Thats what im talking about bredren. Its cool that my niggas are so connected. Yo 2020….

        “Now you got the Juice” Lol lol.

        I think me, you, MM, DT, and Terrance should get together and have a fellas weekend in WILLINGBORO! Oh yea! Or somewhere else lol.

      • 2020VIZN said

        I dont think WILLINGBORO! could handle that shit, the will need call up police reenforcements, ATF, the Fire dept and TD Jakes and once we get through they will have to call up FEMA to come restore the state to a level where it can function.

      • mAc said

        Lol yea true. Lets change that trip to VEGAS! Plenty biddies for us to all wild out on.

        Damn…DT, MM, Terrance, 2020 and the mAc man… we like the fucking DREAM TEAM.. the one that won in Barcelona. They cant fucking stop us lol…

        but wait.. on this team who’s Jordan?

      • 2020VIZN said

        I aint in runnin to be the MJ of the squad………..I the Barkley of the team minus the pale faced spouse….Lol

      • mAc said

        Well i clearly can’t be the Jordan of the squad because I have been in relationship and haven’t put up nearly as many points as MM. So I guess MM is Jordan. I’m cool with being Bird cause i hardly ever miss when im shooting towards her grill piece.

      • 2020VIZN said

        I can dig it…………….The “Clutch Shooter”..Lol

      • mAc said

        True. MM might be #23 but with 5 seconds left to bust… i need the ball in my hand cause i will not miss gauranteed face spraying. For sho.

  33. Ms. Behave™ said

    I think we need to make an Award for this type of ishes lol… The Mediaoutrage Drama Award goes to *drumroll* Marathon_Man!!!!!!!!! lol

    The last time a thread popped off like this is was none other than Mr Skeet Juice himself lol that did it, anyone care for a refresher course? Let me offer u my favorite bottle of ‘brandy’ *hollering* hahahaha 🙂

    • 2020VIZN said

      No need, that shit is still fresh…….MM put his whole office on blast and got a pink slip in the process. That shiwt was crazy as hell too.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Im still laughing at that too, lol. But it seems this time that MM might be the one being put on blast, what she got on u homie? lol. Not because ur black, means u have to accept blackmail lol….. 2020, i print screened it and exported it in word, in fear that MO might delete thread lol heck i can even recite phrases lolol. This one pales in comparison, although still hot, NOW if MM spill the beans or if homegirl tells what she has on him, THEN, this post will be ‘archives’ worthy lololol.

    • 2020VIZN said

      LOl, Im beginning to think that she is orking with some “Kryptoniite Coochie” lol

      • mAc said

        Any man that pays half of another woman’s rent for 3 straight months,…. then she might got more than kryptonite. Damn. MM you still my fuckin hero dog! You got up in that azz and i havent so you the fuckin man!

        I would be telling her the same shit:

        Girl i never pushed a whip this expensive! I never had ass this good! I never had head this good! I never busted until my eyes did jumping jacks. I never ate pussy this good! I never met Kobe Bryant! I never met Jay Z! Girl I love You!

        I would have said the same shit dog. You my fuckin hero. Run for president man.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        I don’t know, it could simply be that MM is SPRUNG Tpain style. Met a dude that was willing to pay my college tuition and he didn’t even hit it yet, damn we never even kissed. Some dudes go wild on mere PROMISES, which is a WEAKNESS in my eyes. As he said, she was ‘all that and a DIME’…if memory serves correctly MM said and i quote “Halleberry is the type, i would take tricking without f*cking’ so MM are u saying she is BETTER than halle? or is it that u f*cked her, so technically tricking isn’t a biggie? which is it? or is it my first reference that u are/were SPRUNG like a jack in the box joker? speak up homie…

      • Marathon_Man said

        @ Ms Behave i just read this. Very funny. I’ve never been sprung in my life. Ever. I guess I’ll be sprung when I walk down that aisle but until then….not gone happen.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        MM, well i don’t have an apartment paying for, but i have something u can ‘rent’ for 3 straight months *DEAD* …

        seriously MM, 3 straight months though? imma, u need to buy my book “Aint no P*ssy in the world woth 3 mnths rent” or “You Sprung Bro… Next time just say No!!!” lolol, it’s only $99.99 Each + shipping & handle, but since u my MO fam member i’ll throw in some FREE SHIPPING plus some lime and garlic, that p*ssy evil bro! lol …

        *Still laughing at 3 months rent, let’s see that could buy me some…[speaking indistinctly]

      • BroadStreetBully said

        mm let em know it aint trickin if you got it

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Yeah and ” ‘tricks’ are for kids ” *DEAD* lol 🙂

  34. Random said

    hmmm looks like I missed out on this lil e-drama here..Ms_Behave care to fill me in? lolol

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      (((((((((Screaming)))))))))) Random!!!!!!!!!You’re here lolol… I, i, oh damn, u need to read this yourself, make time damn it!!! lol, it’s toooooo juicy. Plus since u’ve been here from the ‘last one’, ooohhhh girl, just read it! read it i tell u lolol.

  35. Marathon_Man said

    Yo mac you killin me bro lol lol

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      The way things are looking seems like ‘dime’ is about to kill YOU lol … glad to see u posting though, hate to hear u gone MIA over some p*ssy lololol.

  36. Cutiewitbigbooty said

    @ MO Staff:

    $4,700 a month

    Can you guess what that is?

    MO i still read the site every week. I hate MTO and BOSSIP. I

    have stopped reading them. Only got eyes for you 🙂

    Hey MM

    • Media Outrage said

      Hey Cutie, it’s been a minute. You disappeared on us. How are ya?

      What is $4,700 a month?

      Thanks for the loyalty. Much appreciated.

      • 2020VIZN said

        *******Fingers Crossed******** for the love of all MAN kind dont let it be the rent……..For the LOVE OF GAAAAAWWWWWD dont let that $4,700 be rent!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        2020, i said the same ish, and as per below post, that was ONLY 82.45614%….making full rent $57.000000242553192521502946900013 ……….DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! …..

        I AGREE with u bro “I refuse to invest in anything that wont give me more MONEY than I put into it”… same ish i said to my pastor when he asked for my offering i said, “Jesus wants my soul, NOT my money… you on the other want my flesh AND my money – f*ck outta here!”. I can go anywhere and find Jesus at NO CHARGE, u on the other hand, i have to visit IN CHURCH and PAY, guess u know who my choice is lololol.

    • Terrance said

      Nah, $4,700 is for the Maybach coupe. Cutie stay in a phat @$$ Tribeca loft.

      • MissTX said

        Hold up a Maybach Coupe cost $4,700?! (Might need to get one.)

        Or is that a rental fee or something?

        Shit I hope that ain’t the note!

        Terrance come back and explain that shit to me! I’m lost! LOL!

      • Terrance said

        MissTX, the Maybach Excelero cost $8 mil to build. So unless you drop a freakish amount of dough your payment will be suicidal.

      • MissTX said

        Damn! OK! Thanks Terrance.

      • 2020VIZN said

        Hold up man, I thought you had to buy that thing outright. I saw one of those things, they started making them in like 05, I thought the Bugatti was crazy until I saw one of those. Hold up man…….If she got one of them…….. with that……..Oh man that must be some “Top Secret, Top Flight, Voodoo Hex, Crack Cooch” I need to be informed anytime its in the same area, I need to be outside the same state lines, I takes no chances with my chips, I refuse to invest in anything that wont give me more MONEY than I put into it. I had to stop drinking Crown Royal because they wouldnt let me invest.

      • Cutiewitbigbooty said

        MO staff let me first say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man chipping in on a gal’s rent. I only wrote what I wrote the other night because MM was running his mouth excessively on a blog. Terrible. MO $4,700 a month is 82.45614% of a girl’s monthly rent. Who’s good in math?

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        100% of rent is $57.000000242553192521502946900013 ……….DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! ….. MM i just shed a tear for u bro, u must’ve lost ur head, hahahahaha *DEAD*

      • mAc said

        $5,700!!! Damn. Yo MM you even more my hero my nigga! If you could afford to pay half of that for 3 straight months then you ballin’ like the 80’s Lakers! hOLD ya head high my dude. There aint shit embarrassing about those numbers. I’lll tell you now i couldn’t afford to pay 22% of that shit lmao. Yo nig we gotta hang.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Ok, MAc, ur killing me lol… so u couldn’t afford $12,540? hahaha. I think “hOLD ya head high my dude” is a part of the problem lol, all his damn blood just run alllll the way to THAT ‘head’ leaving brain in deficit, lol. MM what the “F” were u thinking? or were u thinking at all? *hollering*

        Im with 2020…” “I refuse to invest in anything that wont give me more MONEY than I put into it”…

        @2020… u have me in stitches bro, ” I had to stop drinking Crown Royal because they wouldnt let me invest” *DEAD* 🙂

      • mAc said

        Ms Behave I said i couldn’t afford 22% of that 5,700 a month. Then again i didnt do the math on it. Ok yea i could, that’a $1,000 something a month but i couldn’t do that and still pay my rent, car note, and the other stuff i need to pay each month. My woman would think i was really snortin my checks away.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        *Correction, that’s $1,254 a month, NOT 12 thousand 540. Just typing that made me woozie lol.

        @ MAc, im not gaming u bro, i wouldn’t pay that much for any dickie even if my p*ssy was secreting petroleum and my daddy was the owner of the oil trade :)… the way MM be pumping money into that ish u would think the p*ssy was a slot machine lol. MM, i’ve got sooooo many questions??????????? i just don’t understand *puzzled* 😐

    • 2020VIZN said

      Ms. Behave, Since we share the same outlook on this subject. Trust me when I say that your offering will turn a profit, And you are also aware of my other quote “An even swap leaves no room far a swindle. You know Im all about reciprocation. My goal is always customer satisfaction, I want my customers to cum back for more. I refuse to associate myself with a shabby product. Shiiiiit, I cant wait to go to church, so I can get my offering Momma.

      • YEAH I SAID IT said

        2020 If you and Ms Behave deal anywhere,anytime,any hour in these United States you are both so killed with slashed throats, electronic devices plugged in the middle of your heads and bags thrown over your faces while i smashed both of your faces in with a baseball bat.

        (side eye to Ms. Behave)
        2020 you know I was going to kill Smurf don’t play.

        On the real MM,at some point you need to learn. Don’t do what you can’t talk about. And never give ammo to anyone to use against you……Damn little brother do it better than this.The words “no comment” should come to mind.

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        lol@ YISI… I was wondering WHEN u were going to ‘pop up’ 🙂 Don’t worry, i’ll be taking 2020 out of states with me, while ur preparing for battle, i will be giving him some ‘loving’ “Make LOVE, not war” lol…You know what they say… When YEAH I SAID IT’s away … 🙂

        MM has a hard head -both ways and unfortunately his type only learn by experience. Rule #1 – CYA: NEVER, under ANY circumstances give someone leverage over you. I wish u well bro, i really do *touching heart*, but as terrance said “We (YOU) Have To Do Better!”.

      • YEAH I SAID IT said

        Ms Behave, I had to go back through some recurrent flight attendent training, So I can go back to work in March. School is a whole other thing.

        Ditto what you said about MM. I digg him but he makes me want to find a belt. He needs to be my little brother for real. Don’t get caught up in beautiful faces open the book and look inside.

      • mAc said

        I personally think the brotha MM is doing great! Yo he gotta be doing great to be able to afford that type of cash and shit if he meeting Jay Z and Kobe Bryant and living it up in her spacious place then sheeeit! When can i come along??? Yo MM i’ll fuck her friend dog! Infact i’ll be yo driver on the nights my girl go out… Hit the mac man up!

        Cutie i knw you got some good looking friends, i wont lay a hand on them i just want to meet their minds…

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        Just take ur time and get well sis, i prayed for you couple times 🙂 Thumps up to u peeps who do work/school, not me. I plan on leaving this gig soon and back to school phase (hope my boss isn’t reading lol).

        Yeah MM, got me heated too, i mean dang it i love c*ck too, but u don’t see me hopping on everyone that pass my way, some level of restraint is required. I feel like i know him, and i ‘feel’ for him, cause he MUST be searching for something, but WHAT is the question.

        MM, i will need you to drop ur drawers and assume the position, ur ass needs to be ‘beat’ for all this ish, haven’t we [MO ladies] taught u better? i feel like i have failed as a role model? *looking to sky* Lord, where did i go wrong?!

        P.S. 2020 and i got married over the weekend and i have a stepson. I feel a little ‘weezy’, maybe it’s the flu or ‘you know? 😉 ‘ lololol… just thought i would let you know, you know lolol.

      • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

        OMGoodness and wasn’t bloody invited to your wedding!!!

        omgoodness just read 2020vizn “We, Pregnant?!?! Im so excited…………….and I just cant hide it.”

        Does this mean im going to be an auntyyy!!! aunty malia i like lol

    • YEAH I SAID IT said

      LMAO. Ms Behave you are my girl!!!!

      2020 I bet not catch you and you know what this means!!

      • 2020VIZN said

        @ YISI, Flight training my ass, you been pretty much missing since Clifford Harris got out of Jail. I missed you a lot, I missed you so much I followed you. Yeah, Yeah……you cold busted. Well to be honest, Ms. Behave tipped me off about your clandestine activities, with Clifford “Condom Head” Harris,
        care to elaborate?

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Husbandddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fainting into arms* “Oh, i missed you soooo. I have new- BIG news… *speaking excitedly* WE’RE Pregnantttt!!!!!!!!!!!” *speaking repetitiously for YISI benefit* “WE’RE Pregnantttt!!!!!!!!!!!” lolololol

        P.S. Check out the name change 😀

      • 2020VIZN said

        We, Pregnant?!?! Im so excited…………….and I just cant hide it. They say when she is pregnant that thing gets even better……Cant wit to see. I picked up some pickles and ice cream from the store.

  37. shauntinece said

    that whit man was prolly havn a bad day before he got on the bus and it all came out on that guys face.that wat that nigga get tryna be hard.ridn a damn bus… lol and them to hoes need to be beat to hypn that nigga up like that. lol

  38. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    hahaha awww these never ending comments just too funny!!!

    ill have to re-visit this post over the weekend lol

  39. mAc said

    Tiger know he couldn’t wait to get that press conference over so he could go get his dick sucked by an Asian pornstar.

  40. WRosencratz said

    When the older “white” man asked the young African American to shine his shoes, that could very easily be interpreted as “fighting words” because of the obvious racial overtones. It was also a very disproportionate amount of force that was used. I could very easily see hate crimes being applied in this case, since the older man taunted the younger man with racial overtones. As a Jew, I would have to take the side of the African American asssault victim.

    • LowRidaz said

      Oh is that what the white guy said to him? I didnt get that part, im gonna go back and watch again, i didnt know he said that to the black guy, its just to damn bad that black guy got his rear kicked. after being cheered on, someone should of stopped it before it got that far, people seemed happy to egg it on, shameful

  41. Fat Frank said

    He got his ass whooped quickly

  42. Random said

    MO should rename this post…

    “Cutie the DIME Opens Up More Than a CAN of Whoop Dat Azz on Marathon_Man!!!”

    umm wow…can’t believe I missed this!

    now back to the topic at hand..that wimp deserved to get his ass kicked!

    • MissTX said

      I 2nd that motion Random. LOL

    • Marathon_Man said

      wow lol

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      I see, you’ve finaaaaally read it, ‘juicy’ right? lolol, next time ANSWER when i call you lol, sorry – couldn’t ‘sum-up’ u HAD to read for yourself lol.

      I appoinnt thee Random of Albania, “Mediaoutrage Title Conceptualizer” … “Cutie the DIME Opens Up More Than a CAN of Whoop Dat Azz on Marathon_Man!!!” 🙂

      • Random said

        hahahaha…you were was that JUICY…DAMN!!

        *ahem* Random of KOSOVA 🙂 lolol

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Sorry ur highness *ahem* Random of KOSOVA hahahaha 🙂

        MM sure know how to keep us ‘entertained’, i just hope that ‘dime’ doesn’t take another dime from him lol ROFLMOA!!!

      • Random said

        LMAOOOO…ooo low blow!!

        ” i just hope that ‘dime’ doesn’t take another dime from him lol ROFLMOA!!!”

  43. Grand Hustle 4 Life said

    @ cutie got daaaayum! WHERE YU LIVE SHORTY? $5,700 a month on rent baby girl you might as well get a mortgage.

  44. Dt is a disgusting PIG! said

    Awwwwe MM how could you break your savings for someone so focused on money? Although I don’t know her, the comments she leaves,leads me to believe she is strictly about making money. Is a face really that pretty that you would part with over $8,000??? in 3 months just to pay half her rent? Don’t you have rent young man? So disappointed in you. You sound like a player but then again, maybe not so much huh?

  45. Dt is a disgusting PIG! said

    @ Cutie

    How could you take advantage of someone who obviously belongs in a special ED program? Any hard working man that’s going to part with that kind of money to a certified gold-digger isn’t the BRIGHTEST bulb in the bunch, now is he? How could you do that? There has to be some sort of law against taking advantage of the handicap. MM i hope you made her scream for her dear life while you were having intercourse because that is just mind blowing to think that you were paying for it, and she didn’t at least throw you one well acted out ORGASM.

    • Marathon_Man said

      Lol very entertaining. As long as I still have a roof over my head, the car hasn’t been repoe’d yet lol, and I’m still fresh to death head-to-toe, then im cool lol lol. Funny gal you are.

  46. Dt is a disgusting PIG! said

    Then again, MM please don’t reply to any of these comments because judging from what went on in this thread, it’s your mouth/ego that landed you in the category of


  47. Monica said

    This is hilarious!

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