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Ashanti Performs At The W Hotel

Posted by Media Outrage on February 17, 2010

Ashanti cracked out a few notes at the Delphine Restaurant at W Hollywood Hotel.  Are you feeling her dress and hair??  Ashanti’s mother/manager, Tina Douglas was in the building to cheer on her daughter…

13 Responses to “Ashanti Performs At The W Hotel”

  1. brynnrock said

    She looks crazy as hell. Such a beautiful girl but got too much going on.

  2. LowRidaz said

    I thnk she looks very nice in that dress, fits her so well , she has beautiful skin , I think Ashanti is gorgeous

  3. MissTX said

    Hate the dress. Love the hair.

  4. Ms. Behave™ said

    Usually, im not for these gold-shimmery thingies, but it suits her well, esp. with gold slippers. Hair isn’t really stellar but looks good from this angle. click here

  5. Random said

    She looks like a christmas ornament…too busy for my taste…but her arms look more toned..

  6. mAc said

    I love everything up under that dress.

  7. Kingston said

    I’m feeling this outfit, minus the shoes she bought from rainbow. Her hair looks great and her skin is glowing as always. I Love Ashanti!!! Do your thing girl!

  8. ucanb2 said

    She looks great to me!

  9. Teena Thomas said

    She looks ok to me. I am not really down with the shimmering look, however, she is pulling it off.

  10. leilaray a.k.a Zogie said

    She looks nice… I’m not a fan of the shoes tho.. They’re are too old for her and the outfit.

  11. Cut Tina Douglas Up said

    Now, Tina know she wrong for not having Ashanti pay to get that extra toe she got removed (bunion) but, she still my baby and my favorite cougar!!

    Ashanti, “wack”

  12. MoneAlicia said

    Who is she f*cking?? C3P0??? Goodness!
    Everything else is flawless tho. Her skin looks amazing.

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