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Ladies If You Met Russell Simmons’ Age Requirements (Anything Under 24) Would You Date Him If He Was Interested??

Posted by Media Outrage on February 17, 2010

We all know Russell Simmons likes them nice and YOUNG.  If you were out and about handling the every day tasks, and ran into Russell Simmons, and he tried to holla, would you bite??  Please keep it real.. we can tell a cyber LIE when we read one lol.

40 Responses to “Ladies If You Met Russell Simmons’ Age Requirements (Anything Under 24) Would You Date Him If He Was Interested??”

  1. Cutiewitbigbooty said

    I sure would. He’s far from ugly, not my type but im sure he splurges on his women so yup.

  2. Cutiewitbigbooty said

    Oh yea and MM hit me on my cell when you get the chance.

    • Marathon_Man said

      LOL yo you lost the bet that’s all to it lol. I just texted ya phone. I told you woman, Im a BEAST! lol so just relax and you ain’t even have to answer the question, i think peeps know you would date russ.

      Have a good day and don’t ever summon me on MO again. Ever!

  3. Lai' Lani said

    I couldn’t. He’s old enough to be like my father. NOPE.

  4. Victoria K said

    Sure WOULD NOT. ill.

    • Truly23 said

      I agree with you Victoria..

      • LowRidaz said

        I agree, i could never!! but if i could i am sure he would go for it, hell im 40 and look younger than half of these 20 year olds walking around, and dont look my age at all, good genes!!! most of these broads still think im a young chick.

  5. Yasmine T. said

    Russ isn’t ugly…it’s just he’s not my type and the age factor is krazy ridiculous. Count me OUT!

  6. Kingston said

    Only if I was looking for a suga daddy, (Or in his case, a suga grand daddy lol) then yes. IMO, nothing attractive about Uncle Russy but his pockets.

  7. Random said

    Put it this way…you couldn’t pay me to go near this shriveled up old pedophile…let alone do anything that involves any sort of looking/touching…just ew!!

  8. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    Handsome dude but too old for me!!! Would only date guys from the age of 27-39….

  9. Ms. Behave™ said

    I’m not even going to front and post a ‘cyber LIE’… I’ll let him EAT it, that’s all….. Russ isn’t my type either, i like em reaaaaally old, u know the great-great-grand daddy, walking with a cane and denture by beside type, i’ll make an exception though, since his pocket is strong anf we are in a recession >>> Off to barfing!!!!!

    OFF Topic: *pulling over seat and pulling out popcorn* What’s with the drama up top???

    • Random said

      haha@your nosey ass..*pass that popcorn* toot too doo too doo..

    • Sapphire Storm said

      Damn it! This is what I get for actually trying to work! Any kernels left for me?!

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        There is always something left for u *passing popcorn bowl* lol. Too much ‘drama’ has been going on for the pass TWO days and u missed it all 😦 I was wondering where u were, i need to have a talk with ur boss, he has some explaining to do lol. *pulling out my whip*

      • Sapphire Storm said

        End of the month. I have to make home visits and finish up with my families so I can bill. But I definitely peeked in on you guys! I just finished reading the thread and all I can say is…. WOW! LOL, you guys are a trip! Can’t pass judgement too much because I definitely enjoyed reading it.

        & as far as my boss goes, he’s next door, waiting on us to walk by so he can sneak a peek at our a$$. LOL… but no seriously, he’s a perv.

        p.s. I thought of you this wknd when I made a “I Heart John Mayer” t-shirt and wore it to my guy’s football game lol.

        p.s.s Hi my lesbian lover MaliaMalia!

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        If it ain’t ‘drama’ – it aint MO, lol.

        “I thought of you this wknd when I made a “I Heart John Mayer” …….. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Ok, i was trying reaaaaally hard to distract myself from him, but u did, im now back on his love train, no tears this time, lol… Im hooked on him like phonics 🙂

      • Sapphire Storm said

        My guy was like “So! He sure don’t Heart you!” LMAO, Have you ever seen a 6’4 240 lb man get jealous? Funny as hell!

        I knew it was coming. Besides, he needs you during this difficult time. And I’m sure the make up sex is going to be hot & steamy. The only tears you’ll cry is when he’s hitting that spot and apologizing for how much he hurt you and he’s nothing without you, while looking into your eyes and demanding that you look back into his, as he goes deeper and deeper with each passionate thrust until you feel like your chest is about explode from the orgasmic pressure! *breathing hard* Sorry, Ya girl Sapphire just had a flashback. I’m good now. lol

      • Ms. Behave™ said

        DAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!! Seriously, i felt like i was reading a ZANE novel, girl have thought about becoming a writer? lol… That’s EXACTLY how it will be, just wait and see >>> Gone to change panties 🙂

  10. Aniyaqt said

    Does he even date Black women???? I always thought he looked retarded, I mean look at Run then him???? Sort of like a sewer rat.
    As 4 the ques., ABSOLUTELY NOT, money cannot buy everything!

    • She Keeps it Real said

      Now that you mention it, he does look like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…only no longer a teen but in their senior years! And HELL NO, I would NOT date him, the thought just creeps me out. YUCK!!!!!

  11. ucanb2 said

    I am almost double that (48)…so not his type. He needs to slow his damn roll!
    But at least they are all ADULTS!

  12. Yvonne said

    I’m gonna be for real. If I was 21-24 years old and he was interested in me and had the bank he has now, you damn skippy I would date him.

    At that age I would have thought I had hit the mother load, just like all the women who date him now in that age bracket. Marriage and the whole nine yards.

    Now that I’m older and wiser I know his mind would be on one thing and it would not be to make it permanent with me and him.

  13. WOW Yall goin in on Uncle Russ…I would give him some and more. **Psst call me Grand Daddy I’ll give you something to excercise your tongue lisp on. ~LOL~ *wink

  14. MissTX said

    I couldn’t do it. I think he’s like a year older than my pops. So hell no! Not to mention he’s kinda funny looking and as a speech impediment that seems to get worse as he ages.

  15. Shakirah said

    Hell no!

  16. 2020VIZN said

    Daaaaaaaamn, this thread is better than a episode of the Game.

    *****Thinking***** I wonder if its anyone up in here that I went to school with so we can get this bish crackin on some “I know that ho too” type shit

    HOOTY HOOO!!! can I have your atteention, please?………….Is there anyone from Miami who went to Miami Northwestern Highschool and smashed Katrina Laverne Taylor AKA Diamond Princess??? Lol

  17. Kanyade said

    My skin is too brown for Russell Simmons.

    (also my skin is the same color as the awesome Phyllis Hyman in my icon)

    I repeat, my skin? Too brown for Russell Simmons.

    (he don’t date black womenz…he and John Mayer have this in common.)


    • Sapphire Storm said

      Girl you and me both! Even when I was fresh out of the womb I doubt I would have passed Russell’s paper bag test lol

    • Ms. Behave™ said

      Kanyade, why u gotta throw ‘shade’? what did John have to do with this? U just don’t want to see us strive, dont cha’? Well it won’t happen, we will live happily ever after, just live the fairy-tales, just wait and see lol… Dont listen to them John, they just ‘hating’. 🙂

      • Kanyade said

        LOLOL @ Ms. Behave

        *loudly sips koolaid in the shade*

        You can have that honkee. LOL They’s pleny mo’ caucasionoid fishees in the sea who aren’t douches like Mayer…and JTimberfake.


  18. Aniyaqt said

    he.. look like/w he,s 548

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