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Kelly Celebrates Her Birthday In Vegas

Posted by Media Outrage on February 19, 2010

Kelly Rowland performed and celebrated her birthday at Haze nightclub in Las Vegas last night.  Kelly is looking great.  We’d love to see her career jumpin’.  More images of Kelly working the pole when you

11 Responses to “Kelly Celebrates Her Birthday In Vegas”

  1. LEAH said

    I wonder does she speaks to beyonce and her mama tina? I really thought that Ms.Tina would have something to do with kelly clothing when she went solo.

  2. Kingston said

    Kelly looks nice. What direction were they trying to go with that top? Anyway, I’d rock those boots with a different outfit tho.

  3. ucanb2 said

    Kelly looks nice. Happy Birthday!

  4. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    awww gorgeous pictures, i love kelly she looks great!!!

    eww hate the ankle heels

    hmmm wonder if she is wearing those fake nipple thingys if so omgoodness

  5. MissTX said


  6. blakmaine said

    Kelly looks sexy in this pic.

  7. Yvonne said

    Whoa..Kelly looks really good. Always thought she was a pretty woman.

  8. joneblaze said

    She’s a nice piece of chocolate

  9. Happy birthday Kelly!!!

  10. Kanyade said

    Gorgeous lady 🙂

  11. leilaray a.k.a Zogie said

    Happy bday Kellz! She looks comfortable, and radiant.

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