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Lil Wayne Got 8 Root Canals

Posted by Media Outrage on February 19, 2010

Lil Wayne had some major dental work done…

Via TMZ:

Lil Wayne just had one of the gnarliest oral surgeries in the history of dentistry. We’re told it was a marathon session that included a stomach-turning eight root canals at one time.

Our sources say Wayne went under the drill on Tuesday.

We’re told during the eight hour procedure, Wayne had his grill worked on, several tooth implants redone, more implants added and had the few real teeth he had left repaired.

This is the critical dental surgery that kept Wayne from being shipped off to the big house last week.

18 Responses to “Lil Wayne Got 8 Root Canals”

  1. g said

    ugly rat head nigga

  2. Ms. Behave™ said

    While they were there ‘drilling’, they should’ve found the ‘root’ cause of that issue -his HEAD and cut it all off… Problem Solved!

  3. Kingston said

    Did he really pierce his eye brows? SMDH. The more unneccesary things he does to his face, the more unattractive he looks. On topic, I’ve never heard of eight root canals at once, so I don’t know. Weezy, please go serve your time and come back refreshed.

  4. YEAH I SAID IT said

    Saw all his rotten ass teeth out,shove dentures in and get his black ass to jail like yesterday!!!

  5. ucanb2 said

    I didn’t know that Reptiles needed root canals!!! EWWW

  6. BadBadKitty0727 said

    “They call me yuck mouth, ‘cuz I don’t brush, oh I like my teeth like this!”

    Who remembers that song? Was it a commercial? LMAO!

  7. MissTX said

    So he gon’ still have that bullshit ass grill in his mouth when he go in? If so, I hope he serving his time in P.C. and not G.P.

    Cause if he doing G.P. he better be prepared to literally get his grill fucked up. Especially since he claims to be a Blood.

  8. 2020VIZN said

    This explains his Syzzurp addiction, he needed to constantly be on that shit to deal with all the pain from the tooth aches. Does he know that a Tooth Brush is his friend, does he think that those little things on a tooth brush are needles.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this dude’s breath smelled like scrap metal and a hot shit samich.

    • Sapphire Storm said

      There is no doubt in my mind that this dude’s breath smelled like scrap metal and a hot shit samich. <<<<< I read this, scrolled up, looked at his pic, and couldn't do a thing but laugh!

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        I did the same thing lololol.

      • Sapphire Storm said

        Ummm Ms-I mean Mrs. I don’t know what you & 2020 have going on but I noticed the name change so… I was just laughing at his comment. Yeah *hands up* No disrespect. No disrepect. lol

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        As long as u don’t laugh too hard, we’re girls and all but im watching you, malia too i see those ‘lol’ comments she be leaving after him… when it comes to my man, sorry MY HUSBAND [i love the sound of that :)] i take no prisoners lolololol.

    • Media Outrage said

      Lmao @ There is no doubt in my mind that this dude’s breath smelled like scrap metal and a hot shit samich.

  9. Yvonne said

    OMG…eight root canals in ONE day. Just pull all of his teeth and give him some dentures…problem solved…LOL.

  10. D.L. Thug said

    Dem Big dudes in jail gonna get Weesy & turn him out he gonna B busted wide open in there,,,,,,,,,would like 2 get dat shit on video!

  11. name said

    maybe in jail somebody’ll beat him into making a damn song with some substance

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