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Beyonce Gets Wild In Trinidad

Posted by Media Outrage on February 20, 2010

Beyonce was enjoying herself in Trinidad.  She got wild on the floor.  Peep the vid for yourself… Get it Bey!

8 Responses to “Beyonce Gets Wild In Trinidad”

  1. LowRidaz said

    go girl

  2. Cut Up said

    Her Bodyguard has one of the hardest jobs around for real!! How you do you protect her and not try to grind on that just a little bit. I would get fired!!

    • 2020VIZN said

      Its easy player, all you have to do is learn the person you protect. In this case Beyonce says that she has an out of body experience: hence (Sasha Fierce). She says that when Sasha takes over, she has no control over what she does. She said she threw a diamond braclet into the crowd during a concert when Sasha once took over. All you have to do is wait till Sasha takes over and commence to rubbing, feeling, squeezing, poking fingering, digging and licking. Sasha wont care, Sasha is a freak like that, Sasha is the one who takes the clothes off, drops it like its hot and drinks like Ned the Wineo. Shit, Beyonce didnt Marry Jay-Z, Sasha took over one day and Jay-Z being the opporatunist he is, capitalized on the situation. Beyonce still dont know when and why she got hitched, all she knows is that when ever she starts to ask questions about the marriage license she gets threatened by a rapping Camel, and a voice named Sasha, Its real Complicated

  3. brynnrock said

    I wish I was there to join that partay! Damn they know how to get down for real. in the clubs around here everyone wants to fight and shot em up.

  4. B'Yata said


  5. kekelolo said

    I love people from Trinidad! Everyone I have met from Trinidad have been genuinely pleasant. In fact, my best friend now is from Trinidad and she is GREAT, but she doesn’t party though. She is quite layback and reserved, but that is okay because she is truly a woman of intregity.

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