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Nivea ft. Rasheeda “Say Something” Remix

Posted by Media Outrage on February 20, 2010

Nivea’s sweet vocals grace the “Say Something” remix with Rasheeda.  We are all the way feeling this joint.  Nivea’s voice is beautiful.  Peep the video and the orignal version with Drake and Timbo and let us know which one you’re felling more…

8 Responses to “Nivea ft. Rasheeda “Say Something” Remix”

  1. Aniyaqt said

    I like Nivea & Rasheeda’s version better. I always thought Nivea had a beautiful voice since Danger, not 2 mention that she’s very pretty as well!

  2. Kingston said

    Nivea’s 25 reasons and Complicated were my songs! Her voice is so nice. This song is nice as well, but who is Rasheeda? Never heard of her.

  3. blakmaine said

    like the original better, do ya thang timbo
    va stand up

  4. MissTX said

    Neither. And definitely hate the original one.

  5. Marathon_Man said

    I fucks with nivea

  6. #1 congrats 2 Nivea for losing a lot of that baby weight

    #2 I can tell no female P.A.s were on the set of this video cause why is her hair EXACTLY the same 6 months prior?!? (I’ll wait while u all take a gander)

  7. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    Nivea and rasheeda looked really good! I enjoyed their version, i did however got distracted by that semi naked dude in the vid and lost track of the whole video..

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