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Are You Feeling This Outfit???

Posted by Media Outrage on February 22, 2010

Sheree Whitfield attended a Sunday brunch for Moet & Chandon at Aja in Atlanta.  Folks are you diggin’ her threads?  Come on, who besides Caramel Kiss owns this?  More Sheree when you

14 Responses to “Are You Feeling This Outfit???”

  1. Sapphire Storm said

    I own something similar to each piece shown. I have just made a conscientious decision to wear them seperately that’s all. But on another note… Is Tameka still sporting a wedding band?

  2. FLADIVA said

    Sheree Whitfield looks like a MAN. Her ensemble is WACK!!!!!!!

  3. ucanb2 said

    This chick-let is SO not as much as she thinks that she is!

  4. Kingston said

    Sheree “tuff face” Whitfield’s outfit is all over the place. Each item is cute, but doesn’t look good worn all at once.

  5. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    HEree what are u wearing???

  6. BadBadKitty0727 said

    THIS horse-head-heffa need to sit down somewhere.

  7. Yvonne said

    Agree with the others. Too much going on with the outfit but I take her over NeNe any day.

  8. MissStep said

    I actually thought this was Michelle from DC at first, but she isn’t as skinny.

  9. CaramelKiss said

    MO, First of all, I wouldn’t wear this shit, if I got it for free. Don’t mean to insult Sapphire, but I think the dress resembles a Moo-Moo as it has no shape or form. If I were preggo, I’d rock the bish…but since I’m not, eh, no thanks. As far as those boots are concerned, they fall in the wrong place and make Sheree look as if she has cankles. There’s nothing worse than a misplaced boot on a leg, it can be flattering or not and this is a case of NOT.

    And, MO, I’ll meet y’all in the alley…. I’m going to get the Vaseline and taking off my earrings NOW!…

    • Sapphire Storm said

      No offense taken Caramel. I’m not a sensitive person at all lol. You’re just stating your opinion. & I’m sure whatever you rock, you do it with your own style & flair, as do I. Then again I wore Indian Sari’s on my university campus lol

  10. Aniyaqt said

    she look a mess….. lol

  11. Aquarianquetie said

    Maybe I’m from the old school of dressing, but what happened to matching? I like the jacket & dress, but it needed black pocketbook & boots!

  12. Lacy said

    Sheree go back to the fashion playbook PLEASE ..

  13. MissTX said

    Hell naw!

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