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Lady Gaga Goes Topless on the cover of “Q” Magazine

Posted by Media Outrage on February 22, 2010

Lady Gaga was without shirt for her cover on Q magazine.  Are you feelin’ this covers Gaga fans??? (What up Sa!)

18 Responses to “Lady Gaga Goes Topless on the cover of “Q” Magazine”

  1. She looks like she Just will fuck you like a Lycon from the Underworld Movies.

    Im actually in fear of this chick that im going to stop typing…..

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      noooo dont stop DT!!!! COME BACK COME BACK!!!!!

      Likewise DT I feel the same and i’d prefer her in clothes or the things that she normally wears, seeing her in the semi nude is frightening!!! tat tat tat!!!

  2. isabledd said


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    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Seriously that is the most fucked up story ive EVER read – no pun intended lololol *rolling* I was all ready to send a prayer ur way, but seriously i should pay for YOU to get p*ssy? lol.. I don’t think so! my money is VERY HAPPY sitting in my pocket 🙂

    • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

      Oh and FYI and ’email adress’ has an “@” sign, ‘www.’ is for web addresses. Remember that when you decide to post on another blog -i KNOW u will. *pathetic*

    • Yvonne said

      Mmmmm….sorry Martin. I don’t send money or have mercy for poor ugly people who nobody loves, lives in Poland and begs on the Internet, whether they’re disabled or not. Cool story though.

  3. Sapphire Storm said

    ^^^^^^^ I’m just gonna sit back and wait :-/

  4. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    I see she is now finaaaaally ready to come out of her skin and show some skin lololol >>> soon to be like every other R/B chick #fail

    P.S. This is the BEST ive seen her look, i guess the saying is true- ‘less is more’ 🙂

    P.S.S. Why are the fingers of her gloves so long? That could seriously mess up a clit caressing session *fear*

    • sweet_tea said

      “P.S.S. Why are the fingers of her gloves so long? That could seriously mess up a clit caressing session *fear*”

      ________DIES_______ 🙂 🙂

    • MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

      hahahah @ P.S.S. Why are the fingers of her gloves so long? That could seriously mess up a clit caressing session *fear*

      ive just notice she had long fingers!!! maybe it was because i had a split second look

  5. sweet_tea said

    The cover looks great– typical GaGa without being TOO over the top (*ahem* Grammy’s). The simple look suits her…not necessarily 1/2 naked but without the hairpieces and crazy ish on her face.

  6. BadBadKitty0727 said

    LMAO @ “Never Trust A Fart”
    Surely they’re talking about a “shart” (shit + fart) where you think you’re gonna fart, but then some boo boo comes out. 🙂

  7. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    OFF TOPIC: MO, sorry to wander off your site, but this pic is HILARIOUS, it’s about Tiger woods, it’s MAD FUNNY!!!!! CLICK HERE

    P.S. Love the name ‘cheetah’ woods and him ‘lion’ again 🙂

  8. Dominikingz said

    This chick is a hermaphrodite.

  9. MissTX said

    And there goes my gumbo! UGH!

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