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Coco Gives Shares The Secret To Having a Big Ass

Posted by Media Outrage on February 23, 2010

Coco was chit chatting on the Twitter and was asked by one of her followers what the secret was to having a big ass….

no secret but a mix of heavy weights,lunges & squats.I’m gonna do a fitness DVD

39 Responses to “Coco Gives Shares The Secret To Having a Big Ass”

  1. Random said

    HOLY FCK…MO get outta my head…I was just thinking to myself..”wow, I’m surprised MO hasn’t posted a COCO post in a while”..

  2. Random said

    LMAO@ her ‘secret’ though…please stop!!

  3. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    What… have ur plastic surgeon on speed dial to top-up on your ass shots???

    DVD? Funny, just YESTERDAY, i read about ‘buffie the body’ putting out one also. Guess it isn’t just hard out here for a pimp …

  4. Yeah I Said It said

    Who works out in pumps for real. MO i almost had you at the 12 step and you fall off the wagon with another post……

    • Rod said

      I thought it was crazy also but at my gym I see plenty of women doing that same exercise with pumps on and they say it makes you use your top butt muscles.

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Those girls are fools! Heels will only STRAIN your calves and leg muscle and GOD HELP THEM if they stumble. Can you imagine them doing Aerobics?… Jesus take the wheel at that stupidity!

      • Random said

        I’ve yet to see a dumb bimbo walk into my gym with heels on…if I ever do I will purposely knock the b*tch out with a dumbbell!

      • Shirley said


  5. ucanb2 said


  6. Yvonne said

    “a mix of heavy weights,lunges & squats”….yea right. How about a good Hollywood plastic surgeon.

  7. MissTX said

    Yeah right! She needs to just tell them that she paid for it.

  8. Random said

    Must’ve gone light on the weights here eh?

    lying c*nt!

  9. Shakirah said

    she a damn lie!

  10. Kingston said

    No type of exercise can give you a voluptuous/bigger ass. Exercise can shape and firm it, but won’t make it bigger so she need to cut the BS with her trifling ass.

  11. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said


    LOL @ THIS POST!!!!!!! this has got to be bloody joke….

  12. LowRidaz said

    LOL, wow, i wish Ice T, keep this lying, squareface troll in the house!! this bish is a joke!!!

  13. Terrance said

    Damn, I hear that Jay song playin in the background.

    “My hussle, so Russell,
    I stretch work, Yoga,
    You know I got it down dog, Al Roker, I use to knock pounds off.
    It ain’t nothin for me to knock nouns off,
    while these MC’s prayin for my downfall,
    They just haters, I wave at you,
    I’m so player, I’ll never be done I’m so rarer.

    We killin the game, it’s not fair,
    You moth@f*<k@s stay right there…"

    Nah, I'm just messin with yall. Carry on.

    • Yeah I Said It said

      “You know i got it down dog, Al Roker, I use to knock pounds off”???? I stretch work,Yoga??? My hussle so Russell???? I”m so player, I’ll never be done I’m so rarer.??????????

      What the hell does any of this mumbo jumbo shit mean? Terrence can you quote someone I can understand please. Or at least break it down for me.

      Sign Confused as all get out.

      • Terrance said

        YISI, it’s a song from Jay’s Blueprint III album called Haters. But anyway it was just a joke, not meant to be read into. There’re more important things for us to be confused about.

    • Yeah I Said It said

      I know it was a joke, that part i got. On the real i never knew the words to any of his songs,cause he sounds like abner fudd to me. now that you post some parts of his lyrics i still don’t understand the rhythms or reason.

      The more important things in life I am never confused about. 🙂

  14. Lio said


  15. kekelolo said

    Look at the buttocks of a dancer: both male and female (lifted and hard of steel), well they rehears and dance in heals. However, you are right about going to a gym to workout in heals; I don’t think I would do that unless I were taking a dance class and it required them, although I do dance and to squats at home in heals as a workout because they do help keep the glutes lifted, shaped and molded like an apple bottom, as well as give the calves a lift.

  16. Nina said

    She forgot to mention a daily dose of butt shots and bullsh*t.

  17. Ambassador said

    Ice T is a Happy Man

  18. Mr. 2020VIZN said

    I put a questionaire out yesterday, there are two questions on the paper, is asks “what do you do to make your ass this big?” and what race are you? I checked the box and it had 144 completed questionaires. 142 of them said “got it from my momma” “I breathe stupid” “I didnt do a damn thing its in the genes” shit like that, they were all black, and two of then said “mix of heavy weights,lunges & squats”……..guess what race they were? Yep you got it right…Anglo Saxon Known for lackin in the backend.

  19. Michelle said

    oh brother….

  20. Damn Homie said

    Birth Control pills and fucking when your really young does the trick too.

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  22. BSN Takaful…

    […]Coco Gives Shares The Secret To Having a Big Ass « Media Outrage[…]…

  23. Look at how much that donk sticks out, just one of those cheeks is be bigger than that exercise ball in the background and someone should’ve taken a picture from the back, I bet her sweaty ass crack is swallowing up those poor yoga pants(hungry ass)


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