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It’s a Reality

Posted by Media Outrage on February 24, 2010

Tyra Banks had that 46′ forehead on full display last night when she attended The CW: It’s A Reality at Simyone Lounge in NYC.  Regardless of how big the dome is her pockets are 100 times bigger.  More Tyra and Leon Talley when you

9 Responses to “It’s a Reality”

  1. MissTX said

    That’s a spooky ass pic!

  2. ucanb2 said

    She’s gonna be pissed… always telling the girls on ANTM to be picture ready at any moment!!!!
    Not this time…. those weren’t some of your best shots Miss T!

  3. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    ….Beep- Beep…. *Alien Alert*…..*Alien Alert*….

  4. Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

    Seriously, she looks like her head could do a full rotation 😯 , scary ass shit!

  5. She does have a big forehead but when she wears it a certain way you really can’t tell. She’s still beautiful no matter what people say.

  6. Kingston said

    Leon Tally looks like he’s getting read to sing in an all gay men choir. Is that suppose to be considered fashionable? Please.
    And Tyra needs to wear bangs at ALL times, but she’s still looks nice in these pics.

    • Yvonne said

      I agree Kingston. A lot of people have high foreheads just like some people have low foreheads. People with high foreheads, IMO, should wear bangs. Don’t know what people do with low foreheads.

  7. MizzMimi said

    oh snap, i thought that was the wax version of her at first

  8. name said

    man yall underestimating that head, thats a sevenhead at least

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