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Look a Here…

Posted by Media Outrage on February 24, 2010

Mel B and her adorable daughter Angel Iris Brown were spotted doing some shopping in LA yesterday.  Do you like the style on the little girl or is that something for adults?  More mother daughter when you click here.

20 Responses to “Look a Here…”

  1. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    poor child!!!

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    If only some children could choose their parents

  3. ucanb2 said

    I hate when adults give children F@#*ed up hair styles.
    What in the hell were you thinking Mel B! SMDH

  4. MissTX said

    NOBODY should have that hideous hairstyle!! It’s ugly on men, women and children!! Poor kid!!

  5. blakmaine said

    I see Cassie started a trend

  6. Kingston said

    That hair flop (cause that damn sure ain’t style) is a mess on both of them. That’s definitely a hair DON’T.

  7. MizzMimi said

    all i can say is DAMN DAMN DAMN!

  8. Cutie pie said

    Poor child that baby gone grow up knowin she got ha hair cute off. So not the style for a little girl

  9. LowRidaz said


  10. Diva said

    This British bitch is off her rocker! Bitch u can’t be a sistah, cause we don’t let our kids look like that, we stock up at the beauty supply on knockers and barrettes for our daughters and keep they shit laced daily. U boo-boo bitch for this poor child’s head!

  11. I personally think the child’s hair was damage and they thought this was a way to not have to cut it all off. ::kanye shrug::

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