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Angela & Vanessa

Posted by Media Outrage on February 25, 2010

Angela and Vanessa Simmons attended the launch of Tarin Tarantino’s new cosmetics line “Tarina Tarantino Beauty.”  The two look decent.  How many MO readers are rockin’ their Pastry line??  More Angela and Vanessa…

4 Responses to “Angela & Vanessa”

  1. hey said

    ooh that bird nest on vanessas head needs tamed, angela looks so much like a lesbian

  2. BadBadKitty0727 said

    If anybody over the age of 12 is wearin’ Pastry, I’m gone have to “call the people” on they parents. 🙂

  3. Kingston said

    Pastry is too colorful for me so I never paid it too much attention.

    As far as these pics, they look beautiful. Love their outfits. And I like the short hair that Vanessa is rockin’. Now as stated up top, if she could only tame it, it would look much cuter.

  4. ucanb2 said

    Nice looking girls… but Pastry’s are for kids! IMO

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