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Obama Reminds McCain That The Election Is Over

Posted by Media Outrage on February 26, 2010

Barack put John McCain on blast…

41 Responses to “Obama Reminds McCain That The Election Is Over”

  1. LowRidaz said

    I dont blame him, fuck McCain penguin looking fucker!!!

  2. McCain was actually making a good point but you left wing democrats always over look that. Notice how :39 seconds of footage was used to favor Obamas disrespectful shot at another senator. When ever somebody counters any of Obamas suggestions he takes it personal. He’s a socialist bully. You guys like him because he’s “Mr Cool” and his outer shell is all you see.

  3. ucanb2 said


  4. ucanb2 said

    I think that a lot of elected officals have said IGNORANT/OFFENSIVE/RIDICULOUS stuff. But is statement is just that, his statement

    • Yeah I Said It said

      It’s when the President says anything a big deal is made of it. The media hypes up every word and the ignorance starts when people take it for more than what you just said “his comment” in a heated exchange.

      I will say what the president can’t say. Fuck you all !!!

      • LOL, we all know that crap is king. Besides, White America eats this shit up because they’re a bunch of mindless fucks with nothing better to do but show Black people as the more aggressive ethnicity on the face of Earth, if not dumb down America like they’ve successfully done in the past five years with “reality shows” and that GOD AWFUL Ringtone Rap. Makes me want to go to the Viacom building and fling my own shit at the President.

    • Random said

      if he were a regular “Joe Schmoe” then you could say it’s just ‘his statement’..but being that he’s only the leader/PRESIDENT of a country he represents ALL OF US…the ENTIRE he needs to THINK once/twice/three times if need be before speaking out of his ass and making ALL of US look bad..

      • ucanb2 said

        Like I said before he isn’t the first, nor will he be the last to make a statement that someone doesn’t agree with. But it was ok when GWB made those ridiculous statements that he made. ( I guess so)

      • Random said

        What difference does it make whether he’s the first or last? Bush has a shit load of websites dedicated to him with his idiotic remarks..what makes Obama any diff? And from what I can remember Bush was ciriticized countless times for the things he did/ they should be..When you’re in THAT should EXPECT certain things..THey’re not only speaking for themselves they’re speaking for an entire country!

      • MissTX said

        I feel that that is just HIS statement.

        Just because he’s President doesn’t, in my opinion, mean he represents ME. The United States of America, yeah. But me, myself and I as an individual, I don’t think so. I’m my own person just as you are. And it appears that you don’t care for him, so why feel he represents YOU? How can someone you don’t seem to like make YOU look bad? Seems the majority of this country dislikes him for whatever reason. So I can’t see them walking around saying President Obama represents them or he’s making them look bad every time he says something. Because I’m sure 9 times out of 10 if the opportunity arises, they’d leave him out to dry and feign for himself if there was someone over him and he had to go before them. They’d be quick to point the finger to make sure he goes down without them going with him. All because they want no part in what he’s said or done.

      • Random said

        So that whole spiel about “Every Vote Counts/Get out and Vote”..prior to him winning the election was just nonsense eh? If he doesn’t represent You or Me…then WHO does he represent? Why get up and vote then if he isn’t representing US? My personal feelings towards him have nothing to do with his position as well as his DUTIES as a Leader of a the majority of what you stated is pretty much irrelevant…He not only represents you/me/etc/..but this entire nation!

      • MissTX said

        Personal questions. Answer if you want: Did you vote? And if so, did you vote for Obama?

      • Random said

        MssTx..I know you’re smarter than that darlin’ 😉

      • Random said

        but to answer your, I didn’t vote for him..what’s your point?

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        *exhales a sigh of relief* Good to see thread heated up and im not involved lol, i FINALLY know what it feels like to be outside of the ring lolol… carry on now loves, i looooove intense dialogues and possible ‘drama’ post lololol.

        P.S. It’s cute in a puppy love way to see a couple tag team, awwwwwwww *tears*, reminds me of me and my love, hi baby!!! *blows kiss*

      • MissTX said

        My point? I read into what you wrote correctly. You didn’t vote for Obama. So it just makes me wonder why you’d have the feeling he represents YOU in anyway? Obviously you didn’t want him as the leader of this country, so why sound like a follower?

        I hate that what I’m trying to say isn’t coming off the way I want it to. Guess I’m not smart enough. Oh well.

      • Random said

        Are you not a Citizen of the U.S.? Do you not live in the U.S.? Is he not THE PRESIDENT OF THE US?

        Again I ask you…if he isn’t REPRESENTING the PEOPLE of the United States of America…then who is he representing?

        Once again..what does my personal opinion of HIM have anything to do with his POSITION/Duties as a LEADER?

        Are you not following me or am I not making any sense here..because I’m trying to make this as clear and simple as I possibly can…

      • MissTX said

        LOL! I got everything you said. Only problem is, what saying is being read the wrong way. And I’m tired of trying to explain.

    • So you agree that all senators should offend each other? Obama has been treated like the Untouchable where nobody could go against his political actions. I was surprised he didnt shoot for Reconciliation at yesterdays Summit.. Don’t you see how Democrats and our Gov’t in general are hip to the fact that we love “entertainment” Anything that seems cool or daring wins votes at Election time. People nowadays love anything thats out of line or against the grain. Obama knows this so he will continue disrespecting fellow senators and he will continue coming out in commercials catching a football or dribbling a basketball. Because he knows people like that stuff and they feed into that.

    • I dont thing GWB, Obama or any President should disrespect another senator on live television. The whole point of this summit was to hear out other views for the right solution to this health care crisis. It was a bipartisan meeting so its obvious different ideas would pop up that Obama wouldnt agree with.. Obama chin checked Sen.McCain and he got pist off when Sen.Alexander said individual premiums will rise if the Senate bill passes. The guy is a bully who gets his feelings hurt for anybody who goes against him. Period. Funny thing is that democrats and Obama supporters hate McCain without realizing that McCains views are very similar to Obamas. John McCain is not even considered a Conservative with his political views. He’s more of a democrat then anything else. Yet people hate him. People talk without knowing nothing. Lmao..

    • Mr. 2020VIZN said

      Hi sweetie **Blows kiss back**

      When did making a factual statement become ignorance. No matter if you like what he said or not it does not qualify as ignorant…the election is indeed over with, so why is what he said so offensive.

      And as for making all Americans look bad, anyone from any country would agree with Obama because, THE ELECTION IS OVER!!!

      Once again this is far from ignorant because: Ignorance is the state in which one lacks knowledge, is unaware of something or chooses to subjectively ignore information. So ignorant does not apply here.

      Now if you will excuse me Im gonna go finish cooking my grits.

      • Random said

        Thank you Mr.Wikipedia 🙂

        I’ quite familiar with the term “ignorant” as I’m sure you are…

        ig·no·rant   /ˈɪgnərənt/ Show Spelled[ig-ner-uhnt] Show IPA
        1.lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
        2.lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
        3.uninformed; unaware.

        4.due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

        A person doesn’t necessarily have to be “ignorant” to make an IGNORANT statement..

        Fact or no Fact..the ELECTION had nothing to do with the discussion of the health care there was no need of mentioning that period..that was a disrespectful/ignorant jab thrown at McCain for no reason..I’m sure EVERYONE is AWARE at this point that the ELECTION has been over for some time now …unless you’ve been completely isolated from the rest of the what exactly was the point of him even mentioning the election in the first place..He made himself look like an ignorant/ultra-sensitive prick with that statement yes “Ignorance” does apply a role in this situation..

        you may go back to finishing your grits now 🙂

      • Mr. 2020VIZN said

        If you say so Random.

        Oh, and can I borrow some butter for my grits?

  5. joneblaze said

    I LOVE IT !!! That moment made my day and what would this old timer be doing if he was in office? He’s still pissed he killed his chances by choosing Palin as his running mate…POLITICAL SUICIDE!!!!!

  6. foxy brown said

    mcain shut your old half dead ass up! some people just personally dont like obama so they have a problem wit evrything he says well fuck yall n get off mr. president nut sack first amendment: freedom of speech bitches

  7. Yeah I Said It said

    The summit was suppose to be where both parties come together and figure out where they really disagree and fix it so they can move forward with a bill. The republican offered complaints and no solution. I don’t think the president do anymore disrespecting then he is disrespected. His exchange with Senator Mccain was a very small part of a bigger issue. It’s a shame that was the highlight of the summit. Going into office the republicans made it clear they want to see this president fail.(talk about disrespect) and go to great lengths to do so,putting their feelings about this president before the people they serve. The president came into the white house with thick skin and knowing the road ahead was littered with obstacles, I doubt very seriously he gets his feelings hurt over a disagreement. What i do think is he more than sick of the stall tackiest of the republican party to assist in getting a health care bill passed. You don’t have to like the man, but don’t bullshit comments because you dislike him. Be informed and say what you know and not what the fox news hype is……FOR THOSE THAT TAKE OFFENSE THIS IS “MY OPINION”

    • lol I had a feeling you would bring up Fox News as my choice of news outlet. Unlike many I listen to different sides when it comes to political media outlets whether its Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Consertative sites, Liberal sites. I even listen to Alex Jones for talks of Conspiracy. So believe me when I tell you that am am not getting gassed by the complete message that Fox News is putting out. There is good and bad for EVERY news casting in America.. First off only a fool would believe that a 6 hour televised summit would lead up to a final agreement towards health care. Of course this summit would contain disagreements by the Reps. on Obamas Health Care bill. What you refer to as “complaints” made by the Republicans, I actually believe were very good points.. For example Senator Alexander made some good points for the republican party where he stated that there will be alot of surprises in a bill worth 2,700 pages. He explained how Medicare will be chopped in half for newer “testing” programs. This will effect your mommy and daddy and grandparents it will also raise half a trillion dollars in new taxes for those that recieve Medicaid. He also stated how this Health Care bill will spend 2.5 Trillion dollars a “YEAR”. We are far in too much debt to throw out this costly bill. The republicans are not “complaining” instead they are asking for a new bill with less cost. Thats all!!!!!!! I rather not counter on your EMO talks about “The president coming into the white house with thick skin and knowing the road ahead was littered with obstacles”.. blah blah blah… Let’s quit the emotional talks and lets talk politics.. I’m tired of people like you throwing Emotions and Drama. Bottom line this isnt a morning soap opera.

      • Yeah I Said It said

        The health care was posted for your reading pleasures. In your comments I doubt if you took the time to read it and come up with “your own conclusion on where it’s weak spots are. The republican are asking for a new bill,but have yet to come up with a helpful solution. Senator Alexander opened his mouth and nothing constructive came out….. My thick skin comment goes to your comment:
        “The guy is a bully who gets his feelings hurt for anybody who goes against him. Period”.

        There are no emotions involved on my part because, I would hope I am open to understanding others view point. Based on your last comment,I stand correct Fox news is at the top of your list. Period. Come back with what you know from reading the bill “YOURSELF”

        The reference to football and basketball has no relevance to any of his talking points about how to dig us out of the shit hole the former administration put us in, take your own comment to heart and quit the emotional talk and throw the garbage republican comments away.

      • Yeah I Said It said

        P.S it’s amazing how you believed everything the Republicans say is in the bill but as a person it may or may not affect, you relie on a republican viewpoint to make the case without gaining a true understanding of whats in it for your self……..

        I digress.. Have a great day 🙂

  8. MissTX said

    Okay maybe I missed something. I didn’t find it disrespectful. And wouldn’t have if McCain said it. He made a statement that folks are just taking out of context. Wasn’t like he was lying.

  9. LowRidaz said

    Tell him again OBAMA!!!!

  10. LowRidaz said

    ((running back out the room slamming the door)))!! lol

  11. leilaray a.k.a Zogie said

    Random has random nothings to say… I hear both sides but feel like Obama shouldn’t have to fight for respect from senators. And I find that he is disrespected by senators in Public all the time its okay for him to defend himself.. He didn’t call McCAIN A muscle head. He basically said..” Look we’re not against each other any more. We’re on the same team “team U.S.A”. And when the parties see that then…. and only then can we get bills passed that will help and serve the American people.

    • Random said

      Yet you seem to take notice of everything I say and felt the need to comment on it..hmmm…Judging by that idiotic’s plain to see that you haven’t the slightest clue about politics..with that trying to explain myself to an airhead like yourself would be a complete waste of my precious time..Keep an eye out for my next “random nothing”..I’m sure you can’t wait 😉

  12. Marie said

    Obama knew what McCain was trying to do(make himself look good) and called him on it. President don’t have time to play games.

  13. Kanyade said

    “YOU LIE!”

    Let’s just remember that BLATANT disrespect of our President (regardless of your beliefs) before we start going in on how he was disrespectful to McCain.

    The fact that he allowed that numbskull to get away with that “YOU LIE” just goes all over me; but thank goodness he’s more classier than I am. 😆

  14. shauntinece said

    man for a gossip website ypu guys are certanly gettn quite deep…..

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