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Blast From The Past

Posted by Media Outrage on February 28, 2010

Shari Headly who is best known for portraying “Lisa McDowell” in Eddie Murphy’s Coming To America, popped up looking beautiful as ever, at Niecy Nash’s 40th birthday bash, at the Kress in Hollywood.  Coming To America hit the big screen back in 1988 and Shari still damn near looks the same 22 years later.  Wow!  Check out plenty more images of Neicy Nash, Kym Whitley and her “girls”, Carl Payne, Kim Coles, Eva Marcille, Lisa Wu Hartwell, Tamala Jones, Elise Neal and more when you

8 Responses to “Blast From The Past”

  1. mAc said

    Damn “Lisa” is still fine. She hasn’t aged one bit. “I have a date with Lisa!!!… To be Loved! To Be Loved! oh! What a feeling to be Loved!”

    Coming To America will always be my ish!

  2. MissTX said

    Now THAT’S aging gracefully! She looks good.

    Decent pics. Niecy’s dress is cute.

  3. Kingston said

    She still looks beautiful. Damn alot of people came out of hiding for this party.

    Niecy is beautiful as well and so was her dress.

  4. Wow. She hasn’t aged at all. She looks just as beautiful.

    Lol @ Mac…had me screamin that @ the top of my lungs.

  5. Aniyaqt said

    Flawless, Hope I look like that when I’m 45…WOW

  6. ucanb2 said

    Shari and Kim Coles… look exactly the same.
    I love Lisa Wu’s in the close up! Waiting on RHOA!

  7. joneblaze said

    Also known for taking all of Play’s money from Kid N Play

  8. sweetthang said

    WOW! she stills looks like Lisa, meanwhile Eddie Murphy no comment…

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